Can You Trust Your Data With Google Takeout?

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Published On October 11th, 2022
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When already a 360-degree service (Google Takeout Email Backup) is being provided by Google, why would it want its loyal customers to go to a third party for backup?

This craving of the users was satiated with the invention of Google Takeout by Google’s competent engineering team in 2011. From then, there is no stopping by.

The main motive behind the formulation of Takeout was to backup all the Google data into one single folder to get extracted later. It all seems like a no-sweat work, right? But, every bean has its black.

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What is Google Takeout?

In simple words, Google Takeout is an in-built application that exports all the data that you’ve ever accumulated on Google servers into a single .zip or .tgz file that can be downloaded later at your will. It is the perfect way to back up your files before you decide to bid goodbye to Google forever.

What Can You Backup with Google Takeout?

Many times we wonder, what does Google know about us? All that is knows, is all it can export. Download your data using Google Takeout and know for yourself.

Since the time, Takeout has been introduced the number of items being available for download has been on the rise. It started with only Google Buzz, Google Contacts, Google Profile, Google Streams, and Picasa Albums, and by 2016 it has included more than 35 items in its list.

Whether it is that birthday event on the calendar that you often forget or the bulk of contacts that you have accumulated to date. Even the tiny details of Google Pay that you use for every single payment. All of it can be downloaded to your system using Google Takeout.

The question that has been reiterated a million times is Google Takeout free?

Along with the line of several free services like Chrome, Cloud Print, Google Docs, spreadsheets, and photos, there lies Google Takeout as well. Through the application, Google lets its users uncouple the data they want and store it for future reference.

How Does Google Takeout Email Backup Function?

Using Google Takeout to get the archive files is not a tough row to hoe, have a look at the steps given below:

Step 1: Enter Google Takeout and select the services

Your first move is to go to the Google Takeout page and tick the boxes of the data you want.

Step 2: Time for some decision making

  • Delivery Method: Do you want the archived files to rest on your Dropbox, Drive, Box, OneDrive, or your system? The ball is in your court. Decide!
  • Frequency: What is the rate at which you want to export your files, once or in every two 2 months for the rest of one year?
  • File Type & Size: In the case of file type, you have the option to choose either the .zip or .tgz files format.
    1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, 10 GB, 50 GB, pick your desired file size.

Step 3: Last Stop archiving your data

Click on the ‘Create Archive’ option and the downloading process will begin. The process can take a certain amount of time to finish depending on the size of your backup files.

Google Takeout a Turn-off for Users?

Using Google Takeout Email Backup can be grueling at times, because of the bumps on the road. Know them, before choosing Google Takeout as your first preference.

1. The Reality of Google Takeout

  • The number of backups cannot be more than 2-3 per day.
  • The minimum number of attempts to save Gmail data with Takeout is restricted to three in a day and which can go up to seven a week.
  • It gives us a mini heart attack when we have invested hours to see that 100% on the screen and it suddenly shows the process failed.

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2. Retrieving Your Data is Not a Child’s Play

  • When you try to open the files, you will find many smaller files jumbled up. It is a tough task to sort these files and put them in place.
  • Administrators cannot download from the admin console. To use takeout to download a user’s information they need to log in as the user.

3. A Tough Time for the IT Admins

Instead of making the work of IT admins easy, it makes it the other way round. Administrators are not allowed to download from the admin console. They also need to log in first to download data using Takeout.

4. Is this Method Reliable?


Google Takeout is noted to have lost users’ crucial data. There are many instances available on the web when using Google Takeout has cost the users heavily.

Alternative Solution – Free of Setbacks

Stepping into the digital realm has led to the formation of a large amount of data. It is a tough task to manage them in a manner to not lose even a peck of them. For this, you need to use the reliable and best G Suite Backup Tool to get a full-fledged solution.

Using if you can backup all your data, ranging from emails, documents, contacts, calendars, etc. all this can be saved in a variety of file formats offered by the tool. There will no limitation on the size of the files that you want to backup. The unique and user-friendly interface of the tool even makes it easy for novice users to feel at ease.


By Mohit Jha

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