Top 3 SQL Log Rescue Software For Deep Analyses of Transaction Files

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Published On May 7th, 2024
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SQL Log Rescue

Summary: The agenda of this article is to provide the most dominant SQL Log Rescue software to users. Users may find various utilities out there having different features. However, not all of them are worth investing the time & money. Evidently, we have studied plenty of solutions from the worst to the best ones. Thus, we enlist the top 3 SQL Log Rescue download options for users that are best in its domain, choose any one of them wisely!

No SQL Server database exists without a transaction file. Every database has at least one log file. Although, it is not similar to Primary (MDF) and Secondary (NDF) files. Basically, SQL Log files save records of the operation that a user commits in Microsoft SQL Server. These records are INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, etc. Hence, it plays a major role in the recovery of database log records in a catastrophic failure.

Apart from this, when someone changes the values in the database intentionally, then with the help of transaction log files, you can easily analyze the transaction taking place in the database from the log file. To read this file, there are various software programs known as SQL Log Rescue tools. Now, users are aware of what is SQL log rescue solution. However, selecting the perfect software can be a difficult task. To make the situation easy, we list out the topmost SQL Transaction Log Reader Software based on their performance, efficiency, scalability, and interface. Let’s begin!

What to Expect from the Best SQL Log Rescue Software?

A user must determine his/her expectations before opting for any solution or even starting their research. Therefore, below we have mentioned a few points that the software must be proficient in. If the software can carry out all these operations, it is a good-to-go solution.

  • Forensic Analysis of Log Files: Whichever solution a user is looking for, must be capable of analyzing the log files for forensic purposes.
  • Auditing of Complete SQL LDF File: Usual auditing capabilities of the log files must be there in the ideal SQL log rescue solution.
  • Recovery of Deleted / Lost Log Files: The solution should be proficient in executing the recovery operations for lost or deleted log files.
  • Repairing Damaged or Corrupted LDF: In case, the LDF files are damaged or corrupted, the software should easily fix minor to major corruption issues.
  • Advanced Features for Latest Standards: Customized results, multiple filters, easy GUI, etc features make the entire solution more justified.
  • Compatibility with All the Latest Versions: Users must pick a solution that is compatible with the latest Windows Operating System & SQL Server versions.

A user must determine his/her expectations before opting for any solution or even starting their research.

Best 3 SQL Server Log Rescue Solutions of All Time

Below are the top 3 contenders for this list. We have mentioned them in the order or the best to last. the best solution is on top followed by the second best option. All three solutions are pretty much the same. the difference comes when we look at the years of expertise & cost factors. Also, some minor features might be different in all three SQL log rescue download available solutions.

Let’s begin with the first & the pioneer for the log analyzing solutions, followed by the other two.

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SysTools SQL Log Rescue Download

SysTools SQL Server Log Analyzer is so far the best utility for users. the highlights of this solution are the topnotch forensic analysis, capability to repair & recover log data, unmatched support & affordable cost. Moreover, they’re the first ones to provide such a smart solution.

This software is best to scan transaction Log file of Microsoft SQL Server in a detailed manner. It allows you to upload any size of SQL log file and provide preview of all its databases transactions. You can view information like Transaction, Login Name, Time, Table Name, Transaction Name, and Query on the preview panel. The tool can read commands like Insert, Delete and many more from SQL transaction log file.

Apart from this, the tool has facility to take file from Online as well as Offline platform and fetch records from it. After analyzing complete data, the user can easily restore Insert, Update, and Delete queries. Plus, the Date Filters is incorporated in software to export the required records instead of all. You can easily rescue the data directly into SQL Server database, SQL Scripts or CSV formats after reading the Log file. Adding to it, the self-guided framework also makes the entire process effortless.

What’s More – The software also generates a complete activity log report for keeping the record of entire process. Moreover, the tool can easily work with Microsoft SQL Server 2017 / 2016 / 2014 / 2012 / 2008 / 2005 transaction log file without any fail.


  • Deep Log Analysis
  • Affordable Cost
  • Top Features
  • 24/7 Support


  • Nil

Redgate SQL Log Rescue

This tool function is to read the log file of SQL Server database and preview the transaction details. It helps you to get the data back when a record has mistakenly deleted, inserted or changed in database. In short, SQL Log Rescue software is capable to retrieve deleted or modified records. Adding to it, the tool also auto-creates SQL Scripts for recovered transactions that compatible with SQL Server. The major drawback of this utility is it provides support and works for SQL Server 2000 32-bit only.


  • Detailed Analysis
  • Best Features


  • High Cost Factor
  • Retired Product – Not for Latest SQL Versions

ApexSQL Log Solutions

The another amazing SQL Log Rescue software is ApexSQL Log. It efficiently used for the investigation of changes or damaged data in database using Transaction log file. With this application, you can deeply analyze the SQL Server log files and determine the changes takes place in database. Plus, the user can easily view the history of transaction on the affected rows. The tool also restores database. Adding to it, there is a facility to roll back the complete database or specified one to exact preferred time.


  • Detailed Log Analysis
  • Best Features


  • High Cost Factor
  • No Information on Support

Time to Conclude

As we explained above the importance and need of a SQL Log Rescue Software. Hence, it is clear the significance of SQL Transaction log file. So, whenever anyone intentionally or accidentally modified the database, you can easily use the tool and analyze the details of transactions and get the data back. Therefore, in this article, we have discussed the top SQL Server Log Reader tools that can rescue database in a proficient way.


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