How to Resolve Thunderbird Attachments Not Opening Issue?

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I am using Thunderbird email client from past few months. Recently, I faced an issue while working with Thunderbird that was: Thunderbird Attachments not opening. One of my clients shared analysis report via an attachment with me. I opened the email along with the attachment associated with it but the Thunderbird attachment not showing in preview mode. I am stuck very badly as I do not know how to resolve this issue. Please suggest me a reliable way to resolve the problem as I want to open and view the attachment on an urgent basis.”

Are you also encountering issues while opening Thunderbird attachments? Not able to open and view Thunderbird attachments? Do not worry, just relax! You are landed on the perfect page as in this blog, we are going to introduce multiple ways to deal with Thunderbird attachments not opening issue.

When it comes to a versatile and open-source desktop email client then Thunderbird is the prime choice for all the users. With Thunderbird email client, one can easily manage emails, contacts, events in a seamless way. Sometimes, users face issues while working with Thunderbird. One of the most common issues faced by Thunderbird users is that the user is not able to open attachments associated with Thunderbird emails. Thus, in this write-up, we are going to introduce smart techniques to resolve Thunderbird attachment not visible or opening error.

How to Eliminate Thunderbird Attachments Not Opening Issue?

In this section, different methods are discussed using which the person can easily open and view Thunderbird attachments.

Method 1: Try to Repair Folder

To open the Thunderbird attachments in a trouble-free way one can try to repair folder in which the specific email to which the attachment is associated is present

1. First of all, open Thunderbird and select the folder in which the email is present to which the attachment is associated

Open Thunderbird

2. After that, right-click on the folder and select Properties option

Open Properties

3. In the Folder Properties windows, you will see the Repair Folder button. Click on the Repair Folder button and then click on OK

Thunderbird Attachments Not Opening: Repair Folder

4. Once the repair process is completed, the issues related to email, header, attachment etc. will be resolved

5. Now, try to open the attachment again

Method 2: Download Attachment and Repair

One can also download the attachment and then open it with a compatible application. For Example, if the file associated with the attachment is DOCX file then one can open it with MS Word and repair it. Similarly, if the attachment is in PDF format then once can open it with Adobe Acrobat application. Applications, such as MS Word, Adobe etc. are associated with Inbuilt Repair option which permits the user to remove the minor corruption issues and open the file.

Still, Not Able To Fix Thunderbird Attachments Not Opening Issue

Here Comes A Versatile Solution: MBOX Converter

With SysTools MBOX Converter, one can easily eliminate all the issues associated with the Thunderbird emails and attachments. The software auto-detects the configured Thunderbird account and display all the emails along with the attachments. Moreover, one can also save the attachments associated with the emails via the software. The tool is integrated with amazing functionalities which makes it seamless for the users to work with it. Moreover, the user does not have to worry about data loss and security breach issues while working with the utility.

MBOX Converter: Thunderbird Attachments Not Opening

To explore the working of the software check out:

Resolved: Thunderbird Attachments Not Opening Issues!

When a user is not able to open and view attachments associated with the Thunderbird emails then it becomes a serious issue. Sometimes, the user needs to open the attachment on an urgent basis and he/she is not able to open it. Therefore, to help out all the users we have introduced different ways to eliminate Thunderbird Attachments not opening issue. However, it is recommended to opt for a smart yet trustworthy utility i.e. SysTools MBOX Converter to resolve the issue without any data loss situations.

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