What is Office 365 & Its Various Features & Benefits

Office 365 is the web-based email client. O365 is a software provided by Microsoft to all its users. It acts as a service that stores its data in the cloud. The biggest advantage of cloud storage is that in case, the data is lost from the device, the Office 365 backup is always present in the cloud. The Office 365 security helps to safe Office 365 from data loss & all other cyber threats. It equips the user with the latest features which are helpful to migrate the data from one platform to another.

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Explore Office 365 Features

The Office 365 provides its user a number of services and products. All the components of the O365 can be configured and managed simply. Some of the distinct features offered by the Office 365 are:

  • Users can collaborate online and view the changes made by other people
  • Users can chat with their co-workers by integrating Skype in Office 2016 apps. The chat will go on even if the user closes the application
  • While sending any email, users can include the link to attachment instead of attaching the file. Outlook will permit the user to access the file automatically
  • Office 365 can convert the notes to tasks and forward them to other users with deadlines and reminders.
  • The Exchange Online allows its user to turn the mouse of your system into a laser pointer. This can be done by a simple keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+P)
  • The Exchange Online enables its user to edit its document, presentation, spreadsheets and convert it into PDF file format. The PDF file can, in turn, be converted to Word Document file
  • The reading is resumed at any point of time. There is a feature present in Word which equips users to pick from the same point where they left off. It automatically bookmarks the page the user was reading

Office 365 File Storage Management

The next question which must be going in any users’ mind after knowing what is Office 365 is that where the files are stored. In office 365, though the files are saved in the cloud. But, before moving to the cloud storage space, there are two options to save the file in Office 365:

Different Exchange Online Subscription Plan

There are different types of Office 365 subscription plans. Keeping in view the need of the user and market segment, there are different features offered by Office 365 at different prices. Let us have a look at some of the widely used plans:

How to Create Personal Account in Office 365

To create the account in Office 365, a user needs to follow these steps:

The Final Words

Office 365 is the online suite for the applications offered by the Microsoft. It enables the user to avail many services. It the web-based email service provider which stores its data in the cloud. The data stored in the cloud can be accessed from anywhere at anytime. A user only needs to enter the credentials of any particular account. Office 365 is widely used email client these days because of the unique features it is providing to its users. Explore & know what is Office 365 in detail.