How to Split PDF by Size Without Losing Quality

Written By Kumar Raj
Anuraag Singh
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Published On September 27th, 2022
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Currently, there are two highly efficient utilities present in the market for the resolution of the query i.e. “how to split PDF by size”. Either you can use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC or can go for an instant solution that is PDF Splitter Tool. Both of these tools guarantee the clean and safe way to split up multiple page PDF by size. That is why millions of professionals trust these utilities for their efficiency and precision.

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In the upcoming sections, we have provided the working of both of these tools to divide multiple page PDF by size into smaller ones. So that it will be easy for the users to access the document. Also, small size PDF documents can be instantly uploaded or can be easily sent as attachments in emails.

Note: Try to avoid free PDF software or online PDF websites because most of the time these utilities produce PDFs with distorted text or issues in the page layout structure. Page breaks and margin issues are common with these freebies.

How to Split PDF According to Size Using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Adobe Acrobat is a high-end tool for the overall handling of the PDFs and its operations. Now, to know how to split PDF by size use its “Maximum File Size” option by following these steps:

Open the PDF in Acrobat Pro DC program

● Choose the “Organize Pages” option > Select the “Split” option with a scissor icon.

● Select the ‘Maximum File size’ option to split PDF by file size.

● Click on the “Output Options” to give the destination (where to save the file), and name the file.

● Click on “OK” and then the “Split” button to initiate the process.

● Lastly, Name your new PDF file and click on the “Save” button.

But the biggest downside of using Adobe Acrobat Pro is that it comes with a yearly subscription where the user has to pay $14.99 every month. Also, it needs an annual commitment as mentioned on their website. So, to avoid this, people generally go for a more economical option but with the same robust functionalities.

And that is why the third-party tool is the best alternative. Users can try its Split by Size option to divide multi-page PDF by size.

How to Split PDF by Size Using Automated Solution

Although the tool has amassed vast functionalities. But it’s simple and easy to understand interface won’t give you any hard time operating it. Let’s have a look into its working:

Step 1: Download and launch the tool to split up multiple page pdf by size. Click on the Split radio button.


Step 2: Click on its Add File(s) or Add Folder option to insert PDF files & click on Next.

add files

Note: If your PDF file is encrypted or password-protected the tool will prompt you to enter the password.

Step 3: Now you can see there are many split options given in the tool, Choose Split by Size option split PDF by file size.

split pdf according to size

Step 4: After giving the location click on the Split button.

divide multi page pdf by size

By following the above steps users can easily understand how to split PDF by size. Now let’s look into its overall features.

Benefits of Using This Tool

As we have earlier discussed that there are many websites to split up multiple page pdf by size. But all of them don’t provide the results as user required. That is why SysTools has engineered this remarkable software to give you error-free results and keep your data safe. There are some other advantageous features of the tool that is given below:

1. Gives the feature to combine multiple PDF files into one PDF

2. Offers the feature to split your password-protected PDF documents. (known passwords only)

3. This tool provides you with 6 different split options to divide multi-page PDF files. It includes by Size, Page Number, Page Range, Each page, and split PDF by odd and even pages.

4. To get rid of attachments the software provides Skip Attachments option. By default, this tool will take care of all the attachments present in PDF files regardless of any file format.

5. It preserves image quality, text, formatting, fonts, annotation, and layout structure of the PDF file. Also, users don’t have to worry about page break and margin problems as this tool is engineered to work with precision.


If you are someone who is looking for the solution to the query “how to split PDF by size” then the automated tool is the best alternative. Just download the free edition of the software and process the first 5 PDFs. However, Adobe Acrobat Pro is also available for the same, but the problem is its subscription cost. So, it is recommended to opt for a professional program.