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Published On January 30th, 2023
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A properly created and managed subscribers list is the key to success in email marketing. In this mini-tutorial, we will show you how to manage and import CSV to MailChimp for better management of your customers’ contact details.

how to import CSVfile to MailChimp


MailChimp is the best subscriber management tool that keeps one’s web followers updated constantly using beautiful email templates. It comprises so many amazing automation functionalities and differentiated integrations, which makes it a firing email marketing tool in the current marketplace. It also allows professionals to create ads for Instagram, Facebook, and Google even without leaving the platform.

As we all know creating a list of nurturing contacts is the very first thing that needs to be done before initiating email marketing. And…MailChimp allows to import subscribers’ list also. But, the thing is your subscribers list must be in CSV file format. So, if you have a list of all your subscribers in any CSV file, then is you can import it into MailChimp simply.

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How to Import CSV File to MailChimp?

In this section, we will show you the simple steps to import CSV in MailChimp. It is recommended to follow the guidelines sequentially to avoid any kind of conflict.

Step 1. First, log in to your MailChimp account and click on Lists tab

how to import CSV to MailChimp

Step 2. Click on Add Contacts and choose Import Contacts option from the opened menu list

import CSV in MailChimp

Step 3. Select the radio button corresponding to CSV or tab-delimited text file from ‘Where do you want to import contacts from’ the page. Click Next

Import CSV into MailChimp
Step 4. Hit the Browse button from the next screen and navigate to the location where your contacts CSV is saved. Add the file to import CSV file to MailChimp and hit the Next button

how to import CSVfile to MailChimp
Step 5. Select Show Skipped Columns and Skip all unmatched columns options from the Import Contacts page. Click Next >> Import

how to import CSV to MailChimp
Step 6. Let the import CSV into MailChimp process gets completed and once it’s done, ‘Your import is complete’ prompt will occur

Import CSV to MailChimp

All the imported CSV contacts will start displaying in your MailChimp subscribers list and now you can start email marketing without any hassle.

Are You Unable to Import CSV to MailChimp?

There are times when MailChimp refuses to import CSV into MailChimp or creates issues like mismatched contact columns after importing CSV to MailChimp. This happens only if the added CSV is not compatible with MailChimp or not formatted properly.

ell, if this is happening with you also, then don’t worry. We have other solutions also. From the below section, choose your case and respective solution:

Case 1. You are trying to import a file without having .csv extension

As we can see above that MailChimp only allows to import CSV or TXT files. So, it is very necessary to browse these files only. If you don’t know how to convert your Excel file into CSV then, follow the step given below:
Open your Excel file in MS Excel and click on File >> Save As >> CSV (Comma Separated Values) >> Save

how to import CSV to MailChimp

After this, you can simply add and import CSV to MailChimp account.

Case 2. If you are facing columns mismatch issue

This happens when the CSV file you are trying to import is created or exported from some other platform and is not compatible with MailChimp. So, the only option we have left now is to convert this CSV to TXT format (which is supported by MailChimp). Below is how this can be done on Mac OS X:
Download CSV to TXT Converter and launch it

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Spoiler Alert: This software is cheaper, powerful and intuitive. It can convert unlimited CSV contacts to TXT in a single go.

Step 1. Add the CSV file that you are unable to import in MailChimp and click Next

Import CSV into MailChimp

Step 2. Choose TXT as an export option and map all CSV fields with TXT (manually or automatically)

how to import CSVfile to MailChimp

Step 3. Once the mapping is done, hit the Export button

how to import CSV to MailChimp
All the CSV contacts will get converted into TXT file format within a few moments only.

how to import CSV file into MailChimp

After conversion, you can simply import the resultant TXT to your MailChimp account.

And that is all for now

So, this is how you can import CSV to MailChimp account without any technical expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What file types can be uploaded to Mailchimp?

A. MailChimp allows to import CSV, TXT, XLS, and XLSX files. You can also copy and paste contacts from Excel XLS and XLSX files to MailChimp.

Q. Does Mailchimp delete duplicates?

A. No, MailChimp does not delete duplicate contacts automatically. However, it does not allow to keep duplicates in the same list.

Q. How do you import contacts from Excel to Mailchimp?

A. Open MailChimp and click on Lists. Select Add Contacts option and choose CSV / TXT or XLS / XLSX format and import Excel contacts to MailChimp easily.

Q. How many contacts can I have in MailChimp?

A. The free plan of MailChimp allows to store 2,000 contacts or subscribers in your account, and you can send up to 12,000 emails per month.


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