How to Export Outlook Contacts to Google Contacts: Ultimate Guide

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Nowadays, it is not sufficient to work with a desktop-oriented email application only. We also need a program that can be accessed from any device, at any point in time. Therefore, Outlook users also work with Google applications like Gmail, Google Calendar, Sheets, Google Contacts, and many more. So, in this write-up, we are going to focus on the procedure to migrate Outlook Contacts to Google Contacts. By doing this, the user can access distribution list, as well as contacts of Outlook 2019 / 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007 along with Google Contacts. So, continue with the reading and explore more.

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Method to Import Outlook Contacts to Gmail Contacts

It is a very easy procedure to access contacts information of Outlook in Google contacts application. To implement this approach, Outlook installation is a must. Moreover, the complete procedure will include two parts. Initially, we have to export MS Outlook contacts in CSV format. Afterward, we need to transfer this file into the Google Contact account.

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Stage #1: Convert Outlook Contacts in CSV

First of all, Open the Microsoft Outlook application on the Windows system. Here, we are using Outlook 2013 program. Once it is opened successfully, execute the instructions given below, in order to copy Outlook 2016 contacts to Google Contacts.

Step 1: Now, Go to File and select Open & Export from the menu.

Choose Open & Export

Step 2: Next, opt for Import/Export Wizard in order to export contacts from Outlook to Google Gmail.

Import/ Export Wizard

Step 3: Further, you need to choose Export to a file option and click on Next.

Export to a File

Step 4: Afterward, go with Comma Separated Values option to transfer Outlook contacts in CSV file and hit Next.

Convert Outlook Contacts to CSV

Step 5: Search and select Contact folder >> Next.

Choose Folder

Step 6: To save the CSV file, either go with the default location or change it using the Browse button.

Location for resultant file

Step 7: At last, click on OK to proceed further.

Step 8: In Next window, you can Select Map Custom Fields, to map Outlook contacts fields with the new one. Else, skip this step and click on the Finish button for importing Outlook contacts into Google Gmail account.


Step 9: In the meantime, the contacts get copied in CSV format.

Stage #2: Export Outlook Contacts to Google Contacts

Once, we get the contacts in CSV format, then import this file in desired Google Contact account, with the help of following instructions.

Step 1: Login to Gmail account.

to Google account

Step 2: Afterward, go to Menu and opt for Google Contacts application.

Choose Google Calendar

Step 3: Go to More option as shown in the screenshot.

Choose More

Step 4: Opt for Select file from the following window, in order to sync Outlook 2016 contacts to Gmail.

Chooose file

Step 5: Choose the CSV file that was exported in Stage 1 and click on Open.

Select file

Step 6: To begin the process, click on Import.

upload csv

Step 7: In a matter of minutes the Outlook contacts get imported in Google Contacts.

That’s all about, how to copy Outlook Contacts to Google Contacts if Outlook application is available. Now the question is, which options one can use, to copy contacts, and contacts group from a .pst file, in the absence of Outlook program. For this, you need to refer to the next method to import contacts of Microsoft Outlook that are available in PST format into Gmail account in the absence of its supported Outlook application.

Smart Way to Export Outlook Contacts to Google Contacts In Absence of MS Outlook Application

Many times, users only have an Outlook data file in the system and want to access its contacts data into Google Contacts. In this situation, try Outlook to G Suite Migration Tool. A perfect way to transfer Messages, Contacts, Contacts group, Meetings from Outlook PST file to desired Google Gmail account, without using Outlook interface. It only requires to add PST file(s) and then export PST files to the desired data. The free version of the software is also available for checking all the features before purchasing it.

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Export Outlook Contacts

  1. Setup software & upload PST file(s).
  2. Input credentials of Gmail account & validate the account.
  3. Select Contacts category to export PST contacts.
  4. Click on Export to start the process.

Finally!! Exported Outlook Contacts to Google Contacts

In this write-up, we have discussed two methods, using these, one can access Outlook contacts with desired Google Contacts, that too without any trouble. So, choose the best method according to your situation. Then perform the migration task of, the MS Outlook contacts to Google Gmail, without any headache.

Frequently Asked Questions –

Is there any option in Google Contacts that can export Outlook Contacts directly?

No, you cannot add contacts of Outlook directly into Google Gmail Contacts. Instead of that, create a CSV file that comprises Contacts details and import in Gmail contacts.

How do I extract Outlook Contacts in CSV format?

Open Outlook and move cursor to File. Afterward, click on Open & Export >> Import/Export >> Export to a file >> Next >> Comma Separated Values>> Next >> Contact Folder >> Next >> Next >> OK.

Can I Export PST Contacts into Google Contacts without Outlook?

If you have only PST file and looking forward to move its contacts only, then go through this blog and get the exact solution: Import PST to Gmail without Outlook.

How Can I view imported Outlook Contacts?

Open Google Contacts application with its authentic credential and view the contacts on its preview panel.