SysTools ESE DB Viewer

Standalone Tool to Access & Open ESE DB (Extensible Storage Engine Database)

  • Open and View ESE database even in the absence of Exchange Server environment.
  • Parse through the complete email storage of Extensible Storage Engine
  • Extract ESE DB email storage into HTML & Adobe PDF format
  • Supports separate view for attachments of corresponding emails of ESE DB
  • All Windows Operating System Versions Supported: 8.1 and below

List of Key Features in SysTools ESE DB Viewer Software

standalone database viewer

View ESE Database

ESE DB storage can be read with the help of this standalone application and no support from Server. The software has no prerequisites and therefore successfully operates without Exchange Server environment too.

preview currupt database

All Exchange Versions Supported

Even though the application does not require Exchange Server or its Extensible Storage Engine in support, it helps you to view ESE Database of all its versions. Exchange Server versions 2013 and all previous ones are fully supported by the application.

standalone database preview

No Limitation on Storage Size

The program independently open ESE Database regardless of its size. It does not impose any limitations on the number of emails stored within or the size of the storage with no performance glitches.

preview mdb and accdb

ESE Database Forensics

Emails of the mailbox storage are individually readable on the software panel which is helpful in forensic investigation. The application also offers an attachment preview section along with the one for emails. Thus, emails & corresponding attachments of ESE DB are readable respectively.

switch between pages

Supports Multiple Export Options

Further, the application offers to export and save email storage of the ESE DB file into two output formats, i.e. Adobe PDF and HTML. The email export is accompanied by attachment export along with. The attachment is embedded during export to PDF.

easy user interface

Support Windows OS 8.1 & Below

Working with the ESE Database Viewer application is feasible on any version of Windows Operating System. The software is supportive to all available versions of the OS including Windows 8.1 and all the previous ones too.

ESE Database Viewer Screenshots

ESE DB Viewer tool
Step 1: ESE DB Viewer
preview mdb file database
Step 2: Add ESE DB file
select destination format
Step 3: Preview Database
export options
Step 4: Export ESE Database to HTM, PDF

Watch Live Video of ESE Database Viewer

Download Exchange ESE DB Viewer Freeware

ESE Viewer box

Size: 7.1 MB Version: 1.0

Demo Limitations

Demo version of ESE DB Viewer show the preview ESE DB File

Download ESE DB Viewer

Installation Uninstallation EULA

System Specifications

System Specifications
  • Hard Disk Space: 15 MB of free hard disk space
Frequently Asked Question
How is it possible to Open ESE Database storage without Server environ?

SysTools ESE DB Viewer is a standalone application and does not come with any prerequisites. You can open and read the contents of the database without any external support.

Can we view the ESE DB storage from Exchange version 2007?

The application supports all versions of Exchange Server and therefore, supports viewing & exporting of ESE Database storage belonging to any of its edition without putting up any limitations.

The examination platform is configured with Windows 8.1. Is it supported?

Yes, the application works with Windows 8.1 and all previous versions as well, as it supports them all.

Will I be able to examine the ESE DB storage of 1TB?

Yes, the application is supportive to ESE databases of any given size. You can easily perform ESE Database forensic process for any size of its Database, without coming across performance issues.

I have a Windows Live Mail ESE DB file. Can I view it too?

No, the software is only built to work with ESE DB files storing mailbox data of Microsoft Exchange Server. Also Read – View EDB File without Exchange Server.

What Clients Say

Reading ESE Database storage is only possible in its native environment and not otherwise. Therefore, we chose to go for ESE DB Viewer instead of recreating an environment for examining the same and are very satisfied with the performance.

Martha Collins, Podgorica

During acquisition, we collected some ESE Database in a particular case. However, building the complete environment just to read its contents was not feasible. Getting ESE DB Viewer did great amount of help

Eunice Watson, Beirut
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