What is ZDB Zimbra File?

Learn the concept of ZDB Files & Major Issues of ZDB File

What is ZDB File ?

ZDB is the file format supported by Zimbra Mail Program. It is a database where Zimbra stores its multiple files including contacts, emails, calendars etc. So, ZDB comes in data file category. Thus, entire data items of Zimbra client is saved in this file. Whenever a user access the Zimbra data items, the data is retrieved from the ZDB file as it is database for the application. In the following section, we will discuss what is ZDB File, its location and various issues related to this file format.

What Does ZDB stand For?

The full form of ZDB file is Zimbra Database File. It stores the entire account information for users Zimbra mailbox. All the data items such as emails, contacts, calendar etc can be easily traced from this file.

Location of ZDB File

The ZDB file resides on the local system, so the user can easily locate the file at the following location depending on the platform being used.

  • Window XP: Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook Folder
  • Window 7: C:\Users\App Data\Local\Microsoft\Roaming

Users can easily change the location of these files according to their requirement.


The MIME type of a Zimbra email program is: application/octet-stream

what is ZDB file

Major Issues of Zimbra ZDB file

The Zimbra users have reported some of the following issues related to the ZDB files, which makes it difficult for the users to handle these files:

  1. Corrupted Data Files
  2. Being a locally stored file, the .zdb file is easily vulnerable to corruption. While accessing the ZDB files common errors can take place.In case of corrupted ZDB file, user fails to get the results.

  3. Inappropriate Application Version
  4. Users may not able to access the files easily on incorrect application version. The version incompatibility creates difficulty in accessing the actual ZDB file for the Zimbra account.

  5. Incorrect Data-File Association
  6. The failure to associate a correct data file may create a fatal issue for the users. There is a major possibility that an application might fail to access the data-files due to the inconsistency or faulty settings.

  7. Virus or malware Issues
  8. While opening the Zimbra ZDB files some virus or malware issues may be generated. It makes it more complex for the users to use the file.

Common Queries Regarding ZDB File Format

Can I import Zimbra ZDB files into Outlook?

" I tried to attach an existing .zdb file to an Outlook platform. It tells that the file does not support Outlook data-files and replace it with my existing one. Can I open or attach a .zdb file in in-built Outlook?” "

Yes, you can easily import .zdb files into Outlook using the import utility of Outlook.

How can I open a .zdb file?

" While I was working on the PC i have tried to open ZDB file. It did not allow me to open the file. Kindly suggest me how can I open ZDB file? "

You can easily view .zdb files by using this third party software such as ZDB Viewer.

Is there any limitation imposed on the maximum size of ZDB file?

" Recently I am configuring a new profile on Zimbra mail. Being a professional in MNC, I receive emails in thousands. Is there any maximum size limit associated with ZDB file? "

No, the ZDB file does not have any maximum size limitation. It can store any amount of data items.

ZDB file (Zimbra Database) is the most significant file for the Zimbra users. Understanding various aspects of file, we have presented a detailed information to let the users understand about what is ZDB file.