How to Recover Data Files from FOUND.000 Folder

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Windows OS users often come across a folder named FOUND.000 in their root drive. For most of them, the first introduction to FOUND.000 folder happens when they need to recover some corrupt data. It is a problematic situation for them as they have no idea about the folder itself, let alone the method of recovering damaged data. To help them out, this post will describe how to recover data from FOUND.000 folder. Here, readers will also know about other related information about this folder.

Problem Faced Regarding FOUND.000 Folder

In this section, we have gathered some of the user queries found in the forums. Readers can get some clear idea about the issues related to FOUND.000 folder from these queries.

User Query 1:I have been working on my desktop PC and suddenly there was a power cut. As a result, the system shut down abruptly. When it opened, some important files had gone missing. After running chkdsk command, I found out a folder named FOUND.000 folder that contains FILE000.CHK files. After doing some internet research, I come to know that these files are the fragmented copies of my lost files. If anyone knows how to recover data from FILE000.CHK files, let me know ASAP.

User Query 2:Last week was a terrible time for me as my laptop got infected by some strong malware. Due to the malware attack, I lost all data located in some of my folders. One of my friends told me that I can recover the lost files from FOUND.000 folder. As I am unaware of the restoration process, I am looking for an easy method to recover data from FOUND.000 folder. Kindly help me by providing me the recovery technique.

User Query 3: “It was a busy day in my office as we all were preparing for an impromptu presentation. While in a hurry, one of my colleagues suddenly pulled out the USB pen drive. He did not notice that the pen drive was still at work. When we plugged the pen drive to another system, we found out that some files are missing from it. We heard that these files got corrupted and currently located in a folder named FOUND.000 folder on my system. Please tell me How do I recover files from found 000 folder?.”

What is FOUND.000 Folder in Windows OS

This folder basically contains partial, damaged, and corrupt files. There is an in-built check disk tool in Windows that checks the health of a disk when prompted. The task of this command is to find out if there is an issue in the disk drives of a computer.

In case these are some fragmented files in a drive, it saves these files rather than deleting them. FOUND.000 folder is created to save these partial and damaged files.

It is a system folder that usually remains hidden, so users normally do not get to see this folder. In order to view it, they have to open the folder options and uncheck the “Hide protected Operating System Files and Folders” option.

FOUND.000 Folder Location in Windows System

This folder will be located in the drive that has been subject to error. If the USB drive has encountered an error, this folder will get created in the USB drive itself.

Why Does FOUND.000 Folder Get Created

As we have understood by now, this FOUND.000 folder contains all the corrupt and fragmented data within it. So, this folder is created when users run CHKDSK command after-

  1. Power connection to the system is interrupted
  2. Windows OS crashed for different reasons
  3. The system is infected with malware or virus
  4. USB drive got removed before completion of a process

How to Recover Data from FOUND.000 Folder

The data situated in this folder can be retrieved by various methods. Here we will tell you three of the most reliable ways to retrieve items from the FOUND.000 folder.

Recover Data from FOUND.000 Folder Using Software

One of the most trusted technique to recover files from this folder is to use this application. Using only a few simple steps, users can successfully retrieve damaged and fragmented data. That application named is Hard Drive Recovery Software and easily recover FILE000.CHK files as this application are equipped to restore all types of corrupt, deleted, and hard deleted data. All types of fragmented data from both internal and external drives can be retrieved by it. Original metadata and data integrity of the recovered files are strictly retained by this tool. Users can choose data recovery tool for restoring “FOUND.000” folder data without any chance of data loss.

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Converting Items of FOUND.000 Folder into Original Format

Users can also retrieve data from the partial files of the FOUND.000 folder by changing the file extension. Since this folder contains all types of fragmented data in .chk format, file extensions of all files get changed. By getting them back with their original file extension may bring the data back. For example, rename the file extension of a PDF file from .chk into .pdf.

Recover .chk Files in the Previous Version

Following the below-mentioned steps, users can recover the complete files out of .chk data be restoring its previous version.

recover chk files from found.000 folder

  1. Use an external drive to have a backup copy of your files.
  2. Open Windows File Explorer and select the folder that used to have the lost files. Right-click on it.
  3. From the context menu, select Restore previous version option. Choose the latest version from the previous recovery points list.
  4. Click Restore and the files of FOUND.000 folder will get recovered.

how to recover files from found.000 folder using cmd


Most of the users are looking for the way of FOUND.000 folder and how the data stored in it can be retrieved. Our aim has been to inform users about the best practices of recovering damaged and partial files of FOUND.000 folder. Though we have mentioned three solutions, the first solution has turned out to be the best one according to user opinion. Only by using the mentioned software, users can get the best results. If you are willing to recover data from FOUND.000 folder, go for the software mentioned here.

Frequently Ask Question

Can I Recover Permanently Deleted Data From Hard Drive?

Yes, you can recover permanently deleted data from the hard drive by using SysTools Hard drive recovery software.

It is Possible to Recover Few Data from Hard Drive?

Yes, this software can recover data from dynamic disks.

It is Possible to Recover Few Data from Hard Drive?

Yes, it is possible to recover selected data from the hard drive. This software provides two options to save data Save selected data and Save complete data from the hard drive.

Can I Recover Deleted Data From GPT and MBR Hard Disk Partition

Yes, It is possible to recover lost data from GPT and MBR hard disk partition by using the above-mentioned software.