MBOX to MHTML – Convert MBOX Files to MHT Web Archive File

Anuraag Singh ~ Modified: November 25th, 2021 ~ Data Conversion ~ 3 Minutes Reading

MBOX to MHTML conversion is easy if you have the right tool and you will get it here!

MHML file is a web page archive format that combines the HTML code and resources like images, flash, applets, audio, and video files. This file comes in two formats: .mhtml and .mht. It uses the same encoding as developed for HTML emails in the starting stages.

MBOX is a mailbox file that stores multiple email messages in a single text file. It comes in many formats, majorly: MBOX without extension, .mbox, .mbx. It stores messages in a concatenated manner.

After receiving many queries asking for an efficient MBOX to MHTML converter tool, we decided to give it a go and update our software with this functionality.

Introducing the…

MBOX to MHTML Converter

The Best Way to Export MBOX to MHT Web Archive Files.

MBOX Converter for Mac OS is definitely the best solution for exporting emails to MHT in bulk. It has all the necessary features you will require during the conversion process. If you have any system having Mac OS X 10.8 to the latest OS version, then this solution is for you.

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Some benefits of using this system utility are:

  • Provision to convert multiple MBOX files at once
  • 8 more file formats to choose from other than MHT
  • Able to set a naming convention for the exported MHTML files
  • Filter out emails that fall between a specific date-range
  • Process MBOX files of all origins (email client, webmail, backup service, etc)
  • MHTML file cannot hold attachments, so the tool extract attachments from MBOX file into separate folder(s)

Steps to Convert MBOX to MHTML Files

1. Run the software and click on Add File.

2. Browse and add MBOX file into the tool.

3. Then, click the Next button.

4. Select MHT format.

5. Click Advance Settings to apply filters on MBOX file and naming convention for MHTML.

6. Select the destination to save the files after conversion.

7. Finally, click the Export button to start converting MBOX to MHT file.

8. Once done, click on OK in the confirmation window.

You can open the destination location within the program by clicking on View Report button. At the destination, you will see Export Report that contains the conversion report as well as the folder containing converted MHT files.

If you want to view these archive files, you can always download the Free MHT Viewer for Windows. It helps you open MHT files without the need for external applications like IE, Chrome, etc.

Summarizing Everything

File conversion is typically very complex and can easily lead to data loss if not done properly. We recommend not to opt for an online MBOX to MHTML converter since your data will be uploaded to the server and others can access it anytime.

It’s better to go for a trusted brand to easily convert MBOX files to MHT without any hassle.