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Published On September 27th, 2022
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Most of the users try to recover formatted data from the USB stick using CMD. Just because it’s a free way to retrieve data from a formatted pen drive, however, users must be familiar with the technical knowledge to be able to restore their data with a command prompt. Because if the user lacks the right technical knowledge and instructions, the likelihood of errors that can lead to permanent loss of your data increases.

In order to get rid of this situation, we will suggest two methods to recover formatted data from the pen drive using cmd. Before starting the article we will discuss user queries that most users face in their lives.

Users Queries

“Hello, all. I need help regarding my formatted pen drive. Yesterday, when I connected my pen drive to my computer, I kept getting an error message that my pen drive has got some issues and require formatting. I became utterly frustrated and formatted the pen drive. After formatting, the pen drive error was gone, and so were all the files I saved there. Can anyone tell me how to recover formatted data from pen drive using CMD? I am really devastated after this incident and looking for some effective solution.”

“Help! My brother accidentally formatted my pen drive, and now I have lost all the important files I kept there as a backup. As per my knowledge, I had tried to recover my formatted data from pen drive using CMD. But it is not possible to retrieve data from a formatted USB drive. But one of my friends told me that nowadays, certain tools are available that can restore the removed files. Please suggest me is it possible to recover data from formatted pen drive using some applications. I will be forever grateful.”

We often use formatting as our last resort to fix different pen drive-related issues. But this fix does not come for free. While formatting does resolve certain pen drive errors/ issues, it also wipes out all the files stored in the pen drive.

If you have suffered from a similar condition and looking to restore formatted data from a pen drive. Then, you are in right place. Here, we will provide flawless solutions.

Note:- How to recover data from FOUND.000 folder

Recover Formatted Data from Pen Drive Using CMD

Mainly, when users delete, hide, or format a storage device like SSD, or hard drive with data, CMD (Command Prompt) command line will provide users a chance to search for lost data.

But users must be very careful while using the CMD command line to recover formatted data from pen drive using CMD. Just follow a few simple steps:

  1. Right-click on the Windows icon and choose “Search
    Write: command prompt and right-hit on Command Prompt, choose “Run as administrator“.
  2. Click “Yes” to run Command Prompt as administrator
  3. Type: chkdsk F: /f in Command Prompt and click Enterhow to retrieve formatted files from usb using cmd
  4. Type: Y and click Enter to proceed
  5. Write: F and click Enter again

Write: F:\>attrib -h -r -s /s /d *.* and click Enter. (Replace F with the drive letter of the device where you lost data files.)

After following these steps your lost data files will all be found and saved in a newly generated folder of the pen drive. Users can change the file extension back to a normal format and then make those found files reusable again.

Drawbacks of Command Prompt

There are several drawbacks of using command prompts and a few of them are mentioned below:

  • CMD basically scans the integrity of the file system and disk metadata. In case of any logical file system errors, it fixes them.
  • CMD command is used to restore minor corruptions from your drive and is also used for checking the health of your disk. But, it does not protect the complete recovery of formatted data from a pen drive.
  • It will complicated for normal users. Because if users have done any mistake they lost their data permanently.

Certain Manual Tricks are Available, but Will You Perform Those? 

If you have asked your family/ friends or checked online, you must have come across some manual tricks that claim to recover data from formatted USB drive free. Beware! These tricks will not get back your lost files. Rather than can do more harm to your pen drive and make it impossible for the automated applications to recover your formatted data.

Therefore, all the readers are advised not to try the native techniques and choose the solution that actually works.

Automated Way to Recover Formatted Data from Pen Drive

If you are wondering how to recover formatted files from USB without manual tricks, here is the solution. You must have to try the automated solution to get back formatted data from USB smoothly. This tool can also recover permanently deleted data from USB flash drive. Firstly download the application. It takes only a few steps to recover all the files you have lost due to pen drive formatting and now is the time to learn these steps:-

Step 1. Download and Install the SysTools Pen Drive Recovery Software 

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Step 2. Select the pen drive disk and click on Formatted scanhow to recover formatted files from pen drive using cmd

Step 3. The program will scan the entire pen drive and display all of its files

how to recover formatted files from usb using cmd

Step 4. Select the files you wish to restore and then click on the Save button

how to retrieve formatted files from usb using cmd

Remember: If you have formatted the pen drive and want to retrieve the files, do not use the pen drive at all until you recover the file via above mentioned utility. Because if your files overwritten then, recovery is impossible. Any usage after formatting will only decrease the chance to recover formatted file.

Why Choose Automated Solution Over Manual Methods?

Due to these features, this utility is the top choice of users:

  1. Advanced Search option to filter data based on keyword or date
  2. Suitable to recover all file formats from formatted pen drive
  3. Restore formatted data from all leading pen drives brands of the world
  4. A free demo version of the utility is available for trial purpose
  5. Works with similar proficiency for permanently deleted and corrupted pen drive files
  6. No chance of data loss while processing with this program
  7. Support for pen drives with FAT, exFAT, and NTFS formatting


Data retrieval from formatted pen drive is a common query among the users as they are seen asking, how to recover formatted data from pen drive Using CMD. Earlier, there used to be a misconception that formatted data is not possible to recover using CMD, which is completely right. Formatted pen drive data can be recovered but for that, you have to take the help of USB Recovery Software. This Windows-based program will work on all pen drive brands and give accurate results without any data loss.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQS

How do I recover files from a formatted flash drive?

With the help of the above-mentioned blog, users can recover their files from a formatted flash drive without any hassle. This is the 100% safe and secure method.

Is it possible to recover formatted data from the pen drive without using the software?

Yes, it is possible with CMD, but keep one thing in your mind to perform CMD users must have technical knowledge.

Can I recover formatted data from the Sandisk pen drive?

Yes, you with the help of the above-mentioned utility users can recover formatted data from the Sandisk pen drive. This utility can recover data from all brands of pen drives.


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