How to Implement Microsoft Office 365 Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Policy / Rule ?

Chirag Arora ~ Modified: September 8th, 2022 ~ Office 365 ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Security leaks, Data breaches are the common reasons that can harm sensitive data residing in Microsoft Office 365 of a company. This thing arises the biggest question that – what steps can organization take for the data protection from potential online threats. No need to worry! Office 365 introduces a service named as Microsoft Office 365 Data Loss Prevention. Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss what is O365 Security and Compliance DLP policy and how to set up data loss prevention (DLP) in Office 365.

Understand Prime Aim of Microsoft Office 365 Data Loss Prevention Policy

To meet up business security standards, the Organisations require to guard sensitive information records like credit card number, Financial report, health record and much more from the unauthorised access. For this, Office 365 data loss prevention policies come into play.

The prime aim of this Data Loss Prevention Security Policy is to provide transparency by in-depth monitoring of each activity taken place in Office 365 account. This analysis further helps the organization to prevent the crucial data from inadvertent disclosure.

Let’s understand how do I set up DLP Policy!

How to Create Data Loss Prevention Policy in Office 365 – Full Guide

For the organization that has lots of sensitive information to store, this feature certainly provides benefits. The two components are required to create DLP policy – Location (like OneDrive for Business, Exchange Online) and Conditions. In the following section, the readers will know how to set up DLP in Office 365 along with pictorial representation.

Steps to Setup DLP Policy in Office 365

  1. First of all, you need to login in Office 365 as an administrator.
  2. After that, click on Admin under the Apps section as shown in screenshot.
  3. Now, you have to click on Security & Compliance option under the Admin centre.
  4. In the next window, you need to opt for Data loss prevention and select Policy.
  5. From Microsoft Office 365 Data loss prevention section, just click on Create a policy to generate a new DLP.
  6. In New DLP Policy template, you have to select information to protect like credit card details, UK financial data and click Next.
  7. Under Name your policy, provide a suitable name to the policy & description and click on Next.
  8. You have to opt for a location as per the requirement from the Choose locations page. This step signifies that on which part DLP will be used. Here, you can see the following two options.
    • All locations in Office 365. Includes content in Exchange email and OneDrive and SharePoint documents.
    • Let me choose specific locations.
  9. Select one option and click on Next to proceed further.
  10. Once you are done with the above steps, opt for Simple or Advanced settings option. In Advance settings, you have the rule editor that offers total control over the policy setting. On the other hand, simple settings include the common one.
  11. To apply the data loss prevention security policy settings, click on Save.

This is all about how to set up data loss prevention in Office 365.

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How to View DLP Reports?

It is very easy to check DLP status in O365. For this, you need to go into Security & Compliance Center and opt for Data Loss Prevention >> Policy page. By doing this, you can easily access the status of policies. It includes the information like whether policy is turned On or Off, Policy is in test mode or not, deletion, testing without notifications etc.

How to Disable Data Loss Prevention Security Policy?

In such a situation when a user wants to switch off a policy, then go to the Policy page. After that, you need to opt for Select the policy option and then Edit policy. This is the process to disable Office 365 Data Loss Prevention policy.

Final Say!

We do not know when a disaster might occur in our Office 365 data. So, it is always advised to keep a local backup of Office 365 data using SysTools Office 365 Backup Software in PST or EML file format.

As of now, we can use DLP policy that always has an eye on all the activities that take place in Microsoft Office 365. With the feature to setting a Microsoft Office 365 data loss prevention policy, Organisations can prevent their sensitive data from potential internal and external threats.