How to Remove VBA Password in PowerPoint Presentations?

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Published On October 12th, 2023
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Summary: This blog post explains best practices to remove VBA password in PowerPoint files. Business professionals create VBA projects in PowerPoint and save them in Macro-Enabled PPTM, POTM, and PPSM files. Thereafter, professionals secure VBA coding with complex passwords to protect them from unwanted use.

Sometimes system administrators forget the PowerPoint VBA project password and due to the need of business, they want to make some changes in Macro-Enabled files. But when they try to edit Macros and Modules in Visual Basic Editor, a popup message asks for a password.

After receiving invalid password errors, working professionals start thinking so much about unlocking PowerPoint VBA project passwords. If you are facing the same problem then read this blog post, it will surely be helpful to you.

Before revealing the tips and tricks to remove PowerPoint VBA password, first learn a little about PowerPoint macro-enabled files.

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Know PowerPoint Macro-Enabled VBA Files

Usually, PowerPoint creates PPT or PPTX file extensions to save presentations. But if you want to use macros and modules to do automation implementations in PowerPoint. Then these files must be saved in different file extensions as mentioned below:

  • PPTM: Macro-Enabled Presentation
  • POTM: Macro-Enabled Show
  • PPSM: Macro-Enabled Design Template

Simple Steps to Remove VBA Password in PowerPoint

  1. First, download and start SysTools software.
  2. Then, browse and load PowerPoint VBA files.
  3. View PowerPoint VBA source path and size.
  4. Hit Remove to recover PowerPoint VBA password.
  5. Last, use Visual Basic Editor to modify projects.

Note: Anyone can easily unlock PowerPoint VBA password within a few steps. If you are finding a manual approach, then stay tuned continuously.

Manual Method to Unlock PowerPoint VBA Project Password

  1. Run Microsoft PowerPoint, create, and open a new blank presentation.
  2. Select Developers >> Visual Basic or press Alt + F11 for same.
    Choose Developer
  3. Next, Choose Insert >> Module in Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications.
    Insert module
  4. Enter VBA code to unprotect PowerPoint VBA project macros.
    Enter VBA code
  5. Press F5 or choose the Run >> Continue option to run the VBA script.
    Unlock PowerPoint VBA password
  6. Select PPTM, POTM, or PPSM VBA project to remove security and click Open.
    Select PowerPoint PPTM
  7. After that, a popup message will appear with a restored password.
    Password restored
  8. Use the restored password to unlock PowerPoint VBA password.

Manual Method Limitations

This technique may fail sometimes if your PowerPoint VBA project is secured with complex, multilingual, and long passwords. It is even authorized to unlock one PowerPoint VBA project at once so this is a time-consuming process for businesses.

If you do any wrong operation or use the wrong VBA programming script, then you may lose your crucial data. There is no guarantee to restore PowerPoint VBA password. The manual method requires technical knowledge to perform this task.

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Software to Remove PowerPoint VBA Password

You can also use the all-in-one VBA Password Remover Tool that allows you to break VBA password in Excel, Word, Access, and PowerPoint projects. This software comes with a simple graphical user interface so technical and non-technical users easily operate it.

This application is compatible with the latest Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 7, and Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008, and older versions. The tool also provides 30-day trials to evaluate its working process before getting a licensed edition.

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How to Remove VBA Project Password in PowerPoint?

  1. Install and start SysTools Software on your computer.
    Start SysTools software
  2. Add PowerPoint PPTM, POTM, or PPSM files in software using Select Files or Select Folder button.
    Load PowerPoint VBA files
  3. See the PowerPoint VBA project source path and size in the software panel.
    View source path and size
  4. The software provides a dual mode to remove protection and enable Remove password.
    Enable remove password
  5. Click Remove to start removing PowerPoint PPTM password.
    Remove VBA Password in PowerPoint
  6. The process of unlocking PowerPoint VBA project password has been completed.
    Unlock PowerPoint VBA project password
  7. Now you can see PowerPoint VBA password protection removed successfully.
    See remove status


This blog post explained the 2 best and easiest techniques to remove VBA password in PowerPoint macro. If you have only a few PowerPoint macro-enabled files, then you can try the manual approach. But if you are an enterprise-level user then this is advisable to use the suggested software. You can choose any solution according to your needs and work requirements and unlock PowerPoint VBA password for editing, modifying, reusing, and enhancing programming scripts.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Q) How to add Developer tab in PowerPoint?

  1. Open PowerPoint application and choose File >> More >> Options.
  2. Choose Customize Ribbon and enable Developer option under Main Tabs.
  3. Click OK to start showing Developer Tab in PowerPoint Menu.

Q) What is VBA password in PowerPoint?

The VBA password in PowerPoint is a security feature that protects Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code within PowerPoint files. It prevents unauthorized access or modification of the VBA code.

Q) How to put a password in PowerPoint presentation in Windows?

  1. Run MS PowerPoint program and choose File >> Info.
  2. After that, select Protect Presentation >> Encrypt with Password option.
  3. Type a specific password in password box and click Ok.
  4. Reenter PowerPoint presentation password and click Ok for confirmation.
  5. A password is required to open this presentation message will be highlighted under Protect Presentation.

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