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Published On September 14th, 2022
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Considering the significance of Exchange public folders in an organization, it becomes quite tricky and crucial to opt for the best possible solution to migrate them to Office 365. As these folders contain a lot of sensitive and important emails, the administrators want the best way to migrate public folders to Office 365.

Thus, in this following write-up, we will discuss an advanced solution that will help you carry out the process in a hassle-free way. Moreover, if any user is looking for a free solution, then they can go through the second half of the write-up as it explains a completely free but a bit complex process.

Although many users might feel lucrative about the second procedure as it is free to use, they should also consider the complications involved in free public folder migration to Office 365. As it requires a highly technical person to carry out the process, any minor mistake can result in carrying out the process from point 0. So, it is highly recommended to go with the automated solution, if you want a quick and hassle-free migration experience.

Most Reliable Way to Migrate Public Folders to Office 365

As public folders store one of the most important data sets of an organization, it is always suggested to go with expert-recommended SysTools Exchange Server Recovery Software. It is one of the most advanced solutions that permit users to migrate mail-enabled public folders to Office 365.

The wide range of features offered in this utility allows users to customize the migration process as per their needs. There is a date-based filter that will help you migrate only selective mailbox items falling in that time period. Additionally, the tool performs an in-depth recovery on your public folder and will help you recover permanently deleted emails from it as well.

Not just Office 365, you can also export public folders to PST format without losing a single bit of data. Furthermore, the software ensures that your entire data is migrated with the exact folder structure as it was in the source platform.

You can try the trial version of the public folder to Office 365 migration utility for free.

Quick Steps for Public Folder Migration to Office 365

Step 1 – Download software on Windows OS.
Step 2 – Load public folder into tool.
Step 3 – Preview public folder mailboxes.
Step 4 – Choose Office 365 export option.
Step 5 – Click on the Export button.

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Simple Steps for Public Folder Migration to Office 365

Step 1. Launch the software and click on Add File button.

Step 2. Add the public folder EDB file into the application.

Step 3. The software will now provide a preview of mailbox data.

Step 4. Choose Office 365 as the export option to migrate public folders.

Step 5. Provide O365 account details and validate them.

Step 6. Finally, hit the Export button to start migration.

Commonly Asked Queries

Q. Will this software delete anything from the source platform during migration?

A. No, this tried application ensures that all the data in public folders are migrated to Office 365 without deleting any data from the source platform.

Q. Does this application support large-sized public folder migration as well?

A. Yes, this advanced software has the capability to migrate even large-sized public folders to Microsoft 365 without any hassle.

Q. Will this software help me migrate on-premise Exchange public folders?

A. Yes, you just need to load the public folder EDB file into the application and start migrating public folder to Office 365.

Q. What are the Exchange versions that this software support for public folder migration?

A. This public folder to Office 365 migration tool helps you migrate data from Exchange 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007.

Free Way to Migrate Public Folders to Office 365

Migrating public folders to Microsoft’s productivity suite Office 365 could be a tricky task if you don’t have technical expertise. You must have an in-depth knowledge of how the process works to get the job done successfully. Although, Microsoft has made it quite easier for users to migrate from Exchange 2013 or 2016 as compared to the legacy versions of Exchange.

Still, it is quite a task if you compare it with the aforementioned professional solution. There are a few prerequisites for both the platforms i.e. Exchange and Office 365 that you must fulfill before initiating the migration process. If you miss any of the prerequisites, you might face issues during public folder migration to Office 365.

An Overview of Public Folder Migration steps is provided below:

Step 1. Download the Migration Scripts

Step 2. Prepare for the Migration Process

Step 3. Generate CSV File with Folder Name & Size

Step 4. Create Public Folder Mailboxes in O365

Step 5. Initiate Migration Request

Step 6. Lock Down Public Folders on Source Exchange Platform (This step will involve downtime)

Step 7. Finalize Public Folder Migration (This step will involve downtime)

Step 8. Test and Unlock Migration

A detailed step-by-step process to migrate public folders to Office 365 is discussed here. You can have a look at these steps if you run into an error.

Moreover, there is another way to perform public folder migration using the Outlook PST export option. However, Microsoft itself doesn’t recommend users go with this solution if the public folder hierarchy is more than 30 GB. Additionally, there are chances of data loss if you choose this procedure over others mentioned in this write-up.

Final Words

The procedure to migrate public folders to Office 365 seems quite tricky if you opt for the free procedure. Additionally, there are high chances of you not getting the desired results due to the complex cmdlets involved in the process. Thus, to make the job simple and quick, we have discussed a professional solution that will make public folder migration to Office 365 process a breeze.


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