How to Download Gmail Emails to Computer in Batch? Free Tool

Ugra Narayan Pandey ~ Modified: December 2nd, 2022 ~ Data Backup, Gmail ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Habitually downloading important data in a safe place always protects you from major data loss. Adopt the same habit with a Gmail account, i.e., frequently download Gmail emails in batch to the computer to prevent data loss incidents. There are two methods to save all data from Gmail accounts.

Does the traditional method (Google Takeout Tool) work well with Gmail accounts or do we have to switch to new trends (Automation Solution)?

This blog covers the manual method as well as the automated solution to download Gmail emails to computer in batch. Before proceeding further, let us know why taking regular backups is considered so essential?

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Advantages of Downloading Gmail Emails to Computer

Taking a regular backup of your Gmail Emails on your Computer helps you to:

Manage Free 15 GB Space: A free Gmail account provides only 15 GB. Regularly downloading and deleting emails from Google Server can save your free space. Download Gmail emails to a computer’s local drive to free up Gmail space.

Protect Valuable Gmail Emails: Regularly downloading your important Gmail account data can protect you from sudden and major data loss. Downloading Gmail emails to a computer and encrypting them saves them from hackers.

Share Downloaded Gmail Emails Easily: Once you have saved all your emails, you can easily share them with anyone in a readable format. All the downloaded Gmail data can be easily transferred between the two systems.

Now, let’s discuss the manual solution, Google Takeout, to download Gmail emails in batch.

Google Takeout Solution to Save Gmail Account Data

Google Takeout is a data backup solution for Google data including Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube, etc. You can download all Google data or selectively save Gmail emails to a computer. Go to the official website and easily export Gmail emails using Google Takeout.

Follow These Steps to Save All Gmail Emails to a Computer:

1. Go to and log in with your Gmail account credentials.

2. Next, click the Deselect all link to deselect all the selected options.

Deselect All

3. Select the checkbox beside the Mail option to download only the data of your Gmail account.

Select Mail Option

4. Select the All Mail data included to indicate that you wish to download the entire data present in your mailbox.

Download Gmail Emails to Computer

5. Now select the File Type as .zip and File Size as 2 GB.

File Size & Type

6. Select the Delivery method as Send download link via email.

Download Gmail Emails in Batch to Computer via Link

7. Click the Create export option to download Gmail emails to your computer.

Create export

This is the manual method to save all emails from a Gmail account to computer.

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Limitations of the Google Takeout Approach

Google Takeout is a free tool to download Gmail emails in batch, but it has the following limitations:

1. Google Takeout solution does not allow you to download Gmail emails on a computer that belongs to others.

2. Folders that have been shared with you in Google Drive cannot be exported with Google Takeout, even if you have also created some files in the shared folder.

3. Google Takeout free tool is limited to 2-3 downloads per day upto a maximum of 7 per week.

4. Google Takeout sometimes fails to download the complete data, making it an unreliable free tool.

5. Data downloads are limited to a maximum of 50 GB/day even in the .tgz format.

6. When exporting large files or folders, you may experience incomplete downloads of Google data.

7. You cannot create profiles for multiple Gmail users at the same time. Only valid account owners can create archive to save Gmail emails to their computer. If the administrator needs to archive and download Gmail data, the administrator must have login privileges for a specific user account to create the archive.

Professionally Download Gmail Emails to Computer

Don’t take risk with your crucial data. Gmail is free, your emails not! Make proper plan and download Gmail emails in batch regularly. Opt SysTools Gmail Backup Software for Mac and Windows OS. The best software solution to save all data from Gmail accounts to computer.

Download the tool on Windows and Mac OS to:

  • Save all important emails from single or multiple Gmail accounts.
  • Download Gmail emails to computer in multiple file formats.
  • To take regular backups of your Google account data.
  • Use the “Delete after Download” option to free up server space.
  • Wipe out your Gmail account data from the Google server.

Summing Up

Data is an important and valuable asset, which needs to be protected not only from hackers and malware but also from being accidentally deleted. This blog explained two ways to download and save the data contained in your Google account.

Google Takeout is a free tool but it has various limitations like the daily download limit, shared folder excluded, and 50 GB/day limit. The other way is to choose professional software solutions for a safe, complete and seamless data backup experience.