Know-How to Unlock Security Settings on a PDF File

Kumar Raj ~ Modified: September 24th, 2022 ~ PDF ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Imagine, after reading some PDF files, you find that you can’t copy, edit, or print them. Though you are able to open them without entering any password but, unable to perform the mentioned tasks. You are puzzled by this situation & want to know how to unlock security settings on a PDF file. Don’t worry! We will tell you the best solution to remove security settings from PDF files.

 Apart from copy or print restrictions, there are other restrictions too that are applied to the PDF document. Therefore, to resolve such problems, this blog post will help you with the best PDF security settings removal methods.

  1. How to Unlock Security Setting of PDF Quickly
  2. Steps to Remove Security Settings in PDF Document

Know the Status of the Security Settings on a PDF File

To know the status or type of security settings applied on your PDF document you can use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for PDF security settings removal. With this easily identify the different types of PDF security i.e. password protected or restricted.

For this you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

1- Right-click on the PDF and open with Adobe Reader DC

Note: Once the file gets opened you can see the SECURED tag present at the top after the PDF file name.

2- Now, click on the File & select the Properties option

3- Document properties dialogue box will appear

4- From this, select the Security tab & view the Document Restrictions Summary

Note: From here, all the restrictions present in the PDF document are listed. But, to know about password security (i.e. user & owner level) and the encryption level click on the Show Details option.

5- After clicking the Show Details option you can easily view all the Security Settings present in the PDF document.

unlock security setting of pdf

How to Unlock Security Settings on a PDF File

To remove security settings in PDF use the software provided by SysTools. With this utility, one can easily remove restrictions from PDF files. Moreover, after using this utility users can easily perform certain actions like printing, copying PDF text, editing, commenting, document assembly, form filling, page extraction, etc.

This advanced application does not require the installation of external software like Adobe Acrobat in order to bypass security settings in Adobe PDF documents. The demo version of the software can unlock security settings from the first 5 PDF files. But, for the batch process, it is necessary to have either a business or enterprise license of the software.

The tool supports different versions of PDF files created by different versions of Adobe Acrobat. Also, the provides the option to keep the original PDF file password in the resultant document after the PDF security settings removal process. 

 Steps to Remove Security Settings From PDF Document

For Windows

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For Mac

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1- Firstly, download and run the software on your local machine


2- Now, insert the PDF files by clicking the Add Files / Add Folder button

add files

3- Select the desired “Save” or “Print” option


4- Choose the destination location by clicking the Change button


5- To remove security settings in PDF file permanently click the “Unlock” button

Remove security settings from PDF

6- You can see that the security settings are successfully removed


7- Now, you can navigate towards the destination location & view the resultant PDF documents

The above steps will let you know how to unlock security settings on a PDF file. Whether you are using Windows 10, 8.1, or any other versions.

User Queries

“I have some important agreements in a PDF file format but when I tried to print them, it does not give me the respective permissions. But, I need to print them on an urgent basis. Can anyone tell me how to remove security settings from PDF for printing? I am looking for a simple and safe solution to which can help me to remove printing restrictions from PDF files.”

“Hi experts, I need to make some changes in the software documentation. But, because of security, I am unable to do so can you tell me how to bypass security settings in Adobe PDF for editing.”

“While reviewing some PDF manuals I found some mistakes. So I decided to highlight them with the help of Adobe Reader. But, what I find is that I cannot highlight text in PDF. So can anyone suggest me how to unlock security setting on a PDF file for highlighting.”


Security Settings on a PDF document are common nowadays because people want their documents to be protected from others. But, in some situations, it is needed to remove security settings in PDF documents like printing, editing, or highlighting the important data. Therefore, in this blog, we have discussed how to unlock security settings on a PDF file effortlessly. So, go through the solution & remove security settings from PDF documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I modify Security settings on a PDF file?

To change PDF security settings you can use Adobe Acrobat Pro. This program allows you to modify the security settings, but the permission password must be known.

How can I remove/unlock the security settings of PDF files if the permission password is unknown?

Try SysTools PDF File Unlocker tool and permanently remove security settings.

With PDF Security Settings can I know the encryption level?

Yes, of course, open the PDF file in Adobe Reader.
Click the Padlock icon >> Permission Details >> Security Method >> Show Details >> Encryption level
With these steps, the PDF document encryption level can be checked.

Is it possible to unlock PDF file for editing?

Yes, of course, along with editing security this software can unlock PDF for copying, printing, commenting, signing, etc.