Features of Free MHT Viewer

MHT Viewer

Overview of MHT Reader

  • Open and Read MHT/MHTML file extensions
  • Option to read MHT folder in a go
  • Provides file search and load options
  • Imposes no restriction to view large MHT size
  • Supports Windows 10 & all below versions to read Web Archive File
  • Interactive graphical user interface to open MHT extension

view mht files

View MHT File

" I have been searching for a platform that could help me view MHT files. Please help me find a medium that I could rely upon to view my necessary Documents."

MHT file viewer tool supports to read MHT files, which may be generated from different applications like Chrome, IE, and Firefox. It opens the complete web archive page including text, graphics, images, links, etc., and maintains the data integrity.

    open mhtml folder

    Open MHTML Folder

    " Everytime opening a file is very time consuming for me. Can you suggest me any method that could help me to open an multiple folders.any help woul be really appreciated. "

    User can also browse a folder consisting of multiple MHT to read them all on the software UI. The tool loads all the web archive files located within the folder and reduces the need to load and open each MHT individually.

    view info

    View MHT File Information

    " My daily requirements compel me to search my client files and its really annoys me to search a file from an entire bilk. Is there any tool that would help me to altogether View MHT File Information. "

    The MHT reader software generates listed order information about MHT being opened. The information constitutes of file creation date, browser information from which web archive file is created and its subject.


    Apply Date Filter

    " Searching within mount of folders for a single file which is really very irritating. Is there any facility that could help me search a file by date criteria? "

    With the help of MHT File Viewer you can be search within dates. User just need to specify the start date and end date, then the MHT file viewer, filters MHT data files according to the date. It helps in the easy sorting of MHTML files based on the specified duration.

    no file size limit

    No File Size Restriction

    " I work in a company that utilizes MHT and thereby causing us to handle MHT Folders in bulk. File size limitation is the major challenge being faced. "

    MHT Document Viewer does not pose any limitation on the individual size of an MHT file extension or of a complete folder consisting of web archive files. It allows reading MHT data file format of any given size without any data loss encountered.

    Steps to View MHT File (Web Archive File)

    Step 1 Add MHT data File in the software interface

    The MHT File Viewer tool allow you to add multiple MHT as well as individual MHT data file

    Add File option

    Step 2 Select MHT/MHTML File for preview

    Select the Web Archive File which you wanted to read through MHT File Reader.This MHT Reader allows you to read MHT File in few clicks.

    Search File option

    Step 3 Succesfully Read MHT File

    After browsing the MHT file you will be able to read MHT file independently

    Read File Succesfully

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