How to Decrypt Access Database MDB and ACCDB Files?

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Published On September 22nd, 2023
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Setting up a password on MS Access Database ACCDB or MDB file becomes a norm to keep data safe and secure. But often users face a usual issue such as they forget the Access database password and because of this, they become unable to open or access their database files. Once users got stuck on this issue, they started looking for a solution to decrypt Access database ACCDB and MDB files accordingly.

Well, don’t worry! We took this problem into consideration and came up with this blog. However, in this tutorial, we will be going to let users understand how to decode Access database MDB and ACCDB files. So, just go thoroughly to read the blog to decrypt MS Access password from database files.

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Read Some Tips Before Decrypt MS Access Password

Before decrypting passwords from Access database MDB or ACCDB files, you should know some important tips about decryption. Let’s get a quick look:

  • Access MDB file encryption is done on the page level rather than the data level so, MDB database decryption is possible.
  • Once a user encrypts the Access database MDB file, then the complete database can be encrypted, which consists of tables, queries, indexes, forms, records, and so on.
  • When users set a password for Access database to prevent their files or making an MDB or ACCDB file protected from reading and writing. Mainly, it does not affect any security, it only makes the database protected which can be decrypted with a proper password only.

Fast Steps to Decrypt Access Database

  1. Download and run SysTools software.
  2. Add password protected Access MDB file.
  3. Select MS Access database MDB file.
  4. Click Recover to decrypt Access database.
  5. View and copy the decrypted password.

#1 Manual Method to Decrypt MS Access File

There are many users who need to unlock Access database for editing, after forgetting the password. So, we took this issue into consideration and came up with this guide. However, the manual method asks for a valid password to decode Access database once only but after decryption, you can open Access database without a password. Below, we will be going to reveal the detailed steps to do the same. Have a look:

Steps to Decrypt ACCDB Access Database Files

Here, we mentioned the complete step-by-step procedure to decode Access database ACCDB file password. So, you do not need to worry about decryption because you can easily do this by implementing these below-outlined instructions adequately.

  1. It’s important to open the source database in exclusive mode before removing the password. So, run the MS Access program opt for File as an option, and select Open from the Toolbar Menu.
    Select Open in MS Access
  2. Thereafter, click on the Browse button that permits you to add a database file to the MS Access program.
    Select Browse option
  3. Select the Microsoft Access database ACCDB file that you want to decode.
    Select ACCDB database
  4. After that, click on the down arrow which is present next to the Open. Then, choose the Open Exclusive option to proceed further.
    Open Exclusive
  5. Now, input the password and hit OK.
    Enter database password
  6. Hit the File option from the top left to open the file menu.
    Select File option
  7. After that, choose the Info option as shown in the below figure.
    Click on Info
  8. Here, hit on the Decrypt Database option from the Info.
    Decrypt Access database
  9. Subsequently, enter an efficient password to unset the database password forever and hit OK.
    Decrypt ACCDB database
  10. Ultimately, the password will be removed successfully, and your Access ACCDB file will be decrypted.

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Drawbacks of Manual Technique

  • Password Validation Requirement: This approach necessitates having a legitimate password at least once to decrypt Access database.
  • Manual Process Applicability: It can be employed for decrypting ACCDB Access databases but is not suitable for MDB databases.
  • Decryption Rate and Workflow: It appears to be a time-intensive process since it permits the decryption of Access database one by one.

Note That: Just in case, you forgot the password of your protected MDB file. At times, you become unable to open password password-protected Access database. So, in this situation, you have only one option left, i.e., a third-party tool. Thus, we have also mentioned an alternative technique to decrypt MDB files. Let’s proceed to the upcoming segment to learn more.

#2 Pro Methods to Decrypt Access Database without Password

To perform the above-stated manual solution, you need an appropriate password to decode protected Access database. But what if you forgot the password? Do not worry! Still, you can recover forgotten Access MDB file passwords. Using this software named Access Password Recovery tool, you can easily decrypt MDB files. This tool is specially designed to recover lost or forgotten Access database (MDB file) passwords. To do so, it facilitates enriched features and functionalities.

Mainly, it furnishes an efficient and user-friendly interface. So, a geek or non-geek user can also perform the decrypting MDB procedure without taking any external help. However, this software can decode types of passwords such as complex, multilingual, numeric, and alphanumeric, etc. Moreover, you can download this software on any Windows OS machine because it does not associate any kind of compatibility issue. It extensively supports all advanced and below versions of Windows OS and MS Access.

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How to Decrypt MDB Files Flawlessly?

  1. Firstly, launch and run the proficient tool on your local system.
    Launch the software
  2. Add Access MDB database files using the Add Files or Add Folders button.
    Add Access database
  3. Select multiple Access database MDB files at once and hit Open.
    Choose MDB database
  4. Enable required MDB files for decryption according to need.
    Select Access database file
  5. After that, click Recover to decrypt Access database MDB files.
    Decrypt MDB files
  6. The decode access database process has been completed successfully.
    Decrypt MS Access password
  7. See the decoded password and use the Copy Password button to use it.
    Select Copy password

Final Words

All in all, we can say with assurance that you get rid of how to decrypt Access database MDB files. Mainly, in this write-up, we have discussed the manual and professional solutions for the same. But the free solution is obtainable in case if you remember the password of the protected file. Otherwise, you should go with an automated solution. However, both techniques are described effectively, you have to opt for any of them as per your necessity.

Commonly Raised Concerns

Q 1: Can I decrypt MDB file after forgetting password?

A: Yes, the above-recommended software can decrypt MDB files without knowing the password.

Q 2: Can I decrypt ACCDB database if know the password?

A: Certainly, you can use a manual technique to decrypt ACCDB files, and it will only require you to enter the password once during the process.

Q 3: How to decrypt Access database without password in batch?

A: To decrypt multiple Access databases without knowing the password, it’s advisable to use specialized software that is designed for this purpose.


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