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Unlock PDF effortlessly on both Windows & Mac with our powerful PDF Unlocker. Seamlessly remove PDF password restrictions in batches.

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  • Remove PDF Restrictions: Printing / Copying / Editing / Page Extraction
  • PDF Password Unlocker Allows to Remove Owner Level Password Security
  • Unlock PDF files having Known User Level Password Protection
  • Provides Add File(s) / Add Folder option to Remove PDF Password in Batch
  • Adobe Acrobat is Not Required to Remove PDF Document Password
  • PDF Unlocker Allows to Remove Comment Security from PDF Documents
  • Easily Remove Document Assembly Security from PDF Files
  • Remove Signature Security and Enable Form Filling in PDF
  • PDF Unlocker Tool has the Option to Print Locked PDF Documents Independently
  • PDF Password Remover is Compatible with All Windows Versions (32 & 64 bit) OS.
  • Use MAC PDF Unlocker Tool removes password and unlocks PDF file on Mac.
  • Also to Add PDF Restrictions You can Use SysTools PDF Lock Tool.

Free Live Demo - SysTools PDF Password Unlocker Fully Secured Download Version

The PDF File Data Remains Confidential & Passwords will Not Be Saved.

PDF Unlocker Tool for Protected PDF Files

Commonly Secured PDF Documents Unlocked by the Tool are Shown Below

bank statements pdf

Bank Statement




Aadhar Card


PDF Contracts
& Agreements



unlock PDF journal

& e-books

Advanced Features

Check Why Should You Choose SysTools PDF Password Remover?

  • Remove Document Open Password and Permission Password.
  • Automatically Save Unlocked PDF at Desktop or Browse preferred Location.
  • Auto Analyze User Password Protected PDF File and Ask for Password.
  • Remove All or Any Unwanted PDF File from Added PDFs.
  • Remove Restrictions without Removing Document Open Password.
  • Skips Protected PDF File(s) If Document Open Password Not Provided.
  • Maintain Folder Structure Intact in Output Unlocked PDFs.
  • Advance Mode to Make PDF Files Editable If Files are Very Secure.
  • Shows Status of Unlocking Process with File Count and Saved Location.
  • PDF Unlocker Shows Failed and Success Status of Every PDF files.
  • Option to Stop the PDF unlocking Process in Between.
  • Run the Unlock Process Multiple Times without Closing the Tool.
  • Maintains: Attachments and PDF Controls Intact After Unlocking.
  • Remove PDF Password from Files having Rich Media Objects.

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Remove Security/Owner Level Password from PDF Files

An owner level password in a PDF document is set to restrict certain actions that can be performed on the document. These actions can include printing, copying, modifying, or extracting content from the document. When a PDF file is encrypted with an owner level password, it can be opened by anyone, but only the owner can modify the document and remove the protection.

SysTools PDF Unlocker Tool is designed with advanced algorithms to remove owner password or master password from PDF file. The software is capable of removing all kinds of permissions from PDF files such as:

  • Printing
  • Changing the Document
  • Content Copying, for Accessibility
  • Document Assembly
  • Page Extraction
  • Commenting
  • Signing
  • Filling Form Fields

remove user password from pdf

Remove Known Document Open/User Password from PDF File

User password is used to restrict access to the document altogether. If a PDF file is encrypted with a user password, the document cannot be opened without entering the correct password.

SysTools PDF Password Remover Software provides the option to unlock PDF files permanently as long as you enter the user password. It also allows to keep the source open password while removing owner-level security actions.

As shown in the image, the software will automatically analyze the added PDF files and ask the user password only for the PDF files that are protected by a user level password. If you do not provide a password, the PDF unlocker will skip that PDF file during the unlocking process.

Key Features in SysTools PDF Unlocker Software

Why Individuals, Businesses & Big Enterprises Use This Software to Unlock PDF Files?

Remove PDF Security Without Password

This PDF password unlocker software allows users to remove PDF owner password without asking for the password. It is also called Master Password. The tool can unlock PDF files security actions like editing, printing, copying & extracting pages, comment, sign, highlight, document assembly, and forms fill. After unlocking PDF files, save unlocked PDF at any desired location.

Unlock Password Protected PDF Files

Adobe PDF unlocker tool can remove PDF password protection and unlock all security options in the PDF file. Also, if there is any user-level password applied on the PDF document then users can unlock it by providing the respective password in the beginning. Also, if any PDF file that needed user-password, our tool will notify you in the password section. read more about unlock PDF

Effortlessly Handles Multiple PDFs in Batch

If the user wants to process large number of PDF files or folder having owner level security then, this PDF password unlocker will quickly and smoothly remove security from all the PDFs using batch operation. User can use the Add Files / Add Folder option to insert multiple PDF documents. Also, while adding folder of PDF which has a hierarchy or contain sub-folders of PDF files, the tool will keep that hierarchy same as it is.

PDF Signing and Comment Options

PDF password remover tool facilitates the user to unlock PDF comment protection. After removing it users can easily add comments in sticky notes or highlighted text format. Moreover, this PDF unlocker tool also supports to remove signing option, so that users can easily sign their PDF. Basically, signing makes the document authentic and assures the person that the document comes from a verified source. The tool also removes digital signature from PDF files.

Remove Document Assembly & Form Protection

Use this Adobe PDF unlocker software to remove document assembly protection from PDF files. After removing this security users can easily assemble PDF documents without any hassle. Moreover, if users are unable to fill details in the PDF forms due to security then, they can use this software. Because it will remove PDF document protection and forms protection.

Show Other PDF Details

After adding the PDF documents, the PDF password remover software will immediately list PDF file details i.e. File Size (KB) and Security Status. Initially, the status is “Disabled” & once the file gets unlocked, the status will be changed to “Enabled”. A Password section will also be there to put user-password, also known as Document Open Password.

Keeps Source PDF Password in Output PDF

If the PDF file is having user-level password security & it needs to be unlocked from all other protection by keeping its password in the resultant file then, choose the option “Keep Source PDF Password in Output PDF”. Selecting this option will keep the source PDF password in the resultant unlocked PDF file.

Support to Print Resultant PDF

Along with the Save option, the PDF unlocker tool also provides the option to print the protected PDF file without requiring Adobe Reader/ Acrobat Pro. Users just need to select the “Print” option and print the PDF documents without any technical disputes.

Maintains PDF File Integrity

While unlocking and saving a portable document format file, this PDF unlocker software maintains the data integrity. It will not make any changes to the original formatting of the PDF file. Also, It will keeps the attachments, rich media objects, design controls, and other formatting intact for the respective document.

Save File in New Folder

For saving the unlocked PDF documents, this Adobe PDF password remover saves at desktop location. Users can click on the “Change” button and select the desired folder or can create a new folder from the software panel itself. Once, the software remove PDF password, navigate towards destination location & view unrestricted PDF files.

PDF Unlocker Software - Specifications

Software and Hardware Requirement to Launch This PDF Password Remover Tool

best pdf unlock software
Name: SysTools PDF Unlocker
Version: 5.3
Size: 44.5 MB
New Release: March, 2023
UI Language: English
MD5: 9fa4d2175a640cfeebadbbe2d38bee5a
Free Version:

Download Now

Trial Limitations

Free PDF unlocker tool allows to remove password protection from the first 5 PDF files and bypass PDF permissions. But after saving them, the files will have the "SysTools" watermark on all the pages of processed PDF documents.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
100 MB of free hard disk space required


Intel® Core™ 2 Duo CPU E4600 @ 2.40GHz 2.39GHz


  • Microsoft .NET framework 4.5 or above should be installed.
  • If you are using Windows 11 (64-bit), Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 then please launch the tool as "Run as Administrator".

Supported Editions

  • Microsoft Windows – Win 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32-Bit & 64-Bit), Windows 11 (64-bit), & Windows Server 2008/ 2012 R2/ 2016 / 2019 / 2022


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Electronic Delivery

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Software Customization

If you need to customize PDF unlocker tool or need additional features then, Request Quote

PDF Unlocker Software - Comparison

Get an Overview of PDF Password Unlocker Tool Features - Free and Full Version

Features Free Version Full Version
Add PDF Files(s) / Add Folder
Remove Protection From PDF Files
Unlock & Remove PDF Password
Windows 11, 10 / 8.1 / 8/ 7 & Windows Server 2008, 2012 R2 and 2016
Save Unlocked PDF Files
Print Unlocked PDF Files
Export without 'SysTools Demo' Watermark
Cost FREE $39

Awards & Reviews

Best Software to Remove Password Protection from PDF Files and Unlock PDF

MVPs & Expert Reviews

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PDF Unlocker Tool - FAQs

Listed Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

Q. I want to know briefly, how tool unlocks PDF files?

Simple 5 Steps to Unlock Protected PDF Documents:

  • Launch PDF Unlocker Software on your system.
  • Click on 'Add File(s)' option to insert PDFs.
  • PDF Unlocker Asks - Provide Document Open Password for Protected Files
  • Choose either 'Save' or 'Print' option as per the requirement.
  • Hit the 'Unlock' button & start PDF unlocking process.

Q. Does this PDF Password Unlocker software support Windows 11 platform?

Yes, of course this PDF password remover software supports Windows 11 platform. Moreover, it can successfully run on the below versions of Windows OS to unlock PDF security.

Q. Can I remove user-password from PDF file using this software?

I have some password restricted PDF files. I need to access them but I don't remember their passwords. Will this PDF Unlocker program help me view my documents?

Without knowing the correct password of your document you cannot unlock PDF document. You need to provide the appropriate password for the respective file in the beginning.

Q. Is there a prior limitation set on the number of PDF files that PDF password remover will process?

No, the software can unlock multiple PDF files without any trouble.

Q. Will software also process print restriction in PDF files?

Yes, PDF Protection remover software can easily unlock PDF file for options such as printing, copying, editing and extracting file information.

Q. Does the software unlock multiple PDF files at a time?

Yes, of course the PDF Unlocker software provides Add File(s) / Add Folder option to insert multiple PDF documents for unlocking.

Q. Will software support PDF files created in Adobe Acrobat XI to remove permission password from PDF?

Yes, the Adobe PDF Unlock software supports files from all versions of Adobe Acrobat to remove PDF passwords.

Q. Can software also remove PDF file password from corrupt PDF files?

No, PDF Unlock program removes password only from healthy PDF files and you must have the authority to access it.

Q. A non-techie can run this PDF Unlocker software or not?

Yes, any user can easily run this software, it doesn’t matter whether the user is a technical or non-technical person. The software is designed with the interactive user-friendly interface that does not require any expertise to operate the tool.

Q. Why does the software UI appear small on my Windows 7 machine?

I just installed the trial version of PDF File Unlocker software and ran the program. How do I select the file to unlock? I can see a box next to "Select PDF File" but I don't see a browse button to select my file.

If you are facing this kind of issue please adjust your screen resolution. Right click on 'Desktop' and go to 'Screen Resolution'. Click on 'Display' and change the setting to "SMALL". Now, restart your machine and launch the PDF Unlocker tool again.

Q. How to remove PDF comment restrictions by using PDF Security Remover?

I usually receive multiple PDF files from my clients on daily basis. But, I want them to make some changes in the file, so I decided to highlight text add some comments so that they can easily identify the required updation. But, I found that this file does not allow me to add comments? Can anyone help me to fix this problem?

If you want to enable commenting in PDF files then use our software. This software easily removes security and allows you to add comments as notes or highlighted text.

Q. Can Adobe PDF Unlocker Software remove document assembly restrictions from PDF?

Yes, of course, this PDF unlocker software can easily unlock document assembly from Adobe PDF documents. Once, you upload the file this tool will unlock PDF file and allows you perform all operations on PDF document.

Q. I have some restricted PDF forms which does not allow me to perform modifications on it? Can I use this software for this purpose?

Yes, you can use this PDF Unlock tool to remove PDF document protection of all kinds.

Q. Does this tool supports to remove signing protection from PDF files?

Yes, this PDF unlocker software allows you to remove PDF signature protection without any hassle.

Q. How can I convert a protected PDF file to word?

To convert a secured PDF file to MS Word document firstly unlock PDF file security using PDF Unlocker tool. Once the security gets removed you can easily convert the file into the word document.

Q. How can I copy from a protected PDF?

To copy from a secured PDF document, firstly use PDF restriction remover tool to remove / unlock PDF document. After that easily copy data from unlocked PDF.

Q. How can you tell if a PDF is encrypted?

Steps to Check PDF Encryption:

  • Open PDF using Adobe Reader
  • Click on File >> Properties >> Security
  • Check Security Method
  • Click Show Details & check Encryption Level

Q. How do I unlock Adobe PDF?

To unlock Adobe Acrobat PDF files you can use SysTools Adobe PDF file Unlock Software.

Q. What is PDF Password?

PDF password is of two types i.e user-level & owner level. Password used to open the PDF is the user level & the password used to add PDF file restrictions is the owner level.

Q. Does this tool allows to remove file attachments open password?

No, currently SysTools does not support this setting, if you have applied encrypt only file attachments security.

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What Clients Say About SysTools PDF Password Unlocker


User's Comments

I have received an email containing PDF files as an attachment. But, when I tried to copy data from PDF documents, I have found that the file does not give me respective permissions and generates the error message. But, I need to copy data from secured document on urgent basis. Will this PDF Unlocker tool work fine to unlock PDF password?

Alina Louis

Senior Engineer, USA

Yes, this Adobe PDF Unlocker tool works absolutely fine to remove PDF protection like copying, printing, editing & extracting. Moreover, the software can remove PDF commenting, document assembly, and signing options. Also, the tool does not require the installation of Adobe Acrobat to unlock PDF.

Allen James


My senior manager provided me some PDF documents & instructed to calculate expenses that happened over last year. Also, he told me to take the printout of these PDF files. But, the file does not give me print permissions. So, Can I use this PDF password remover utility to unlock PDF file for printing?

Shelly Simpson

Technical Assistant, Russia

Yes, this PDF Unlocker software remove PDF password in an easy manner. Any copy, edit, print restrictions can be easily eliminated by the tool.

Allen James


Recently, while assembling PDF files I came across with an error message "The File xyz.pdf is protected. It cannot be used for this command." So, how can I fix this error with Adobe PDF Unlocker tool?

Allice Mathews

Technical Assistant, UK

The main reason behind this error message is PDF security. The file is protected due to which you find this error message. Therefore, to resolve this error, firstly you need to unlock PDF file with this PDF Unlocker software and then try to assemble PDF files.

Allen James


I am having a PDF file of large size which does not allow me to add comments and perform modifications. So, can I edit secure PDF by using this PDF Unlocker software?

Rorger Paulo

Tech Enthusiast, Italy

Yes, of course, this PDF unlocker enables you to edit secure PDF file without any difficulty. Moreover, this PDF Unlocker easily remove PDF comment protection so that you can easily insert comments in PDF files. Also, there is no file size limitation imposed by this utility to remove PDF document password protection.

Allen James