How to Open Access Database without Password?

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Published On September 27th, 2023
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In order to lock MS Access database, setting the multilingual and complex password for a database seems to be usual these days. But some things would not always be unavoidable, such as a forgotten access database password. If it happens in real so, users start searching for a reliable solution to resolve how to open Access database without password.

Today! We consider this issue and come up with this comprehensive write-up, to let users know about this topic adequately. So, simply go through the complete blog to understand open MDB and ACCDB files without password. Let’s get started:

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Quick Steps to Open Access DB without Password

  • Step 1: Install and launch SysTools Software.
  • Step 2: Add MS Access MDB files in tool’s GUI.
  • Step 3: Select necessary MS Access databases.
  • Step 4: Click Recover to eliminate restrictions.
  • Step 5: Now open MDB file without password

#1 Free Method to Open Access Database Without Password

Once users lost or forgot their MS Access database password. At times, they started looking for a free solution to open MDB file without password. So here, in this segment, we will be going to disclose a manual solution to do the same. However, you have to implement all the instructions listed below to perform the procedure properly.

Guide to Open MDB File without Password Using VBA Code

  1. First, generate a new MS Access database and open it.
  2. Now, you have to open Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications by pressing ALT+F11.
  3. After that, click on Insert and choose the Module option.
  4. Then, simply type the VBA code into the module.
  5. Afterward, press the F5 key to implement it.
  6. You should change the location to reach your desired Access database.
  7. Ultimately, if it launches successfully, then open MS Access database without password.

In case, you have become unable to get positive results. Because the manual solution may fail to unlock Access database file and it requires technical knowledge. In this circumstance, it’s better to choose a third-party application. Hence, in the upcoming section, we have mentioned an efficient application to open Access database without password.

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#2 Pro Method to Open Access Database without Password

As we all know, no manual solution is effective to decrypt Access MDB files. So, in this situation, there is one solution you have left, i.e., proficient software. Here, it is named the Access Database Password Recovery tool. Using this amazing tool, you can easily open Access DB without password.

This software has the capability to decrypt complex and multilingual passwords from a protected database without any hindrance. This tool is equipped with enriched features and functionalities that allow you to open Access MDB database without password within a couple of clicks. Despite this, it also consists of some more eye-catching features which make it unique in comparison with others.

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How to Open MDB File without Password?

  1. First, download, install, and start the proficient software on your computer.
    Start SysTools software
  2. Use the Add Files or Add Folders button for adding MS Access MDB databases.
    Add MS Access database files
  3. After that, select Access database MDB files and press the Open button.
    Select MS Access files
  4. Choose Access database files in the software panel to remove the protection.
    Access database file
  5. Click the Recover button to start eliminating the password restrictions.
    Open Access database without password
  6. The recovery process was completed successfully, now you can open Access DB without password.
    Open MDB file without password
  7. Now you can see the password in the software, click on the Copy Password button, and save the password.
    select Copy password

Software Features

  • Authorized to open MS Access database without password.
  • Remove the password of the Access MDB file to open the protected database.
  • Instantly recover complex or multilingual Access database passwords.
  • Remove an MDB file password with a Brute-force Attack technique.
  • Support all advanced and below versions of Windows OS or MS Access.

Concluding Words

In this blog, we have discussed the two best approaches to open Access database without password. Mainly, we have discussed the manual and professional methods to do the same adequately. However, the manual technique does not have the capability to provide you with an expected result. So, it’s better to go with an automated solution. Using this software, you can quickly open MDB file without password. All in all, the choice is yours, you can execute any approach as per your preference.

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Regularly Asked Inquiries

Q 1: Can I open MDB file without Access?

A: Yes, you can use the MDB Viewer Tool which is designed to open MDB file without Access.

Q 2: Does your tool allow to open ACCDB file without password?

A: No, at present software is compatible with Microsoft Access MDB files. Our developers will add a facility to open ACCDB file without a password in the upcoming release.

Q 3: Can I open a corrupted Access DB without a password?

A: No, the above-suggested software works with healthy MS Access databases. But you can use SysTools Access Database Recovery Software which can repair damaged databases.


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