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SQL Repair Table

Corruption in SQL Server tables is the most mind-scratching situation for a user because it holds crucial information. This is why we need to fix the issues for SQL Server repair table tasks asap. No doubt! the loss of a single table record in an SQL table is certainly equivalent to a heart attack. In this blog we will learn the best techniques to repair SQL Server table.

5 Quick Steps for SQL Repair Table

  • Launch the Advanced Tool in your system to start with.
  • Add MDF file using Open button and select Scan mode.
  • Select the Destination Location Server to continue.
  • Select the Data Items to export in the final results.
  • Hit Export button for SQL repair table task.

How to Repair Table in SQL Server That is Corrupted?

To fix corrupt table, it is mandatory to remove corruption from primary file i.e., MDF. The SQL Server MDF file stores a huge amount of data records in the form of tables and other objects such as Views, Triggers, Constraints, etc. Once the SQL primary (MDF) file gets corrupted, all the records become inaccessible. Adding to it, one cannot retrieve the data from the SQL Server table without repairing it.

All in all, it is clear that we need to fix the corrupted MDF file to access the table records. However, the problem is many users do not know how to recover data from corrupted tables in MS SQL Server. Therefore, in this write-up, we are going to show you how to perform SQL Server table repair operation with the help of Microsoft SSMS.

Full Guide on How to Repair SQL Server Table in 2008 / 2008 R2

In the following section, the two workarounds are described with detailed information to repair SQL Server corrupt table.

  • Use DBCC Check Manual Solution
  • Opt for the Smart and Advanced Solution

Method #1: Get Table Data by Repairing With DBCC CHECKDB Command

First of all, it is suggested whenever any file corruption occurs, so, instead of repairing it restore the file from a backup copy. In case, if there is no backup file, then go to repair operation. This workaround is further classified into two stages.

Stage 1: Set Database to Single User

Make sure that AUTO_UPDATE_STATISTICS_ASYNC setting is turned Off while setting up the DB to SINGLE_USER mode. Because, if this option remains enabled, then the thread whose function is to update the statistics creates problem. As a result, user becomes unable to access the DB in Single user-mode.

Step 1. Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio for SQL Server repair table task.

Step 2. After that, you need to connect the database via. Windows Authentication.

Step 3. Now, go to the Object Explorer and connect with SQL Server instance.

Step 4. Next, choose the database whose table you want to repair and right-click on it.

Step 5. Select Properties option to continue the process.

Step 6. The Database Properties dialog box appears on the screen. Click on Options page.

Step 7. Opt for Single under the Restrict Access section.

Note: In such a situation if other users are also connected to the selected DB, an Open Connections message display on the screen. Click on Yes to disconnect all connections.

Stage 2: Repair Damaged SQL Table

Go through the following instructions to achieve the same.

  • Use the below instruction to fix SQL Server table corruption without losing any information.

dbcc checkdb(‘Name_of_Database’, REPAIR_REBUILD)

  • If the tables cannot be repaired by above query, then use the following query. But, the result must have a loss of data.

dbcc checkdb(‘Name_of_Database’, REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS

Once the tables and other data gets repaired, then again set the DB to multi-user mode.

Note: Read this post to know how to perform table level recovery in SQL Server DB.

Method #2: Use Automated Solution to Quickly Repair SQL Server Table

The user can try the DBCC CHECKDB Console commands to repair SQL Server table. But this is not the best solution to bring the SQL Server table components to a consistent state. Also sometimes the user has to face data loss problems. So it is better to take the help of an expert solution for learning how to repair table in SQL Server.

If you want a fast and accurate result to repair SQL Server corrupt table, take the help of SQL Database File Recovery Software. This software is an ultimate solution o remove the SQL Server table file corruption issues.

It is an adept tool that scans minor or major corrupted MDF files and recovers its Tables, Views, Stored Procedures, Rules, Triggers, and Functions. There is a facility in the tool that the user can directly export the repaired SQL table and other objects into the SQL Server environment or in the form of SQL Scripts.

Watch this video to learn how to repair SQL Server table step by step:

Plus, the user can export complete tables or selected ones back into Microsoft SQL Server 2019/ 2017/ 2016 / 2014 / 2012 / 2008 / 2008 R2 / 2005 / 2000.

Please Follow the Mentioned Steps to Repair SQL Server Table

Step-1. Install and Launch the SQL Server repair table software on your system.

click on open

Step-2. Click on Open and Select the MDF File from your system and select the Advanced Scan option. And choose the SQL Server Version.

select scan mode

Step-3. Preview the SQL Server Table Components. This software shows the deleted SQL Table records in red color.


Step-4. Click on Export button to Recover corrupt SQL Tables.

sql repair table

Final Say!!

That’s all about how to do SQL Server Table repair operation. In this write-up, we have covered all the possible workarounds that can retrieve table record from corrupted SQL tables without any fail. SQL repair table tasks become quite easy for users with such an automated solution. Carefully executing all the repair table SQL command as mentioned above can help users get the desired results with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q-1. How do I fix a corrupt table of SQL Server 2017?

Ans: With the advanced solution, one can easily restore the healthy table from a corrupted file MDF file.

Q-2. How to get rid of table with damaged objects in SQL Server 2008?

Ans: User can use the automated tool mentioned above and restore the SQL objects from corrupted Tables.

Q-3. Is it possible to remove Table corruption error?

Ans: Data corruption comes from any reason. However, one can prevent the table data with the ways for SQL Server repair table prevention in the article.

Q-4. What does repair table do?

Ans: This repair table command basically repairs the tables of SQL corrupted data that are being a threat to the entire table.

Q-5. What is the difference between repair table and optimize table in MySQL?

Ans: The difference between repair SQL server table command & optimize table command is that first one fixes the corruption issues. However, the optimize table command copies the table & removes the unused spaces. This optimizes the table to a great extent.


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