How to Import BAK File to MS SQL Server Database Which Got Corrupted?

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Published On August 8th, 2022
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This blog describes the complete way of how the user can import BAK file to MS SQL Server Database which is corrupted. A large number of users are looking for the same. If you are one of them, then this post is going to help you to recover corrupt SQL backup file and import .bak file to a database in SQL Server. Here, we have comes with an expert solution that helps to recover and store the BAK file. Before going further, let’s look out at MS SQL Server and some user queries about SQL database backup file corruption repair.

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system which is helpful for storing and retrieving data from database. SQL Server launched SQL Server Management Studio software application which is a free utility to create a backup of SQL Server database. You can also restore BAK file using SSMS.

User Queries to Restore BAK File in SQL Server?

Hello, I have a .bak file, and I want to import BAK file to MS SQL Server 2014. I tried SQL Server Management Studio software to restore my backup file, but unable to restore it. I asked my friend about this issue, who knows SQL Server, and he told me that my backup file got corrupted. Now, I do not know how to repair corrupt SQL BAK file and import it into SQL Server database. Is there any tool to do such kind of importing? If yes, please share with me.

Stephanie, Las Vegas

Ich habe eine Datenbanksicherung von vor einer Woche. Die Sicherung erfolgt wöchentlich im Scheduler und ich bekomme eine .bak-Datei. Jetzt möchte ich mit einigen Daten arbeiten, so dass ich sie in einer anderen Datenbank wiederherstellen muss. Gibt es eine Möglichkeit, sie in einer neuen Datenbank wiederherzustellen.

Hannah, Germany

Solution to Import BAK File to MS SQL Server Database

Once we take a backup of SQL Server database and get a .bak file, then the file has been corrupted. There is no manual way to recover it. The task of repairing corrupted SQL Server backup file is only possible with SQL BAK File Repair tool. This application helps to repair corrupt SQL backup file and directly import BAK file to MS SQL Server Database. It supports to recover BAK file of SQL Server 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008 and other versions. The working of the software is very simple that can be helpful to all types of users.

Steps to Import BAK File into SQL Server Database

First, download the SQL Backup Recovery tool and install it on your Windows machine. Then follow all given instructions.

Step 1. Go to Open menu and click on Browse button to add SQL corrupt .bak file.

browse to add sql bak file

Step 2. Select version of SQL Server .bak file manually or click on Auto detect option.

auto detect sql server bak file version

Step 3. Click multiple backup file option and add multiple and single backup file by clicking on Add Files or Add Folder.

restore multiple bak file

Step 4. Hit the Recover button to start damaged SQL Bak file recovery process.

click on recover button

Step 5. After scanning and recovering the files, the tool will show a preview of all recovered data items. Now, click on the Export button to import BAK file to MS SQL Server database.

click export button to restore bak file in sql server database

Step 6. Choose export options between SQL Server Database and SQL Server Compatible SQL Scripts. Also choose database authentication mode and fill the required details.

choose export to sql server database

Step 7. Choose destination database between Create New Database and Export to Existing Database.

create new database

Step 8. Select the required data items and choose Export with only schema and With Schema & Data option according to your need.

choose export to schema and schema & data

Step 9. Click on the Export button to export recovered data items directly into SQL Server Database.

click export to restore bak file in sql server database

Step 10. After export process completed successfully, open the SQL Server Database and review the recovered data.

import bak file to ms sql server database

Why Choose SQL BAK Repair Tool to Import BAK File to MS SQL Server Database?

There are many reasons to choose this software as it is enables users to repair corrupted SQL backup file and import it to SQL Server Database. The tool offers various features and some of them are explained below.

  • The application successfully repair corrupt SQL backup file and then import BAK file into SQL Server database.
  • It recovers MDF, NDF and Log database files from BAK file along with all components.
  • Gives option to restore multiple .bak file at one time to save time and efforts.
  • Auto detect option to detect the actual version of SQL Server backup file to repair and restore.
  • The tool displays a preview of tables, stored procedures, views, triggers, functions and columns.
  • It provides an option to restore SQL bak file to a new database. You just select Create New Database and enter unique Database Name.
  • If you want to import BAK file to MS SQL Server Database directly, then you just need to enter credentials of SQL Server.
  • You can easily install it on all Windows Operating System including latest Windows 10.


In this blog, we suggested the best and tested SQL Server Backup File Recovery Tool which is a helpful utility to import BAK file to MS SQL Server database. The software is all in one tool to repair corrupt SQL .bak file and to import .bak file to a database in SQL Server. This tool does not store any personal information while the task is running.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any direct solution to repair and restore damaged database backup?

Yes, you can take the help of SysTools BAK Repair and Restore tool. It offers two facilities. The first is repairing damaged or inaccessible data from the BAK file, and then restore it to the SQL Server database.

How Can I Read SQL Server backup files without restoring?

In order to open and read the backup file without restoring in SQL Server, try the SQL BAK file repair tool. It allows you to read data from the BAK file without restore.

How to Open SQL .bak file?

You can use SQL Server backup recovery software that helps you to open SQL .bak file with all database objects like tables, views, columns, and more.

How Can I Deal With Restore Filelist is Terminating Abnormally Error?

You can easily resolve the error 3201 restore filelist is terminating abnormally using SQL backup restore tool. This is an expert recommended software for repairing corrupt data and restoring them into live SQL database.