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SysTools DD Viewer

Freeware to Open DD Files On Windows Operating System

  • Free tool to view DD files emails of any size.
  • Allow users to read DD files with .dd extension.
  • Complete properties of DD file are displayed.
  • Totally independent software to view DD files.
  • Extract complete emails from source DD file.
  • Compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8.1, and below.

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Windows OS

Features of DD Viewer Freeware

view dbx file

Open Contents Of Device Description Image file

DD viewer allow users to read DD files. The software enable its clients to examine three types of email files i.e., EDB, OST, and PST. In addition, users will be able to view email content by choosing View Contents option from the software panel.

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Retrieve Emails of Several File Formats

DD viewer freeware performs scanning in such a deep manner that it retrieves data from various file formats and loads that on its preview window. One can extract emails from PST, OST, and EDB files of source disk image file without any dependency issue.


Perform Searching in Windows Style

The DD viewer is discovered with a searching option that appear like the one in Windows search. With help of this functionality, users can use any text, term, or file extension, which is related to searching of data within folders. Moreover, it is possible to set a specific date range and to find out emails falling within that specified duration.


Feature to View Emails of Specific File

Instead of viewing all emails of a DD file, users can load data of specific file format from DD on the preview screen. While adding a file, they can load emails of desired DD file and perform analysis of its contents along with searching within that file. This means that if users want to view emails of PST file only, then they can perform the same with help of DD viewer.

Frequently Asked Question

Listed Commonly Asked Questions and Their Answers

“I want to view Microsoft Outlook data from 7 DD files along with their respective attachments. However, til not I encountered products, which are supporting only one file at a time, which is a time consuming process for me. Therefore, I want an alternate solution by which I can view all my 7 files at once."

Yes, you can load several DD files at once just by creating a folder, then moving those files in that folder, and then directly browsing the folder in our free DD viewer freeware.

“I am having a DD image files, which comprises of EDB content within it. However, I am not having the Exchange connectivity on my machine therefore, want to know that will I not be able to view EDB file content from your DD reader tool?"

No, DD viewer is a standalone utility to view DD files on your machine. Neither Microsoft Outlook nor any Exchange connectivity is required for viewing files on system.

“I am having DD file of 8.92 GB and wants a freeware by which I can read DD files in Windows of this size. Several applications, which I have searched till now needs to be purchased for viewing file of such size. Therefore, I want a solution by which I can view DD files of such size without any dollar investment"

No, DD files of any size can be loaded in DD viewer without investing any additional charges. There are no restrictions build in this free viewer, which interrupts your working.

“Recently, I have upgraded my Windows 7 OS to Windows 10 thus, want to read DD files on this platform. As such, there does not exist any inbuilt computer program in which I can view disk image file on my machine itself. Therefore, I am in search for an additional product, which are compatible on Windows 10 and can open DD files within it"

No, DD Viewer is Windows-based application, which is supported by Windows 8 and all below versions.

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