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Office 365 has reached pinnacle in a cloud-based suite, but data protection still remains a problem. So, SysTools Office 365 Cloud Backup & Restore tool brings a simplified way to protect data from external threats by backing up sensitive Office 365 emails, calendars, contacts in PST or EML type on offline environment.

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Global Smart Software to Maximize O365 Data Protection


backup Office 365 emails






  • Handy solution to backup Office 365 data by saving its offline copies on local system
  • Automatic Schedule O365 cloud Backup & OneDrive Document backup on-demand
  • Download Office 365 Outlook mailboxes in bulk & convert into PST/EML file in one shot
  • Able to save Outlook 365 Emails, Contacts, Appointments / Meetings into PST
  • Protect data of O365 shared mailbox(es) by downloading its data items on system
  • Offer multiple file naming conventions while saving messages in EML file format
  • Capable to apply Date Filter for selective Office 365 mailbox backup during procedure
  • Freedom to store resultant backup PST/EML file on any safe location in system
  • Restore feature to retrieve data in desired mailbox or different Office 365 plan
  • Quickly Restore Mailbox to Office 365 from locally saved PST in few clicks

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It’s Not Microsoft's Duty to Secure Data from Loss. It’s Only Yours!

Microsoft's actual work is to ensure O365 database availability in case of any infrastructure failure on cloud. It is not responsible to safeguard your data in situations like intentional deletion, data corruption due to virus, or unexpected data loss. It is only you who can protect Office 365 mailbox(es) from data loss situations by creating a backup on offline platform.

Why is It Necessary to Backup Office 365?

secure and protect Office 365 mailbox data


It is exceptionally important for users to shield their pivotal information & Secure Office 365 email from cyber attacks & data loss. You never know when you are about to lose something important! Keeping an Office 365 cloud backup will help to restore essential information when required!

backup Office 365 emails and survive the ransomware attacks


With expanding number of ransomware threats, it has turned out to be hazardous for Office 365 clients. SysTools Office 365 backup will surely be a big thumbs up to help restore Office 365 data instantly. office 365 ransomware recovery

keep a safe Office 365 email backup


Virus Attacks worldwide have caused tremendous loss of information & thereby impacting financial damage to organizations. Even protecting crucial data from inside threats from permanent deletion is equally important. Keeping a safe local copy will help overcome such situations.

restore Office 365 mailbox from backup


Insufficient Office 365 data backup during disaster or catastrophe will surely cause huge damage to businesses & their productivity. With SysTools Office 365 cloud backup, you can be sure that whatever data is lost is not gone forever & can be restored painlessly.

use the backup O365 data in the case of accidental deletion


Office 365 provides short retention span for deleted emails which can be retained within a certain time duration. It is not just sufficient to recover lost data when the retention period is over, but to be able to restore Office 365 data in time is more crucial. With Office 365 backup utility, save data with unlimited retention period.

backup Exchange Online data to avoid service outages

Fight Back to Service Outages

Imagine an Office 365 service outage, how do you retrieve your data now? Keep your data already backed up to your local storage and forget the further worries of data loss!

Well-Rounded Office 365 Backup

Safeguard Office 365 emails, contacts, and calendars by saving these to on-premise location with legitimate Office 365 Exchange Online Backup tool.

Secure Your Emails

Download offline copy of messages with attachments from admin mailbox, user’s primary mailbox, shared mailboxes. Hierarchy of email folders structure remains same to make it easier for users. backup Office 365 email

Secure Your Contacts

Contact is a significant component for businesses so, save a copy of your current contact list to prevent data loss in disastrous situation.

Secure Your Calendar Entries

Never miss any important appointment even in a data loss situation by having its proper control in the form of backup. office 365 outlook calendar backup

Data Retention With No Time Restriction

Secure your data with infinite retention period time, with Office 365 Exchange Online backup software. Simply save your backup copy of Office 365 emails, contacts, and calendars in your PC as long as you want.

Backup Only Data You Need

You can reduce the time by backing up only the desired Microsoft Office 365 cloud data instead of complete backup. A selective backup Exchange Online mailbox to PST allows you to manually select specific folders from source mailbox which offers more control over on what data is going to be backed up. Inshort, It offers to save you a lot of memory space!

backup exchange online emails

Impeccable & Robust Restore Option

At times of disaster, effortlessly retrieve the data of PST file in user's mailbox or another Office 365 subscription plan with 100% restoration rate.

backup Office 365 shared mailboxes

Point in time Restore of User / Shared Mailbox

Restore backed up data from PST to user / shared mailbox of same or different O365 subscription plans along with data like- Emails, Calendars, Contact, Task, and Journal.

Bulk Data Restoration Option

Office 365 administrator is free to restore multiple PST files into different users mailbox in one shot.

Granular Restoration of PST to O365 Cloud Database

Granular recovery is the best investment in time and complete control to restore only the data required. A smart restoration strategy is required to migrate selective data components instead of complete data, thereby saving your efforts.

Data Elements Protected By Office 365 Mailbox Backup & Restore Tool


Email Messages Save email messages from Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, Deleted Items, Drafts and Junk Email folders with complete meta-data properties.
Mail Attachment Data Backup all types of attachment, including cloud attachment whether in the form of document or image.
Category & Priority Always ensure Category & Priority applied on emails consistent after the Office 365 backup
Structure of Mail Folder The hierarchy of mail folders remain constant
Date Filter With tool, it is smooth to save only a copy of particular range of emails on the specified location
Retention Period Infinite
Save Date In PST or EML


Emails Restore messages with attachment file along with complete metadata attributes and folder structure
Restore from PST file
Contacts The information of contacts such as Email ID, Contact Number, Home Address, Work Address, place can be backed up
Retention Time Unlimited
Save Contacts in PST


Contacts Export Contacts from PST with complete information in Office 365
Restore from PST
Calendar Business Appointments, Meetings are protected on offline platform along with Start Date, End Date, Subject, Location, Category
Store Calendar In PST


Calendar Entries Transfer all the appointments, events, meetings along with their attachments
Task & Journal Restore information of Task and Journal from local single or multiple PST files
Only Restore Data From PST or Personal Storage Table File

Noteworthy Features of Office 365 Backup & Restore Software
Get Acquainted with Advanced Characteristics of Software to Backup Office 365 Emails

backup Office 365 cloud data

Complete Office 365 Mailbox Backup

The Office 365 Email backup software allows users to save single as well as multiple mailboxes of your Microsoft O365 to local system. Plus, this software is meant for a single or domain user. Also, when you create the offline backup of Office 365 cloud data, the software offers you to choose any folder instead of entire mailbox.

Note: Application Impersonation is required when login as a O365 administrator.

office 365 backup and restore mailbox in multiple formats

Protect Data into Multiple Formats

With this Outlook 365 Email Backup utiltiy, it is easy to secure offline copies of O365 data into different file formats on any location. Both of the file types are efficient and supported by popular email applications.

  • PST: Used to save emails, contacts, calendars of Office 365 & importable into all Outlook editions.
  • EML: Used to save all Office 365 mailbox(es) emails & importable into Windows Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express.

secure Office 365 mailbox in batch

Backup Office 365 Mailboxes Data in Batch

This tool helps you to create backup of multiple Office 365 users cloud mailbox data in preferred format on local device in one go. So, there is no need to run the tool again and again for saving every user mailbox data. You only need to login as Office 365 admin and add a CSV file that includes information of source IDs. Afterwards, the software takes backup of mentioned address on the designated location.

backup Office 365 shared mailbox data

Facility to Secure Shared Mailbox Data

Use of Shared mailbox is very much essential for businesses and its data too. With this tool, administrator can easily download data from shared mailbox in PST or EML format in the nick of time. No need to purchase different utility for the same. In fact, one can apply email and folder filter on shared mailbox(es) too.

restore mailbox to Office 365

Able to Restore PST to Office 365 Mailboxes

Using Microsoft Office 365 Restore option, user can easily restore mailboxes to Office 365 from PST file. Using Application Impersonation option, one can easily restore multiple PST files back to Microsoft Office 365 cloud tenant in one shot. For this, one should log in to Microsoft O365 account with valid admin credentials i.e. Office 365 Admin ID and Password. After validating your account, the Office 365 is cloud backup tool allows restoring the mailbox to Microsoft Office 365 account.

Advanced Integrated featured software

Integrated Advanced Features

  • Maintain Folder Hierarchy: This feature downloads the data and keeps the actual folder hierarchy even after the data is moved from the OWA / Outlook Web App to local storage.
  • Date Range: In Office 365 Mailbox Backup software simply specify the date range in “from” and “to” field. After that, the tool will back up and restore data that lies between the mentioned timeline only.

Install easily on virtual/physical machine

Install On Virtual or Physical machine

SysTools O365 Backup and Restore utility can be installed on physical or virtual Windows-based machine. Installation of this tool on a VM hosted in the cloud helps you to keep copy of your data online and manage the backup process from any computer. Plus, installing the tool on local machine helps to keep backup copies on the hard drive. Choose the option that is secure and easily accessible.

Tool offers file naming convention

Offer File Naming Convention

A proper file naming convention is the best way to organize the emails and identify the files easily. While saving the Office 365 mailbox(es) emails in EML format, the tool provides File Naming Convention option. Outlook 365 Backup Software offers some special file name on the basis of Subject, Date, and Time. By opting this, you can manage emails in a more convenient and effective manner.

Backup all Office 365 emails without interruption

Uninterrupted O365 Backup Process

Office 365 backup tool offers various robust functionalities, and ‘Pause and Resume’ is one of them. During backup process, this option comes into existence. It is a very useful option when catastrophic situations occur like, loss of internet connection. Then, you can effortlessly halt the on-going process with Pause button and resume it whenever it is needed.

Import PST to Office 365 owa mailbox

Import All PST Data in O365

This utility is capable enough to migrate all the data components like Mails, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, and Journals into Office 365 account. For a single user, simply browse the PST file and select folders and category that you want to restore. In case of admin login, add a CSV file that comprises information of source and destination path. After that, choose the category of data components and restore into desired O365 mailbox(es).

Trusted Legal Accurate Backup Solution

Trusted Legal Accurate Solution

SysTools dedicated team created the most affordable & highly demanded Microsoft Office 365 backup and restore software – To quickly backup Office 365 mailbox to PST and other classic formats. It also restores multiple Offline saved PST Mailboxes to O365 without any hindrance. Opting for our solution user can save both time and money.

Get the real time status of backup

Real Time Status of Procedure

The best thing in software is it provides all the information clearly on framework. Whether you performed Backup or Restore process, the complete live progress report of on-going task will appear on the software interface. You will get the information like User ID, Mails, Calendars, Contacts, Status.

cross user restore facility

Cross-User Restore

This functionality lets admin to restore data of one O365 member to another user account. All in all, if any employee leaves the organization and its PST resides in the system, then admin can retrieve its data into any active O365 user account.

Office 365 Data Backup Free Download
Load the Free Demo Version of the Office 365 Backup Tool to Backup Office 365 Mailbox to PST, EML

Software Download

Size : 15.3 MB

Version : 1.1

MD5 : 28b8e683bc0d5f2cb28c6919284adc9d

Trial Limitations

Trial version backup only first 100 emails and first 25 other items from Office 365 mailbox to PST and EML (only email messages) format

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
50 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 512 MB is required

Intel® Pentium 1 GHz processor(x86,x64) or equivalent


  • Minimum Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
  • Admin account of Office 365 must have Office 365 license assigned, you must be able to access OWA for admin.
  • Admin account of Office 365 must be impersonated. Know How to Apply impersonation, watch video.
  • Use App password to sign in on software if MFA is enabled and enforced or disable multi-factor authentication Read More
  • Check if you have login as administrator on your machine (where tool is running).

Supported Editions

Win 10 & All Below Windows Versions

MS Outlook 2019/2016/2013/2010/2007 is necessary to Backup Office 365 data into PST.



Electronic Delivery


Request For Software Customization

If you need to customize Office 365 Backup & Restore Software or need additional features then, Request Quote


Get an Overview of Office 365 Outlook Mailbox Backup Tool Features - DEMO and Licensed Version

Features DEMO Version FULL Version
Single User Backup
Import From CSV & Server User A/C details
Backup Office 365 Email, Contacts, Calendars
Windows 10 & All Other Previous Windows Version Supported
Add Time Interval
Backup Office 365 Emails to PST & EML First 100 Emails All Items
Restore PST Mailbox Items to Office 365 Restore First 100 Emails All Items
Cost FREE $19

Frequently Asked Questions

Listed Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

How to Backup Office 365 Mailbox using Office 365 Backup Tool?

Microsoft Office 365 cloud backup

7 Steps to Backup Office 365

  • Step 1:– Run Office 365 Mailbox Backup Tool.
  • Step 2:– Enter the User or Admin credential & sign in.
  • Step 3:– Select Office 365 Backup option.
  • Step 4:– If you login as Admin, then add CSV file that comprises information of desired O365 ID.
  • Step 5:– Click on Browse to provide a safe on-premise location.
  • Step 6:– Select File Format and other settings as per requirement.
  • Step 7:– At last, click on Start.
  • Now, software successfully created a backup, view file from the destination location where you saved them.
How to restore data in mailbox Office 365 from PST using Office 365 backup & restore software?

Restore PST to Office 365 cloud

6 Steps to Restore Data into Office 365

  • Step 1:– Run & Sign in to Office 365 Backup & Restore Software
  • Step 2:– Choose Office 365 Restore Option
  • Step 3:– To restore Mailbox to O365, select mailbox items from Offline PST file
  • Step 4:– Click on Restore button and Use multiple filter option if required
  • Step 5:– Click on Start button
  • Step 6:– Office 365 Mailbox Backup and Restore Software will restore selected or complete data from Offline saved multiple PST files to Office 365 tenant.

The software allows to backup O365 mailboxes in a completely safe and secure manner. Even a single bit of information (like client name) is not shared by the application and similarly account credentials are not saved, neither on our server nor on any third party system.

Cloud storage is risky from security as well as a business standpoint. The data stored on cloud can be vulnerable to cyber-criminal threats that lead to security breach and discontinuity on which business depends. Backup ensures that the O365 account data is safely stored on the local machine (too) by archiving Office 365 Mailboxes to Outlook PST in case of catastrophic conditions.

No, the backup and restore mailbox tool, doesn’t put any limits on Outlook 365 Mailbox items.

Once Office 365 mailbox backup completed successfully and downloaded mails can be deleted from the account. Using this option, you can get rid of all traces of your important data immediately and automatically from the Microsoft cloud storage and rely on its local replica in the form of PST, instead after downloading O365 mailbox to PST. This ensures that your data is no longer available on the cloud clearing off any chances of it being vulnerable to misuse.

Microsoft Office 365 Cloud backup utility is programmed to support saving Single as well as Multiple O365 Online user Mails and Documents. Once Backup is completed user can save entire Office365 user mailboxes to PST by choosing option. You can copy user accounts data of all employees at once using the Multiple User Backup option (browsing CSV file of all user name & password) featured in the software. Single PST file is created when you transfer single Outlook365 user data. Opting Split PST After option multiple small PST file get generated instead of one large PST by the Office 365 backup Mailbox to PST tool.

We offer the Office365 email migration utility to backup Office 365 email to PST & other formats in two versions; Free (Demo) and Licensed copy. Using the freeware version copy of the tool, you can easily test its potential and performance to download Office 365 Online email to PST beforehand and be sure of investing on the right/best solution to backup Exchange Online mailbox to PST & EML. Full version migrate unlimited O365 (Outlook Web Access/App) emails, contacts & calendar to PST.

With the tool to backup Office 365 mailbox to PST, you can copy/save your contacts, calendars & emails anytime to your computer/PC into PST file format. For specifically accessing calendar in Outlook, apply item filter & select calendars only to backup. Once downloaded open it using MS Outlook versions 2019 / 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007 / 2003.

Yes, you can save O365 mailbox to PST of specific month by specifying a starting & ending date provided in the UI of the software. This option certainly helps you to backup emails of only February month.

Yes, you can archive your contact list of Outlook 365 to your hard drive/desktop within a few click, as the Office 365 backup tool provide option to download contacts selectively from your account mailbox. It would be better if you go for the PST option because you will be able to access the contacts in Outlook then.

Yes, Office 365 email backup software save individual PST file corresponding to each user account. Thus no need to manage the PST file accordingly as the Outlook 365 backup and restore mailbox has the option to do so.

Sure, using this tool you can download and backup Office 365 shared mailboxes to any user mailbox or shared mailbox.

Yes The backup and restore mailbox process is completely invisible (process goes on in background) to users. So access to mailbox doesn’t get affected while back up goes on.

The Outlook 365 backup program helps to create backup copies of important mailbox and other shared & public folders items on local drives. Additionally, the fact that backup is saved on the local machine allows the user to access mailbox items offline.

Backups are downloaded at the same place, so you can create backups, archive to PST, restore items back to the tenant from one place.

SysTools O365 Backup and Restore Mailbox Software allows you to keep and use it for legal actions. Whenever required can easily be found under explorer menu, you can search for certain items and, if they were deleted, recover them.

All your crucial data is stored safely, ensuring that mails and documents are always available – you will be able to restore back every single item no matter it was deleted or lost due to any suspicious activities.

No, the Exchange Online backup and restore tool, doesn’t put any limits on the size of backed up Outlook 365 Mailbox items.

Use Office 365 Backup Software and create a copy of your mailbox of Exchange Online account / OWA account in desired PST file format at any location in the local system. For this, just login with your credential and choose Office 365 Backup option and opt the advance functionalities as per your need.

The Exchange Online Backup takes minimum span of time to retrieve the data from Office 365 account from a PST file.

If you take regular backup of your Microsoft O365 account using this software, then it is easy to restore the deleted mailbox of Office 365 account. Use Office 365 Restore option and browse the backup .pst file and retrieve the mailbox back into an account which was deleted accidentally or intentionally.

Yes, using SysTools software solution, one can easily save a copy of contacts from Outlook Web App account into PST format on the local system.

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