How to Fix iCloud Backup is Not Working Error? Try Easy Tips

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Published On July 5th, 2024
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Forcing iCloud for backup even if it causes trouble to you. The issue of iCloud backup is not working or get stalled doesn’t bring good fortune for users. Receiving this alert unable users to backup data efficiently on macOS. Additionally, this error is capable of disrupting the complete services.

In this technical tutorial, we will discuss the top fixes to resolve this issue, allowing seamless backup of iCloud data on Mac OS. Additionally, we will discover the common causes behind triggering this issue. Now, let’s start with this amazing troubleshooting guide.

Quick Tips to Follow When iCloud Backup Stalled:

  • Get Connected with Strong Connection
  • Restart Your MacBook or macOS
  • Visit to Apple Support for Help

Why is iCloud Backup Not Working or Keeps Failing?

iCloud is commonly known for providing enough shelter for storing a wide range of data such as passwords, notes, photos, documents, videos, and more. It is yet another feature-packed and security-driven solution provided by Apple. The free storage of 5 GB helps Apple users to keep their data accessible, shareable, and portable.

Unfortunately, struggling with the issue of iCloud backup failed or not showing up can cause unwanted disturbance and fall users into the trap. Now, let’s find out the common reason behind the problem of iCloud backup not working on Mac OS:-

  • Issue with Wi-Fi Connection
  • Alert of iCloud backup storage full
  • Working on the old version of iCloud
  • Experiencing Apple Server Outage issue
  • Improper syncing of iCloud account
  • Incorrect iCloud backup settings
  • Mac OS storage is getting full

These are the possible reasons behind iCloud backup is not working. Taking prompt action is necessary to secure or backup iCloud data locally on macOS. Now, wondering about the troubleshooting approach to fix this error. So, continue reading to know them at once.

7 Fixes When iCloud Backup Failed on Mac

In this following section, we will discuss the 7 effective tips to fix the issue of “iCloud backup failed but I have space” or “iCloud backup keeps failing”. Here are the best fixes to completely avoid these errors from your macOS.

  1. Check iCloud Settings on Mac
  2. Ensure Sufficient iCloud Storage
  3. Sign in/ Sign Out from iCloud Account
  4. Check the Storage of Your macOS
  5. Reset the Settings of iCloud
  6. Check & Update the Mac System
  7. Visit to Apple Support Center

Now, let’s walk through each tip in a detailed manner.

Tip 1: Check iCloud Settings on Mac

Multiple reasons trigger the issue of iCloud backup is not working. Checking the settings of iCloud helps users to resync and take backup of Mac or other devices on macOS. Here are the quick tips to verify the settings for seamless accessibility of iCloud data:-

  1. Open iCloud and then, move to System Settings.
  2. After this, enter the correct Apple ID > iCloud tab.
  3. Check all the enabled features on iCloud.
  4. Go to Options to ensure syncing with iCloud.

Tip 2: Ensure Sufficient iCloud Storage to Fix iCloud Backup is Not Working

Often the iCloud iCloud backup stuck when the iCloud backup storage full or doesn’t have sufficient space. There is no other way than to delete the large-size attachments, documents, photos, etc, just to free up space.

Additionally, reviewing storage is a game-changing strategy, keeping updating users on occupied iCloud space. Here are tips to check the storage of iCloud on Mac:-

  1. Select System Settings and provide Apple ID.
  2. Go to iCloud and then, Manage to know the vacant space for backup.

Tip 3: Sign in/ Sign Out from iCloud Account

Struggling with the issue of iCloud backup failed or not loading content can be fixed with sign-in and sign-out from Apple iCloud account. This problem can occur when your iCloud account experiences temporary glitches. Follow these simple tricks to re-sign the iCloud account:-

  1. Open the Apple Menu and switch to System Settings.
  2. Move to Apple ID > Sign Out.
  3. To re-sign to the account, open System Settings.
  4. Lastly, enter the correct Apple ID and start taking the backup.

Tip 4: Check the Storage of Your macOS

The problem of iCloud backup is not working triggers when your macOS doesn’t have enough space to run the backup process. Hence, Apple users need to delete large files, corrupted cache data, documents, and unwanted apps from MacBook. With this, users can start running the iCloud backup without any loss.

Additionally, here are the easy steps to check the available space on macOS:

  1. On the MacBook, open the Apple Menu > click System Settings.
  2. Move to the Gear icon i.e. General settings and here, click Storage.
  3. Now, spot the grey space that represents the available space on macOS.

Tip 5: Reset the Settings of iCloud

Playing with settings is quite risky but sometimes it can add relief when facing issues like Apple iCloud backup not working. Hence, resetting the iCloud helps users to fix unwanted glitches. To reset the iCloud settings: open System Settings > Apple ID > press iCloud. After this disable the iCloud Drive checkboxes.

Lastly, restart the iCloud with System Settings and provide Apple ID to re-sync the account. Following these steps helps users resolve the iCloud backup not showing or loading on macOS.

Tip 6: Check & Update the Mac System

Another easy troubleshooting tip to fix iCloud backup failed or stuck error includes a system update. Moreover, it is a straightforward process to resolve the inaccessibility problem. Working on the old version of Mac OS can stall the services of iCloud. Here are the steps to check and update your MacBook:-

  1. Start with Apple Menu > System Preferences.
  2. Switch to Software Update and find the available updates.
  3. If a recent update is available, hit Update Now.

Tip 7: Visit to Apple Support Center

After performing all the above manual guides, if still struggling with iCloud backup is not working issue. Then, immediately visit the Apple Support Center, one of the proficient solutions to get help and get effective troubleshooting guidance to resolve the error. Additionally, it helps users to easily access the iCloud data without any hindrance.

Pro Tip: After fixing the issue of iCloud backup keeps failing, Apple users can take backup on macOS with Apple Menu > moving to System Settings. Then, select System Preferences > Apple ID, and lastly, sign in to start the backup.

Expert Approach to Fix iCloud Backup Not Working Error

Depending on a manual guide means testing patience. Now, if your iCloud backup stuck or keeps failing then, use SysTools Mac iCloud Backup Software, one of the advanced and secure ways to backup iCloud data on your macOS system. Certainly, it is a bonus for those who want to access the iCloud items on different file formats. Moreover, this advanced tool allows you to save iCloud data in MBOX, PDF, and more file extensions.

Additionally, the amazing features of this software include incremental backup or a smart email-filter option to ensure taking backup of selective data. Most importantly, it leverages users to create iCloud backup in document format; the perk is to add different Bates Numbers while exporting data. Now, access your iCloud data on any Mac OS X series.

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What People Ask on iCloud Backup Failed?

Q. Why won’t my iCloud backup on macOS?

The possible reasons behind iCloud automatic backup not working are poor connection, improper iCloud settings, iCloud storage full, outdated version of macOS, and even insufficient space on the MacBook. Hence, resolving these issues helps Apple users to access the iCloud item easily on their Mac OS with no data loss.

Q. How do I get my iCloud backup to work on Mac?

To ensure backup of iCloud data when encountering the problem of iCloud backup is not working. Follow these easy troubleshooting fixes:-

  1. Check Internet Connection
  2. Free up space of iCloud
  3. Update your MacBook
  4. Resign-in to iCloud Account
  5. Connect with Apple Support
Q. Why are my iCloud files not working?

To access the iCloud files on macOS, download the SysTools recommended software, one of the advanced and standalone solutions to access the data of iCloud files, and more on your Mac system. Using this proficient utility, users can backup data into 5+ different file formats to secure the iCloud data.

Let’s Conclude!

iCloud is a valuable asset for Apple users when it comes to storing data on the cloud. On the other hand, the issue of iCloud backup is not working is quite troublesome. Fortunately, taking help from the above manual guide helps resolve this issue effortlessly. However, choosing the expert approach is an easy and prompt way to access the iCloud items locally on macOS.


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