How to Migrate cPanel Email to Office 365? Best Solutions

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Published On April 14th, 2023
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Summary: When we received such queries from some users, we decided to resolve how to migrate email from cPanel to Office 365 account query. To be more helpful we will be even sharing all the possible methods to safely transfer all emails. 

User Query 1: Hello, we are transferring our emails from cPanel to O365 account. So far we have downloaded everything from cPanel and created a new account with Microsoft 365. But we are unable to find a suitable method to migrate cPanel email to Office 365 account. How do we go further about this, please suggest? Thank you!”

User Query 2: Hi, I have a client that wants to transfer her entire cPanel account mailboxes into a cloud based Microsoft Office 365. The forums suggested her to use the Network upload method. But it is a highly technical process and she can’t risk losing the emails over this. Do you know how to migrate cPanel email accounts to Office 365 so I can get her emails safely? Thanks in advance. ”

The answer to queries, as given above, on the internet often involves complicated process like network upload method, taking advantage of IMAP system, etc. This makes the entire migration scenario risky and hectic. Thus, users often look for a simple step-by-step process that ensures an easy and accurate migration. And that’s exactly what we have included in this article.

Without further ado, let us start with the method.

Easy Steps to Perform cPanel to O365 Migration

  1. Download utility on Windows PC.
  2. Select IMAP & Office 365 platforms.
  3. Add cPanel user details, validate it.
  4. Enter O365 user details, authenticate it.
  5. Mouse-click Start Migration to begin the process.

Why Do Users Migrate Email from cPanel to Office 365?

Behind this migration, there can be different reasons that makes users influence for going further with the Microsoft Office 365 platform. It majorly includes-

  • Advanced data security for better data management.
  • Easy sharing of one subscription plan up to 5 people and then each one of them can avail all the O365 benefits.
  • Moreover, Microsoft 365 even has a premium versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.
  • Using this one M365 user account, one can use the premium Microsoft 365 applications for across all the device including Windows & Mac OS. 
  • In fact, it has a better workflow management and large data storage capability.
  • Likewise, MS Office 365 even offers tools to collaborate or communicate with the external or internal business partners. This enhance the workflow of the user as compared to others. 

Important Note: There are two top methods available to migrate cPanel email to Office 365: Manual and Automated (Expert Recommended) Method.

Now, let us understand the migration in a detailed manner by using these method one by one in the next section. However, the manual method will be a quite long and tricky to perform but the automated or direct solution will help you out.

Manually Download Emails from cPanel Accounts

Important Note: While using this manual method, first you will need to download all the emails of cPanel locally. Thereafter, you can move further with the migration step.

So, to know this entire procedure, follow these steps to migrate email from cPanel to Office 365 / Microsoft 365 account:

1. First of all, go to cPanel login screen and sign in with your details on any OS machine.

login with cpanel

2. Now, second of all, just look for “Email Accounts” option and then click on it.

migrate email from cpanel to office 365

3. Thereafter, find the email account whose data you want to transfer to Microsoft 365 / Office 365 and click on “Check Email” option.

4. Here, just mouse-click on the “Horde” picture and then, hit the “Open” button.

horde webmail selection

5. Once the webmail opens, right click on the “Mailbox” folder and select “Export” option for further step.

choose export

6. Following this, choose any option and click on “OK” button.

migrate email from cpanel to office 365

7. Save the resultant file at any location of your choice on the local computer of either Mac or Windows operating system.

So, once you download the ZIP file, you can extract its contents, as a result you will get an MBOX file. Then, to transfer email from cPanel to Office 365 account you can use the MBOX to Office 365 Migrator tool.

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As we are technically aware that O365 does not support .mbox format to store the data. Therefore, in this situation this automated tool will help you out to complete the migration. The complete working of the tool with relevant screenshots can be found here: How-It-Works

How to Migrate Email from cPanel to Office 365 Automatically?

Unfortunately, there is no direct manual method for this migration, therefore, we have shared an indirect manual way to execute this task. But, while using this task, you will may face the issue in downloading and migrating all cPanel emails. Therefore, we suggest you to choose the SysTools IMAP to Office 365 Migration Tool for a quick and direct cPanel to O365 migration. 

Using third-party software not only reduces the time taken to complete the process, but it also removes all the risks involved with the manual methods. And a trusted application like this tool makes sure that all ends are met during the migration process. The best thing about this tool is the availability for both Mac and Windows operating system of different versions. So, one can operate this migration application and safely & securely transfer all cPanel account emails.

Let’s understand the step by step procedure for this task.

Simple Steps to Transfer cPanel Emails to Microsoft 365

  • Firstly, download and run the cPanel to Office 365 migration tool on your Windows system of supported versions.

download tool

  • Select two source and destination account options: IMAP and Office 365. From below section, choose Email category and apply date filter for selective migration.

source and destination

  • Thereafter, select Other option and enter the cPanel user details according to the source account.

choose other for cpanel to o365 migration

  • Similarly, choose the Office 365 as a destination and enter the user credentials of O365 account.

migrate email from cpanel to office 365

  • Finally, select the User to migrate and validate them using source app password and migrate email from cPanel to Office 365 by clicking Start Migration.

start cpanel to office 365 migration

How to Use Mac cPanel to O365 Migration Tool?

migrate email from cpanel to office 365

  • Second of all, go for the source account, select cPanel option as a host name, if not available in the list, you can choose other option and add IMAP details. Thereafter, enter the active cPanel account User name and Password, Validate.

select cpanel account

  • Following this by selecting the Office 365 host name as the destination account, enter required user details and click Validate. After validating both account, tap on the Add button, this will map both of them.

selection of o365

  • Now, if necessary, apply additional filters by clicking on Advance Settings, set Date Range and select cPanel Folders to transfer.

date filters for cpanel to office 365 migration

  • At last, hit Start Migration to start a safe process to migrate cPanel email to Office 365 / Microsoft 365 account on Mac.

migrate email from cpanel to office 365

Read More: If you want to move to Outlook, read How to Export cPanel Email to Outlook.

Summing it Up

However, the Cloud apps like Office 365 is the hottest thing in technology for data management. More and more users are moving to Microsoft 365 due to its advanced features and task management capabilities. Thus, there are many users who are not only switching to O365 but also moving their emails to Office 365. The same holds true for cPanel users. Therefore, in this article, we provided such users with an easy method to migrate email from cPanel to Office 365 for both Mac and Windows users. It is a simple yet efficient solution with no data manipulation.


Q- How to migrate cPanel email accounts to Office 365 on Mac?

  1. Download the Mac utility on PC.
  2. Select Other option in the source account.
  3. Pick Office 365 and authenticate user details.
  4. Hit advance settings and set date range.
  5. Mouse-click on the Start Migration button to initiate the process.

Q- What application do I required to use this tool?

There is no need to download any other supported application while using this tool, as the above cPanel to Office 365 migration tool is standalone solution which can work alone without any dependency.

Q- Can I migrate cPanel email to Office 365 in one go in bulk?

Yes, you can go for bulk migration with this tool. Technically this tool does not impose any email restrictions during migration nor does it impose any mailbox size limits. So, you can select only folders or migrate all emails at once.

Q- What is the maximum email size in cPanel webmail?

In practice, cPanel has set a maximum message size limit for sending and receiving, usually 50MB. If you need to change it, you can also update it.

Q- What is the email size limit in Microsoft 365?

It is 150MB in size. The maximum email size for send/receive in Microsoft Office 365 is 150mb. However, this includes both the message content and attached files.


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