How to Recover Deleted JPEG, PNG, JPG from Formatted Hard Drive

Raj Kumar ~ Modified: September 28th, 2021 ~ Recovery ~ 6 Minutes Reading

Many times users accidentally or intentionally format their external or internal hard drive. As a result, they lost their important JPEG, PNG, JPG images from Hard disk drive. Formatting a drive cleans up the existing data and create space for new data. Actually, whenever users format the drive old data is not wiped out immediately. It just marked as useless and space occupied them allotted for the new data item.

However, once the users saves new data in formatted hard drive, then the overwritten data will disappear forever. This situation becomes worse for those users who do not know how to recover deleted files from formatted hard disk. In this blog, we are going to discuss what to do to recover deleted JPEG, PNG, JPG files from formatted hard disk drive.

Before we can start, there are a few reasons of JPEG or PNG image loss due to drive formatting that users need to go over. Thus, next time they can prevent themselves from this predicament situation. Let’s get started to recover deleted files after formatting hard drive!

Reasons for Image Loss Due to Formatted Hard Drive

Here are the situations where users lose JPEG, JPG, PNG images files due to formatting of the hard drive;

  1. When users install multiple operating system on the same system. It might be possible that users might have accidentally selected the wrong hard drive partition. As a result, it will remove all data which includes JPEG ( with JPEG compression ), JPG, PNG images from the selected hard drive partition.
  2. Any wrong command used in the command prompt window will also cause accidental formatting of the hard-drive.
  3. Having less knowledge about disk partition also the main reason for data loss during the formatting. Consequently, users format the hard drive partition and ignore the warning message that pop-out during formatting and click OK on it. As a result, all the saved data on the drive partition erased from the system.

4. In some situation, formatting of entire hard drive is necessary to overcome issues like hard disk corruption, formatting errors, virus attack, etc. This will also lead to loss of JPEG, PNG, JPG data from the hard disk drive.

Any of the above situations results in data loss stored in external or internal hard drive. If users often take backup of the data then there is no problem. They can easily retrieve picture or images data from the backup file. The problem arises when they do not have any data backup and accidentally format the disk. In such a situation, they need a solution to recover photos from formatted hard drive. Before that, we need to know that is images recovery possible after formatting hard disk?

How to Retrieve Deleted JPEG, PNG, JPG from Formatted Hard Drive?

  • Practically, Windows will never erase the content of a deleted file from the hard disk whether it is a case of formatting or Shift+Delete. Instead, it marks the data in the file system as ‘deleted’, and display disk space previously occupied by that file as available. So lost photos recovery possible even after formatting hard drive.
  • Generally, when the users format a hard drive, they use ‘Quick Format’. Its function is to rewrite the partition table which will cover the files and erased them from the folder. But it will not change/hurt the original files on the disk. It means data recovery after formatting hard disk is possible. Moreover, there is no manual method available to recover pictures from formatted hard drive. However, users can go through the below approaches to recover images from formatted hard drive.

#Approach 1: Recover Photos After Formatting Hard Drive by Contacting Service Centre

  • Users can go for the jpeg file recovery service centre and ask for the lost images recovery assistance. Fortunately, users can get images from the formatted hard drive after spending lots of money. But most of the time, users retrieve nothing after a failed png recovery.
  • It is recommended to use a professional solution to recover deleted photos from formatted hard drive i.e., third-party software. Now, there are many tool available on the internet that promises to retieve deleted images from formatted hard drive. But most of them are failed to retrieve deleted images. Thus, this blog suggested a reliable software to perform deleted photos recovery from formatted hard disk drive.

#Approach 2: Use Software to Recover Deleted JPEG, PNG, JPG from Formatted Hard Drive

Whenever users format an external or internal hard drive, the link of the photo is removed, but the actual data remains. Users can recover permanently deleted files until or unless it is replaced by new data.

Hard Drive Recovery software can help the users to recover photos from formatted hard drive. The tool is capable enough to retrieve images from formatted hard drive.

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  • It is a desktop-based offline recovery software. So, no internet connection is required to operate the tool after downloading it.
  • It is a powerful, safe and easy-to-use software that recovers deleted JPEG / JPG / PNG files easily from external or internal formatted hard drive. Besides this, TIFF and GIF formats can also retrieve from the hard drive whether it is formatted or corrupted.
  • Retrieve same image after performing png recovery process that is deleted during internal or external HDD formatting. No single data file will be compressed.
  • The Windows data recovery software works with all brand hard drive like Kingston, SanDisk, Samsung, Seagate. It also restores other multimedia files like audio, video, etc.
  • It comes with a demo version that will give a much fairer idea of formatted images recovery.

Tip: It is beneficial to install the jpg recovery software on the drive that has no issue. It is advised to stop using the hard drive after formatting. There will be more chance of hard disk sectors getting overwritten and less chance of delete photos recovery.

Final Words

Losing crucial JPEG, PNG, JPG photos due to hard drive formatting is a terrible feeling. So, it is better to have a reliable solution in the system to recover deleted JPEG, PNG, JPG from formatted hard drive . So, whenever any image loss disaster occurs, users can recover images from formatted hard drive including JPEG, PNG and JPG format.