How To Fix Unable to Mount Database (hr=0x80004005, ec=1108)?

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One such error that Exchange users and administrators frequently face in the Exchange Server i.e. unable to mount database ec=1108. This write-up will provide the solution to fix this error.

You cannot access the Exchange mailbox data & the mail-flow gets interrupted, when the database is not mounted. When users try to mount the database they receive the following error given below.

“Couldn’t mount the database that you specified. Specified database: Mailbox Database 2093613246; Error code: An Active Manager operation failed. Error: The database action failed. Error: Operation failed with message: MapiExceptionDatabaseError: Unable to mount database. (hr=0x80004005, ec=1108) Diagnostic context: Lid: 65256 Lid: 10722 StoreEc: 0x454 Lid: 1494 — Remote Context Beg — Lid: 45120 dwParam: 0x569817 Lid: 57728 dwParam: 0x56995F Lid: 46144 dwParam: 0x569A97 Lid: 34880 dwParam: 0x569A97 Lid: 34760 StoreEc: 0xFFFFFE0B Lid: 46144 dwParam: 0x56A13F Lid: 34880 dwParam: 0x56A13F Lid: 54472 StoreEc: 0x1388 Lid: 42184 StoreEc: 0x454 Lid: 1750 — Remote Context End — Lid: 1047 StoreEc: 0x454 [Database: Mailbox Database 2093613246, Server: R-FS1.webrooster.local]”

Reason Behind “Unable to Mount Database EC=1108” Error

The first step to is to find the cause behind it this unable to mount database (hr=0x80004005, ec=1108) error.

1. It may occur because there is not enough space in the hard disk or it is full. In this case, users have to check the disk storage of the database and log files. If they stored on a separate drive, then check both the drive storage.

After checking, if the storage is full then increase the storage space or move it to the larger disk or drive. In low disk space, the virtual memory gets affected and causes operation like: fail to mount database.

2. Transaction Log file missing: The transaction log files are very important and play a vital role in Exchange Server. It role is to keep each and every transaction that is made on the Exchange database file but it the log file is detached or remove before written to the related database, then the DB fails to mount.

3. When the Exchange Information Store fails to start then users will face the communication problem between Active Directory & Exchange or some of the file is used by it and anti-virus application. This is the most common issue that users will face.

4. Corrupted Microsoft Exchange Database File: This error can also occur when the EDB file is corrupted.

Use Manual Solution to Fix Unable to Mount Database EC=1108 Error

Follow the steps given below to solve the error:

Step 1: Copy all .edb file, .stm file and .log file to the safe location and also copy them to the working directory. Here, we use the ESEUTIL utility to fix the damage or corrupted database.

Step 2: Use the following command to check the state of the database

mh command


dirty shutdown

The output displays that the state of database is in dirty shutdown. This states that the database is damaged or the log file could be missing.

In this scenario, users can use the ESEUTIL tool to perform the soft recovery and hard recovery.

Step 3: Then run the below cmdlet to identify the log file.

Eseutil /ml “enter_logfile_location”

Step 4: After that, run eseutil /r command to perform the soft repair. The process will take time depending on the size and damage database.

soft recovery process

Run the eseutil /mh command to check the database state. If the database state is healthy then you can easily mount the database.

clean shutdown

In worst-case scenario, if the state of the database is in dirty-shutdown then users have only two options:

1.Restore the recently backup database

2.Perform hard repair

Note: If users perform this recovery via eseutil p command that they have to face data loss which is permanent and we cannot predict that how much data will lost. The Microsoft will not provide any support from there side if your perform hard recovery.


Users can use the command given below to perform the recovery process.

After executing this command a message will appear on the screen and you have to click OK to proceed the cmdlet.


By clicking the OK button the recovery process will start

eseutil p message

After the recovery process, again run the command to check the database state. If the mailbox database is healthy, users can mount the database.

Use Alternative Solution to Repair the Damaged Database

The above manual solution is time-consuming and it requires users to have the technical skill, in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience. However, you can use the quickest and safe solution i.e. SysTools Exchange Server Recovery Software which easily recover & repair severely damaged or corrupted offline/dismounted Exchange database file without using any command and with no data loss.

Download purchase

This recovery manager for Exchange database tool provides scan mode option i.e. Quick and Advance scan which easily resolves database corruption Exchange 2010 / 2013 / 2016 & repair EDB file and mailboxes with no data loss.

Users can extract mailbox from EDB file Exchange 2016 / 2013 and  export directly to Live Exchange Server, Office 365, and PST / EML / HTML / MBOX / PDF / MSG file formats in a simplified manner. It supports all Exchange Server, Windows OS, and Microsoft Outlook versions.

Read Also: Use Efficient way to export recovered EDB mailboxes to Live Exchange Server

Bringing It All Together

Now users have detailed information to fix the error unable to mount database (hr=0x80004005, ec=1108). If you have the required technical skills & knowledge and able to accept the data loss then you can use the manual solution. However, if users want to avoid all the complexity of this method, then you can use the advanced software described in the above section which easily repair Exchange mailbox and EDB file from corruption with no data loss.

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