Restore Permanently Deleted Yahoo Emails

Note: The Software will not Recover Permanently Deleted Emails from Live Yahoo Mail Server. It only save a copy in your hard drive in PST, EML, PDF, MSG & MBOX format. This way you can recover deleted Yahoo email messages to acees and use again.

recover deleted yahoo email messages

Restoring Of Deleted Emails In Yahoo - A Big Dispute

With the emergence of the mail services, sending and receiving the messages has become easier. Yahoo is one of the most popular webmail service providers worldwide. Sometimes we come across the problem where our emails are deleted unknowingly and we want the deleted emails to be regained again. To recover the emails in Yahoo, the process of restoring the data from a copy is much easier than going to get back permanently deleted emails in Yahoo. If any mail is unknowingly deleted, you can find that email in the “Trash” Folder. If the mail is not seen in this Trash folder, then its a mess.

"Take a Copy of your Yahoo Mail Account Regularly and Prevent its Data from being Permanently Lost."

Main Problem Faced - Yahoo Emails Deleted Permanently

Although, there is a possibility to regain permanently deleted mails from Trash, but it is not efficient enough to be relied upon. The problem is that the availability of emails is restricted to a number of days (Only 7 days), which once skipped eradicates the messages permanently from the Trash, making it impossible to recover them later. In such a situation, you need to contact Yahoo support to recover the permanently deleted Yahoo emails. Yahoo also says, there is no assurance that all the emails will be completely restored. If you recover deleted Yahoo email messages, they may be in the last stored folder or will be found in “Trash”.

Role Of Backup

However, if you create a backup of account at regular intervals, then, the emails can be gained back in such conditions in the future. The tool will help to create a backup of account in any of the formats; PST / MSG / EML / MBOX / PDF.

Procedure to Create A Copy of Yahoo Mail Account
A Copy Can Easily Restore Permanently Deleted Yahoo Emails

 login to the software
select file format
browse location to create a copy
start process to create backup file

Frequently Asked Questions by User
Common Queries Asked to Recover Permanently Deleted Yahoo Emails

Can you get permanently deleted emails back from Yahoo Server to mail account?

Yes, you can contact Yahoo support and request for data restoration. This process does not assure 100% data recovery. Plus, it will regain only the emails that got deleted with a time period of 7 days. In all other cases, Yahoo cannot restore the permanently deleted emails to your Yahoo account. If you have a copy of Yahoo emails, then that will help you access your deleted emails efficiently. To create a copy of your Yahoo emails, follow the below procedure.

Steps to Get a Copy of Yahoo Emails:

  • Step 1 : Download and Run Tool and Login with Yahoo account.
  • Step 2 : Select file format for creating a copy of Yahoo emails on desktop.
  • Step 3 : Click on "Browse" to select the destination for copying Yahoo emails.
  • Step 4 : Click on "Start" button to get a copy of Yahoo emails.
I permanently deleted my emails even from Trash folder and I need help restoring them? Will the software backup all hard deleted mails?

No in that scenario, the solution will not help you to recover deleted Yahoo email messages. Thus it is advisabe to save regularly your emails in your hard drive. It is better if the process could be repeated weekly.

How will the backup be created?
The software supports four file formats for backup purpose, i.e. PST/MBOX/MSG/PDF/EML. Moreover, you can restore deleted email & access it on supported platforms.

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