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This article discusses the top solutions to repair Access database file. In this blog, we share both manual as well as automated solutions to accomplish the task. Along with that, we will also discuss the prominent causes why Access database file corruption happens. So, without further ado, let us get started with the blog and see which method best caters to your requirements.

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It is not uncommon for a MS Access database file to get corrupted over time. Regardless of the reason behind the corruption, this situation puts users in critical conditions. Therefore, to tackle the issue, users look for ways to repair Access database file from corruption. And thus, we have drafted this technical write up for you to learn the top-rated solutions from the internet on how to recover Access database file.

In this article, we have mentioned two manual approaches and one expert recommended solution for you to eradicate the issue. In addition to that, we have also shed light over the prime causes behind the situation. So, without wasting any further time, let us dive into the article.

Reasons Users Face Access Database File Corruption

  • Malware or virus attacks on database.
  • Software bugs or hardware failure issues.
  • Issues with Jet Database Engine version.
  • When data is frequently edited in memo fields.
  • Sudden interruptions when making changes to data.
  • Improperly designed plugins that cause the MS Access application to crash.

As you see all these issues cause corruption in user Access database file. Now that we are clear on the reasons behind the corruption, let us move on and check out the solutions to tackle it.

First up we will share two manual solutions and we will move on to explaining the expert-recommended solution further in the blog. However, keep in mind that the manual solutions come with a plethora of limitations that make them an unappealing choice for users. If you are not looking to dea with any hindrances, feel free to jump ahead to the expert recommendation for a smooth and hassle-free repair process.

Manually Restore Access Database from Backup Files

If you have a backup of your access database that you want to repair, then the first and foremost step you should take in oder to repair your Access database file is to restore its backup file. This way you will have the latest backup of your data which is healthy and free from corruption. Follow the given instructions to restore your database backup file.

  • Head to the File Explorer, then, select and copy the database backup file.
  • After copying, transfer this copied backup file where your corrupted file is located.
  • Once done, remove the original database file from the same location.

As you see this is why technical experts urge users to take regular backups of their precious data. Next up, we will use the most sought manual method i.e., the in-built “compact & repair database” feature.

Compact & Repair Database to Manually Repair Access Database File

Here is how to use the “Compact & Repair database” feature and repair you access database files. Follow the instructions given below to execute the process.

  • Head directly to MS Access
  • Choose “Database Tools”
  • Select the “Compact & Repair Database Tools” option
  • You can also open the “Compact & Repair Database” from the File menu as well. [Click File >> Info >> Compact & Repair Database]
  • After opening the tool, find your corrupted database file and click OK.
  • Once done, the database will start repairing itself. Simply, wait till the process ends and check the recovered data.

So this how you use this in-built feature and repair your database file manually. Unfortunately both these amnual solutions come with limitations and drawbacks that make them quite unappealing to users. And thus, further in the blog, we have shared an expert recommended utility that ensures secure and reliable results.

Limitations of the Manual Solutions

  • Both the shared manual solutions require users to have appropriate technical insights in order to execute them.
  • Consequently, the methods are quite complicated to understand and execute if the user is not technically acquainted.
  • With these methods, you cannot afford to make even small errors or you could face atrocities like data loss.

So as you see these limitations make the manual solutions incredibly hefty and complicated for users to choose. Thus, in order to avoid the complexities and hindernaces that come with the manual approaches, technical experts suggest users go for a professional solution.

Expert Solution If You Cannot Compact & Repair Access Database File in Use

For the automated solution, we have brought you none other than the expert-favorite SysTools Access Database Recovery Software. The utility is by far the best solution to recover and repair corrupted Access database files. It profiecintly recovers and restores all objects of the database i.e., tables, queries, macros, forms, reports, etc. It also provides option to export the output data with schema or without schema according to user preference. The expert suggested utility works effortlessly on all Windows OS versions (whether the latest or older) without any issues. Now that we are acquainted with the utility, let’s move on and chck out its workflow. Follow the given instructions to accomplish the task using the tool.

Download Software Purchase Software

Steps to Repair Access Database File Using the Tool

  • Download and launch the expert-recommended utility on your system.
  • Click “Browse” to upload your corrupted database to the software.
    click browse
  • Navigate to the database location and click on “Open” to recover.
    click open
  • Then, to restore the selected files, click on “Recover”.
    click on recover
  • Preview recovered items and lastly, click on “Export” to save the output.
    click the export button

So, this was the quick and hassle-free tutorial on repairing Access database files. Further in the next segment, we have also added some commonly asked queries by users regarding other manual troubleshooting methods to eradicate the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How do I Manually Repair Access Database and Recover Objects?

A1: Here are the manual steps you need to take in order to recover your Access database file:

  • Restore Access database from backup files
  • Delete all the LDB format files
  • Adopt Jet Compact Alliance
  • Clear out the VBA code mess
  • Use the “Compact & Repair database tools” feature
  • Import the damaged files

Two of these manual approaches are elaborated in the above mentioned blog, you can check them out and utilize according to your requirements.

Q2: How to Clear Out the VBA Code Mess?

A2: Follow the steps given below to successfully clear out the VBA codes.

  • Head to the C Drive in your computer.
  • Click on Program Files.
  • Select Microsoft Office.
  • For there, choose Office.
  • Next, click MSAccess.exe.
  • Then, head to Decompile C.
  • Choose Database Path.
  • Lastly, select your file with MDB Extension.

So There You Have It

In this article, we discussed how to repair Access database file. To accomplish the task, we shared different solutions including two manual solutions and one expert recommended automated utilit. Unfortunately, the manual solutions are associated with certain limitations, thus, technical experts recommend users go for the above-mentined utility to recover and repair Access database files in a secure and reliable manner.

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