How to Download All Attachments in Yahoo Mail at Once in Browser

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Hello friends, you might be having trouble using yahoo mail and would to unable to download emails and attachments from Yahoo. If your query is still existing and you are unable to find a solution, stick with the article and learn how to download all attachments in Yahoo mail at once? Here, we have come up with some of the common queries, that the users similar to you face and solutions for the same to resolve the issues.

So let’s get started discussing the common queries related with working on Yahoo mail attachments.

Common Queries

Query 1

I was using Windows 8.1 pro and upgraded my computer to Windows 10. Then, I accessed my Yahoo mail to download a really important attachment to my computer. But, it doesn’t fully download. The monitor showed a blank white window screen and a little blue spinning circle. The window got frozen and didn’t move further. I closed the window and re-tried, but was unable to download attachments from Yahoo mail, as it gets stuck somewhere in the middle. Guide me on how to download email and attachments in Yahoo mail?


Hey, from the situation you mentioned, it is assumed that some extensions in the browser are preventing the attachment from getting exported. You can try disabling all the extensions for a moment and download your yahoo email attachment.

If this does not work then, try forwarding your email to another email client, such as Gmail or Outlook. Then try downloading the Yahoo email attachment. This option will definitely resolve your Yahoo mail attachment downloading problem.

Query 2

Does anyone know how to download all attachments in Yahoo mail at once? I have been trying to download attachments from Yahoo mail in Google Chrome. Till yesterday it was working fine, but today, from afternoon it became unresponsive. I’m not able to access any attachment in my Yahoo account. The emails are being opened though. I have tried opening the mail attachment in Internet Explorer, but still, it didn’t open the attachment for me. Can anyone tell me how to download files from Yahoo mail to computer?


In this query, you have mentioned that you are not able to open the email attachments from the account. One thing to clear, are you unable to download attachments from Yahoo mail in other browsers as well. As you mentioned opening Yahoo mail in Internet Explorer. If not, then, you can try opening the email attachments with Internet Explorer in the compatibility mode.

To enable the Compatibility mode, go to Tools -> Select Compatibility View -> Display All Websites In Compatibility View

If this doesn’t work, then you will require an antivirus run on your system to get the email attachments viewed and exported. Because, if any virus is held in the system, it sometimes prevents from downloading attachments. You can also try, enabling the disabling the windows defender, as some files seem to be harmful to the system and this defender prevents them from getting downloaded.

This will work for you to access your email attachments and download them to your systems.

Expert Advice on How to Download all Attachments in Yahoo Mail at Once

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Steps to Download All Yahoo Attachments

  • Step-1: Download and Run Yahoo Mail Attachments Downloader
  • Step-2: Log in with your account by adding credentials.
  • Step-3: Select a format and browse a location.
  • Step-4: Click Start to download all attachments in Yahoo Mail.

Query 3:

For the last few weeks, I have been unable to download files from Yahoo account in Google Chrome to computer. I have tried this on Internet Explorer as well, but the same thing happens. It shows that it is “scanning” but then the download doesn’t actually show up. This is new, as I have been using Yahoo’s services for more than a decade and didn’t have any such problem before.

Likewise, I have had Norton IS for several years on my computer. While I have done searches on how to download all attachments in Yahoo mail at once, all I can determine is, its a Norton conflict between the embedded service within Yahoo and my local. However, I cannot figure out how to fix this issue. Any ideas on how to download email attachments in Yahoo mail?


As you have mentioned that you have Norton installed on your computer, I assume that there is no virus on your system. Still, for a safe side-scan your PC once.

You can perform the possible options as mentioned below, to get your attachments downloaded:

  • Step-1: Restart the browser and run Yahoo email in safe mode, disabling all the extensions from the browser. Any Extension enabled might be preventing the attachment from downloading.
  • Step-2: Restart the system and see if the Yahoo mail attachments are being downloaded or not.
  • Step-3: Disable the Antivirus from the computer and try downloading the attachments.
  • Step-4: See for the version of the browser. If the version is outdated or not supportive, the attachments in Yahoo mail shuts up downloading.

Query 4:

I am unable to download attachments from Yahoo mail account for the last 3 days. Also, have noticed that the email attachment is not possible. I tried every possible solution suggested by Yahoo helpline, but the problem still remains. I think my Yahoo mail attachments are not working properly, but not sure. So far, I have done these things using Google Chrome / IE / Mozilla Firefox and my findings are mentioned below

1. I am able to download the attachment from Hotmail account when email forwarded

2. The attachment is being downloaded in another computer in the office, but not on laptops that had McAfee installed.

3. No browser like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome responses to download the Yahoo attachment file.

Can anyone help me know how to download all attachments in Yahoo mail at once so that my laptop starts downloading all the attachments?


You can perform the following methods to re-enable the attachments download in your Laptop

  • If you have any antivirus on your system disable it and try attachment download
  • Restart your computer and see if it resolves your issue
  • Disable the extensions on the browser
  • Update your browser to its latest version

With these solutions, you can easily resolve the Yahoo mail attachment download issue.

Wrapping It All Together!!

In this article, we have gathered some common queries that usually come across before the Yahoo mail users in downloading files to computer. Here we have provided solutions on how to download all attachments in Yahoo mail at once. The users who are unable to download attachments from Yahoo mail or whose Yahoo mail attachments are not working can find the solutions to their query from the above article.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download all the emails and attachments from Yahoo Account?

To download the attachments, access Yahoo mail, move to documents (or Photos) and download the data attachments and other documents.

Why are my attachments not showing in Yahoo mail?

Yahoo mail is restricted to have some requirements sorted to get the data viewable. In some cases, the browser may be outdated, configuration to open attachments may not be set correctly, any extension will be preventing the attachment from opening, etc. In such cases, a restart (of the computer) is mostly seen helpful.

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