How to Unlock Access Database MDB and ACCDB Files?

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Published On October 10th, 2023
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Are you still stuck with your password protected Access MDB and ACCDB files? Do you want to unlock Access database password? Do not take tension! Here, we have come up with this comprehensive guide to let you learn how to unlock Access database MDB and ACCDB files. So, go through the complete article to understand this topic properly.

Almost every single user prefers to lock MS Access database using a complex and multilingual password. But often, they forgot their password. In this situation, they cannot open Access database without password and start looking for an instant solution to resolve the issue. So, we considered this and going to disclose a reliable solution to unlock Access database for editing.

There are two ways available to unlock MS Access database (ACCDB or MDB) files i.e., Manual and Automated. This article explains both techniques to unlock access database locked by admin. But, before proceeding ahead initially, go through the below-outlined user’s experienced scenario. Let’s have a look:

MS Access User’s Experienced Scenario

Yesterday, I received an Access MDB file from one of my colleagues. But when I tried to open this database file. But it did not open because it was password protected. And the sad part is my colleague lost the password of that protected Access database. Now, I need an effective solution to open MDB file. So, please recommend an efficient way to do the same. Thanks.

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Brief Steps to Unlock Access Database Password

  1. Install and run SysTools software.
  2. Add MS Access database file in GUI.
  3. Select the MDB file and click Recover.
  4. See Access database file unlocked.
  5. Click the Copy Password and save it.

You can follow these 5 steps to unlock Access database MDB files without entering any password. If you want to learn more information about unlocking MDB or ACCDB files, then stay tuned to read this article.

Manual Way to Unlock Microsoft Access Database

  1. Launch Microsoft Access and choose Open.
    Choose Open option
  2. After that, select the Browse button to continue.
    Choose Browse button
  3. Select Access database ACCDB file.
    Select Access database ACCDB file
  4. Choose Open Exclusive mode to open the database.
    Open Exclusive mode
  5. Enter a valid password and click OK.
    Enter database password
  6. See Access database records, click File.
    Click on File
  7. Choose the Info option from the dropdown menu.
    Select Info option
  8. Select Decrypt Database to unlock Access file.
    Decrypt database
  9. Fill password again in the Unset Database Password field.
    Unlock Access Database Password
  10. Click the OK button to unlock MS Access database ACCDB files.

Manual Method Limitations

However, the manual method is the best way to unlock password protected Access database ACCDB files. But still, it has a few limitations as mentioned below:

  • If you forgot the password then the manual method will not allow you to unlock ACCDB password. If you enter the wrong password, then shows a warning message “Not a valid password”.
    Not a valid password error
  • The manual method is authorized to unlock Access ACCDB files, but it is not capable to decrypt MDB file
  • This technique permits to unlock Access database for editing one by one so this is a time-consuming and complex task for businesses.

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Pro Way to Unlock Access Database MDB File

In order, to unlock Access MDB file password. Here, we have come up with a perfect solution named Access password recovery software. With the help of this tool, you can easily unlock password protected MDB files. This tool is programmed with efficient and effective algorithms that help to unlock Access MDB file passwords with a brute-force attack technique.

However, this tool consists of an explanatory interface. So, a novice user can also implement the password-unlocking procedure without taking any expert help. Moreover, this software has the ability to bulk unlock MS Access database (MDB) files. Despite this, it also involves some more amazing features which make it unique in comparison to others. Let’s know how it works.

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How to Unlock Password Protected MDB File?

Here, in this segment, we will be going to disclose the instructions to implement a procedure to unlock MDB file password. Mainly, we have discussed all the steps appropriately so, you just have to execute all of them sequentially to get the desired outcome. Let’s get started:

  1. Firstly, install and run the effective software on your local machine.
    Software to unlock MDB file
  2. Now, you have to click on the Add File(s) or Add Folder(s) to select the preferred password protected MDB file from its location to unlock it.
    Dual choose file options
  3. Here, choose the protected MDB file from its location, and hit on the Open button to proceed further to unlock Access database MDB file.
    Select MS Access MDB file
  4. Now you can see Access database MDB files in the software panel and select the required MDB files to unlock.
    Unlock access database MDB
  5. Thereafter, click the Recover button to unlock MS Access database MDB files.
    Unlock Access database for editing
  6. Access MDB file unlock process has been completed successfully, click OK.
    Unlock MDB password
  7. Now see the password and status, click the Copy Password option, and save the password accordingly.
    Select Copy password

Software Features and Benefits

  • Easily recover the exact Access Database Password.
  • Unlock MDB file with brute-force attack approach.
  • MS Access installation is required to unlock MDB password.
  • The tool instantly unlocks MS Access database in batch.
  • Compatible with all Access versions to unlock Access database for editing.
  • Supports all above and below versions of Windows OS.

Final Verge

In this post, we highlighted two eminent techniques to resolve how to unlock Access database MDB file. If you know the password of your database then, you can use the manual method to unlock MS Access database ACCDB files. If you don’t know the password, then go with a manual solution to unlock MDB password.

Moreover, there are already so many applications that are obtainable in the online market. But when we are talking about the best. Then, you should check all the aspects of the utility. Then, take the decision because a wrong decision can make the situation worse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: Can I unlock Access database MDB file using the manual method?

A: No, the manual method is only suitable to unlock ACCDB files of MS Access 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007 versions.

Q 2: Is it possible to bulk unlock MDB database password?

A: Yes, go with automated software to batch unlock Microsoft access database password from MDB files.

Q 3: Can I unlock multiple ACCDB files manually at once?

A: No, the manual approach can unlock access database for editing one by one.

Q 4: Does your software allow to unlock Access database ACCDB files?

A: No, currently software supports only MDB files of MS Access. We will add MS Access ACCDB file support as soon as possible.


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