Learn How to Migrate Emails from Spicebird 0.8 into Office365 Account with Attachments

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Spicebird Mail to Office 365

Figure: Transfer Spicebird Mail to Office 365 Mailbox

Query –“I am a user of Spicebird email application and want to transfer Spicebird Mail to Office 365 Mailbox. What are the methods to migrate emails from Spicebird 0.8 into Office365 Account with attachments, without any loss of my email data? What are the reasons to import/ move/ export emails from Spicebird Mailbox to Outlook 365? Kindly provide me a quick solution for the same!”

Spicebird is a Thunderbird based email client and was developed by an Indian organization. This traditional email application integrates instant messaging, E-mail, calendar and Google accounts. But due to certain limitations of this client and the unique features offered by cloud-based platforms, many users and organizations are moving towards Office 365 Mailbox.

Office 365 is a cloud-based subscription service by Microsoft and offers a better document collaboration and safer communication in real-time. This cloud platform offers Exchange Online Server benefits and can be accessed from any location or device across the globe.

Reasons to Export Emails from Spicebird Mailbox to OS365

Before we learn the methods to perform the migration, let’s find out the reasons to export emails from Spicebird Mailbox to OS365. There are certain drawbacks of using Spicebird as an email client.

Limitations of using Spicebird Email Client

  • It is not an easy task to import attachments to Spicebird.
  • Many addons of Thunderbird Spicebird are not compatible.
  • It is tricky to import multiple inboxes to different email platforms.
  • You cannot transfer unlimited data using this desktop-based client.

Office 365, on the other hand, comes with a variety of features and benefits. Some of the Advantages of using O365 Mailbox are:

  • It provides faster connectivity and allows you to arrange the data items in a systematic manner in the Mailbox.
  • This cloud platform gives features like online mailbox access, scheduling invitations, and calendar meetings. You also get improved storage, data share, collaboration, and communication.
  • MS365 offers unique subscription plans for each enterprise or organization, depending on their size and requirement.
  • You can opt for an annual subscription plan or pay monthly to use Office 365 services.
  • Outlook Online mailbox removes the dependability on desktop-based devices as you can access your emails from any place or system across the globe.
  • You don’t need to worry about managing bulk email data with this cloud platform.

Methods to Migrate Emails from Spicebird 0.8 into Office365 Account

Now that you understand the need to transfer Spicebird Mail to Office 365 Mailbox, let’s take a look at the ways to perform the email migration. There are two methods – Manual and Automatic. Manual method is a time-consuming and complicated process and comes with its set of limitations.

Limitations of using a Manual Method

  • It is not possible to migrate bulk emails from Spicebird to Office 365.
  • As the manual method is a long process, it requires time and resource to perform the migration effectively.
  • You need to be technically sound to perform the conversion efficiently.
    The integrity of your data may be compromised.
  • There are fewer chances of attaining 100% precision and accuracy with manual migration.
  • A small misstep may result in a loss of your valuable data.

Using a Converter – Automated Method

If you want to migrate your emails faster with 100% accuracy, you can go for SysTools MBOX File to Office 365 Converter and get results in a few minutes. More and more organizations and users are opting for this tool to save their time and get precise results. Using a converter is a better solution as the integrity of your data will not be compromised and you don’t need to be aware of the technical know-how of the conversion process.

Steps to Move Spicebird Mail to MS 365 Platform using a Tool

Follow the given steps to move Spicebird Mail to MS 365 Platform quickly:

1. Launch the Software on your Windows machine.

Download MBOX to Office 365 Migrator

2. Select File(s) or Folder as per your requirement. Click on Next.

add file(s) or folder in migrator

3. Pick the desired file or folder. Click on Open.

Open MBOX file

4. You will see the newly added file. Click on Next.

Preview- file(s)

5. Now you can notice that Office 365 is automatically selected. Click on OK.

Office 365

6. If you want to perform the migration with Impersonation, Choose With Impersonation option and enter the Admin Credentials. Click on Login.

migration with impersonation

7. Now enter the Office 365 User credentials and authenticate.

impersonation - give user Id(s)

8. If you want to carry out the procedure without Impersonation, select Without Impersonation. Now Enter the Office 365 User Credentials and authenticate.

migration without impersonation

9. You can apply Filter to your data by a specific date/date range. The software will export the selected data.

10. Click on Export and start the migration process.

11. The software allows you to see the progress of conversion on the live bar.

progress bar of migrator

12. Once the process is completed, you can also save the end report in CSV Format for your future reference.

save report in csv

Benefits of using a Migrator to Import Spicebird Mail to Office 365 Outlook

The benefits of using a migrator to import Spicebird Mail to Office 365 Outlook are:

  • It takes only a few minutes to perform email migration.
  • You don’t need to be technically sound to complete the conversion.
  • You can use an In-built date filter to filter files by data/date-range.
  • The hierarchy of folder is maintained for improved user experience.
  • You can migrate unlimited data from Spicebird to Office 365.
    It supports all Windows and below versions.
  • You can even download the end report in CSV format.

Summing Up

Due to the updated and unique features offered by Office 365, many users are choosing to transfer Spicebird Mail to Office 365 Mailbox. As the manual migration process is difficult and requires technical expertise, it is a safer option to choose a converter to complete migration in a few minutes. We have explained the reasons to export emails from Spicebird to Outlook 365 and the automated method to perform the complete migration efficiently. So go ahead and try the steps yourself.

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