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Repair Corrupt Outlook PST Files with Two Microsoft Utilities Easily

Alphy Thomas | Published: 2018-08-08T10:57:55+00:00 | Outlook, Recovery|

PST file is the file format Microsoft Outlook uses to store its data. It contains all Outlook items which includes emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, and journals etc. But sometimes PST files are prone to corruption and can get damaged at any point in time. This results from a problem in the accessibility of PST files and it further results in isolation of all data items that are stored in the PST file. Corruption can occur at any point in time like when the file size is too big or there is an attack of the virus and so on. In the following article, we will understand how to repair corrupt Outlook PST files with two Microsoft utilities.

Let us just understand the situation in a better way with the help of queries:

Hi, I am looking for a solution to fix corrupt PST file. A few days back, my PST file was functioning very well but suddenly there was a virus attack and now I cannot access my PST file anymore. Could someone suggest me how to recover my file as I have important data stored in my PST file?

My problem is the PST file that I have been using has got corrupted because of its size. The size is 4GB already and I have tried ScanPST.exe but it cannot repair anymore. Could someone suggest me which tool should I adapt to repair Outlook personal folder file? Quick suggestions a will greatly help.

Why Outlook PST Gets Corrupted?

There are two reasons why a user needs to repair corrupt Outlook PST files with two Microsoft utilities. The reasons can be divided into two main categories i.e., Hardware and Software. They are as follows:

Hardware Reasoning: There are various hardware reasons that result in corruption of PST file and are discussed below:

  1. Device: There are times when the disk gets corrupted, the PST stored on hard disk gets affected.
  2. Power: Sometimes there is automatic Outlook exit due to a power failure, in that case, there is a corruption of PST.
  3. Network: When the PST file is stored over the network, the issues of the network can cause corruption of PST file

Software Reasoning: Software reasons that lead to PST file corruption are as follows:

  1. Virus: Virus attack can damage the whole PST file
  2. Improper Shut-down: Sudden shut-down will lead to issues with Outlook and PST file damages
  3. Oversized File: If the size of the PST file is too much it can lead to corruption.

Repair Corrupt Outlook PST Files with Two Microsoft Utilities Manually

This issues can be fixed manually by using two Microsoft utilities. This includes Microsoft’s Oversized PST Crop tool and Inbox Repair tool. They both are discussed briefly:

OST/PST Crop utility tool

A possible cause of corruption is large PST file. Suppose the capacity of PST is 2GB but if the content exceeds the capacity, corruption can occur immediately. So in this case, oversized PST Crop Tool has to be used.

The steps include:

  • Firstly, download the OST/PST crop tool from Microsoft.
  • Extract, the 2gb152.exe file to an empty folder. One can see the following five files:
    1. Msstdfmt.dll
    2. Msvbvm60.dll
    3. Pst2gb.exe
    4. Readme.rtf
    5. Readme.txt
  • Start Pst2gb.exe program from the above files.
  • Click Browse to select the oversized PST file and afterward click Open.
  • Click Create, select the name and location of the truncated data file that you want to create, then click Save.
  • Type in the amount of data a user wants to truncate in PST file.

Inbox Repair Tool

To repair corrupt Outlook PST files with two Microsoft utilities, first one is PST Crop tool and the second utility is Inbox Repair Tool. It works by repairing PST file header and deletes anything in the file that it does not understand. This tool can be utilized to repair your PST file. Steps using Inbox Repair Tool are as follow:

  1. Outlook should be closed.
  2. Then, make sure Show hidden files and folders option is enabled in the Folder Option. The file scanpst.exe is a hidden file. So the following settings are needed to enable to locate it.
  3. Click Start and then.
  4. Double-click Folder option, afterward switch to view tab.
  5. Under hidden files and folders, show hidden file and folder option is selected and then select OK.
  6. Click start and then click search.
  7. In the search box, type scanpst.exe.
  8. Double-click the scanpst.exe file to open the program.
  9. Click Browse button to locate the corrupt PST file.
  10. Click Start. The Inbox Repair Tool scans the file and reports if there are errors. Click Repair if errors are found.
  11. Click OK.

Limitation of the Manual Tools

  • Not effective: In case of Inbox Repair Tool while tackling with major PST error it may not be that effective.
  • Not for a novice: Due to clumsy user-interface of Inbox Repair Tool it is not recommended for the novice
  • Reliable: OST/PST crop utility tool is not reliable.

An Alternate Method to Recover Corrupt PST

With the help of the tool, one can easily repair damaged Outlook PST file. It is capable to recover hard or permanently deleted Outlook emails from PST file. In addition, one can repair PST file both with the minor or major level of corruption. It also permits users to repair multiple PST file in batch mode. Moreover, it recovers both ANSI and Unicode type PST data with no file size limitations.


The above article clearly states how to repair corrupt Outlook PST files with two Microsoft utilities with manual as well as with the help of a tool. As PST file getting corrupted is a very common issue to overcome that one can follow the manual method or can pitch in the tool. The reasons why PST file gets corrupted is also stated above which can give an insight to the reader regarding the corruption of PST.

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