“ICS File Not Opening in Outlook Application”- Fix the Error

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Published On April 4th, 2024
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Outlook calendars play an inevitable role in fulfilling the diverse needs of professionals. As it helps individuals to schedule, manage, and handle different tasks or meetings. Moreover, Microsoft Outlook stores complete calendar information in ICS file format. Unfortunately, if you’re receiving the error of ICS file not opening in Outlook then, you’re not the one.

Since ICS is considered the universal file format for storing calendar programs or providing the information of calendar events in plain text format. Moreover, it mainly offers information on events such as:

  • Title
  • Location
  • Summary
  • Start and End Time
  • Alert Trigger

As it provides a brief understanding of calendar events. Now, let’s move ahead to understand the common reasons and the methods to resolve the issue of can’t open ICS file in Outlook.

Top Reasons of Outlook Cannot Import ICS Files

Outlook Calendar ICS or iCalendar file format offers textual or unformatted information about events, meetings, and more. However, the issue of an ICS file not opening in Outlook brings unfavorable consequences as users might skip important meetings or planned tasks.

Here, read the common reasons behind being unable to access the ICS file in MS Outlook. So, let’s understand them closely.

  • Large ICS File:- Sometimes importing a large ICS file leads to inaccessibility and not opening in Microsoft Outlook. It is recommended to maintain the size of the ICS file up to 10MB. Moreover, thresholding the limit causes file corruption and error.
  • Compatibility Error:- Often Outlook cannot import ICS due to the compatibility factor. Outdated versions of Outlook don’t support a few functionalities of the ICS file format. Therefore, ensure the edition of your Outlook and then, check the compatibility.
  • Security Concerns:- Yet another reason behind the failure in importing the ICS file to Outlook either includes security concerns or software upgrade factors. It leads to the breakdown of communication, loss of crucial meeting events, and more.

Overall, these are the causes behind can’t open ICS file in Outlook. However, these bring inconveniences for accessing the calendar meetings. Now, if you’re seeking the approaches to fix this error then, delve into learning the best go-to methods to resolve this issue.

Expert Way to Fix the Issue of ICS File Not Opening in Outlook

In this section, we will explain the one-stop way to resolve the error of Outlook cannot import ICS file format. For the same, consider SysTools Mac ICS Converter Tool; one of the advanced yet profound solutions to convert and access the ICS file format into different file extensions. Since Outlook stores the email data in its default file format i.e. PST file format. Therefore, using this optimal solution, users can easily convert the ICS file format to standard .pst file format.

Moreover, the key advantages of using this utility include splitting the PST file format to avoid the issue of file corruption. Besides this, users can even preserve the text formatting and other iCalendar properties. With this, users can easily fix the error of an ICS file not opening in Outlook application. Now, let’s discover the step guidance for the same.

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Detailed Steps of Expert-Suggested Software

Here read the complete step-by-step instructions to resolve the error of Outlook calendar ICS file i.e. unable to ICS file in Outlook. Now, follow the below steps:-

  1. Download the tool on your Mac OS machine.
    launch the software
  2. Select any options: Add File(s) or Add Folder(s) > Next.
    choose Add Files
  3. From Select Export Type, choose PST file.
    click on PST from export file type
  4. In the same dialog box, go to Advanced Settings to discover the split options.
    choose advanced settings options
  5. After this, move to Change to save the path.
    move to Change
  6. Lastly, click on Export to start the conversion process.
    start export

By following these steps, users can export the Outlook calendar data in its default file format. After this, users can import it by using the Import/Export options in MS Outlook. With this, users can easily fix the issue of ICS file not opening in Outlook.

Top Features of Automated Tool

  • Using this software professionals can quickly resolve the problem of Outlook cannot import ICS files. Further, it allows users to export the ICS file into multiple file formats such as ICS, iCal, and more. Besides this, users can bulk add ICS files to this utility for file conversion.
  • This software enables users to add name conventions or features of date range for exporting a specific range of data. Moreover, users can search dates via “From” to “To” for converting the particular calendar entries.
  • Another feature of this tool includes offering export reports. Moreover, it displayed the number of calendar counts and failures during the process. Besides this, it will automatically show the completed status after exporting the data.
  • To fix the issue of ICS file not opening in Outlook, users can choose Outlook built-in file format. This robust software also offers the advantage of splitting the file into smaller sizes. Besides this, users can select the required saving path of the file.
  • Lastly, this software is compatible with all the latest editions of Mac machines. Hence, users can download and run the demo version of this tool to discover the minimal functionalities of this tool.

Put Queries, Get Solution!

Q. Why does Outlook cannot import ICS file format?
There are multiple factors behind not opening the ICS file in MS Outlook such as large file size and ICS file corruption.

Q. Can I fix the issue of can’t open ICS file in Outlook?
Follow the below steps to resolve the error of the Outlook calendar ICS file:-

  1. Run the SysTools Calendar Converter software on your Mac machine.
  2. Go to the Add Files section and then, hit Next.
  3. Now, choose the export file type i.e. PST.
  4. After this, Change > Export.

Q. How to read ICS files in MS Outlook?
To access ICS file in Microsoft Outlook then, follow the quick steps:-
Go to File > Open & Export > then, click on Import/ Export. Now, from the option of Import and Export Wizard, move to Import an iCalendar > Next. Lastly, browse the file and complete the process.

Also, read methods to export Outlook Calendar to Apple iCal.

Concluding Words

In this technical discussion, we have discovered major reasons for ICS file not opening in Outlook and how to fix this error. Since the manual ways are vague and complicated, therefore, look for an automated solution. With this, users can easily access the data of ICS file format in Outlook without losing any event or meetings. Besides this, users can ensure meticulous folder structure and formatting during the file conversion. Hence, use this method to easily open or read the ICS file in Microsoft Outlook.


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