SSD Not Detected After Power Outage – Complete & Easy Methods to Fix Issue

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Published On July 21st, 2022
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“Are you trying to find a solution to repair SSD not recognized after power outage. Moreover, SSD suddenly died, stop working or not responding to any operations on your computer? Do not worry any more if you are having the same problem. Before you begin the procedure to fix ‘SSD not recognized after power failure” error, please make sure that your SSD ‘died’ due to logical error but not physical damage.”

Considering the SSD must be based on FTL to realize the data transfer between a logical address and physical address, if there happens abnormal power-off in case of normal operation, it may occur the loss of mapping table which has not finished updating and resulting in the SSD failed to be detected by a host. Meanwhile, to improve the read and write performance, SDRAM normally adopted as the buffer on the SSD board.

external ssd not recognized after power outage

The abnormal power-off also can be a reason for data loss or updated mapping table which has not been written into NAND Flash from SDRAM. Most of the time, so many users find an alternative to repairing the SSD not recognized after the power outage. So, here in this article, we are going to discuss the manual and professional solution to fix the cumbersome issue effectively. Firstly, go through the following scenario, which will hel0p you to understand the error properly. The below-outlined query is taken from the forum site:

SSD Not Detected After Power Outage – User’s Query

“I tried to shut down my computer last night, just to clear RAM and because it had been running for 2 days straight, and it got hung on the shutting down screen for over 5-10 minutes, so I directly press the power button. I guess I did it all right because the missing boot manager message is all that would pop up. Went into Bios and the SSD boot drive was missing. Now, I am unable to understand what is happening exactly. I want to repair external SSD not recognized after the power outage. Please suggest me an appropriate solution to fix this problem. Thanks”

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Free Solutions to Fix SSD Not Recognized After Power Outage

There are some manual workarounds that will help you to repair the tiresome error. These methods are discussed in a descriptive manner. So, a user can easily follow and execute them to resolve the Solid State Drive not detecting after power outage.

  1. Restore Complete Data and then Fix SSD not Detected After power Outage
  2. Remove and Re-plug the SSD to Fix SSD Not Detected Issue
  3. Update Drivers to Resolve SSD not recognized issue
  4. Run chkdsk Command to solve SSD not detected error

Workaround 1: Fix SSD Not Recognized After Power Failure Issue

If a user is unable to perform the above-mentioned manual methods or the methods are unable to fix SSD not detected after power outage. So, they can opt for an alternative such as SSD Recovery Software. You can install this application on your Windows computer. The below outlined free solutions have some limitations that may affect the procedure effectively. And these processes are not recommended for the non-technical users because it contains some highly technical terms.

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So, it is better to opt a software. With the help of this tool, a user can easily and simply perform the repairing task without losing a bit of data. This software facilitates an understandable user interface so, a novice user can also avail it. It is equipped with advanced features and functionalities. This is a superior application to repair SSD not recognized after power outage issue within a few clicks. This software is capable to recovers lost files from corrupt and formatted solid state drive (SSD).

Workaround 2: Re-Plug SATA Data Cable to Fix SSD Not Recognized Error

  • Firstly, unplug SATA data cable on SSD, leave the power cable stay connected.
  • Now, turn on your computer system and boot into BIOS.
  • Let the system sit idle in BIOS for about one hour and turn off the PC.
  • Here, plug the SATA data cable back into SSD and turn on PC to boot into BIOS.
  • You have to make sure that the boot order is appropriate, save it and launch Windows.
  • Lastly, you can check and read everything on your SSD drive right now. If this does not work so, move to the next one.

Workaround 3: Update Drivers to Repair SSD Not Recognized Error

  1. First of all, click on the “Start” button and type “Device Manager” after that “Enter” to open it up.
  2. Then, expand the drive driver category, right-click on every driver and choose “Update driver“.
  3. At last, reboot your computer system, when the procedure finishes.
  4. After that, you can check and view SSD drive stored data on your computer then.

Workaround 4: Run CMD Command to Fix SSD Not Detected Issue

If your PC warns you that the file system on your SSD disk corrupted or your SSD failed to respond due to some unknown file system error, CMD command can repair this error easily for you.

  1. Open Command Prompt and type “chkdsk /f c” (replace c with a drive later of your external hard drive).
  2. Now, press “Enter” key to let the checking procedure to run.
  3. When it is completed, type “exit” and press on “Enter” to finish up the procedure.
  4. After that, you will be able to access and read data on your SSD in the computer then.

Workaround 5: Update Firmware of Not Working SSD Issue

  • At the first step, right-click on the “Start” icon and select “Device Manager” on the left panel.
  • Then, expand “Disk drives” and right-click to your SSD drive, choose the option “Properties“.
  • Now, choose “details and Hardware IDs” under properties and hit on “OK“.
  • Here, install and launch “SSD firmware update tool” check the firmware versions of your SSD on the utility.
  • Select “License’ and choose “Accept”.
  • Then, choose “updates available” and hit on “Update Drive“, confirm the update by selecting “Yes”.
  • At the last step, click “OK” to complete the firmware update procedure. Afterword, you can exit the update utility and check your SSD drive immediately.

Final Verdict

The free methods are provided in this article only work for fixing SSD not recognized after the power outage. If all these methods do not work in an effective manner, so, it is advised to go with a third party application such as mentioned above. Using this tool you can easily fix the error without wasting your valuable time. Moreover, this software is compatible with all versions of Windows Operating System. Thus, it totally depends on a user which one they want to choose. A user can opt any one of them as per their need and desire to solve SSD not recognized after power outage error.


How do I fix my SSD not detected?

If you want to fix your fast then Unplug and re-plug SATA data cable on SSD and read the second workaround which is mentioned above in the blog.

Can power outages damage SSD?

SSD and hard drive can get damaged in case of power failures, doesn’t matter power increase or outage. This is always recommended to take care of our drives, protecting it against suffering sudden power failures since it can reason serious data loss, such as corrupt data, especially for SSD.

How do I fix my computer after a power outage?

Read the above mentioned blog to fix your computer after a power outage. We have mentioned five workarounds to resolved it.


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