How to Export Emails from Roundcube to Gmail? Direct Solution

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User Query: “I have been working with Roundcube webmail for the past few years. Now, due to the increase in business needs, I am not able to manage business communication and organization’s data in a proper way here. Thus, I have decided to export Roundcube webmail to Gmail. However, this is a very challenging task for me as I am a novice user. Thus, I am searching for a reliable yet smart approach for a Roundcube to Gmail migration. Please provide me with a trustworthy approach for this migration process.”

export roundcube to Gmail

People like to switch to Gmail as it is a free web-based email service that is used by many people across the globe. Everyone has at least one personal Gmail account to manage all personal communication. However, due to the features provided by Google, most organizations are opting for Gmail email service for managing their business communication and data.

Moreover, Gmail is a free email service developed by Google and the trust factor gets stronger when the name “Google” comes in. Thus, users are migrating to Gmail for proper communication and data management for better functionality.

How to Execute Roundcube to Gmail Migration Safely?

Gmail is reliable, secure and feature-rich web-based email service. A user always wants the best email service loaded with amazing features and Gmail is one of it. On the other hand, when it comes to Roundcube then it is a browser-based IMAP client with the functionalities of the email client. It also includes folder manipulation, message searching, etc.

However, users are not satisfied with the features and performance of the Roundcube webmail application. Thus, they are in need for a secure email migration on their desktop. Hence, use the SysTools IMAP to IMAP Migration Tool to transfer bulk Roundcube Webmail to a Gmail account without any data loss and security issues.

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This is the safest method when it comes to processing a migration from a source account to some destination account. Using this software, one can easily transfer all emails to Gmail account and access all attachments in the same formatting.

Basic Advantages of the Software

However, this is the best solution to know how to export emails from Roundcube to Gmail. But the tool offers more than what it mentioned to its users for performing a safe process. Let’s give you a brief on the features of this software.

The tool offers advanced settings in which you can choose the following settings to apply:

  • Map Both Accounts: With the help of the Add feature, you can map the multiple sources of Roundcube with destination Gmail accounts. Also, you can even decide which one should be migrated first.
  • Status of Ongoing Migration: Moreover, you can easily know where the Roundcube to Gmail migration process has reached. It shows total failure and ongoing migration of emails/accounts on the screen.
  • Exclude Sent Roundcube Items: This option allows you to exclude the sent items from the Roundcube webmail in the end result.
  • Export only Required Emails from the Mailbox: With this software, one can select the particular date range required to export Roundcube webmail to Gmail via the date filter option.
  • Exclude Deleted Folder Items: By unchecking the Deleted Items folder, you can easily ignore all the deleted folders from Roundcube account.
  • Exclude Roundcube Junk Emails: Likewise, you can select or uncheck this option to ignore all the spam email items or folders that you have selected to transfer to Gmail account.

These are not the only inbuilt software features that help in learning how to export Roundcube emails to Gmail. So, now, let’s focus on a step-by-step guide to execute this migration on a desktop.

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Guide to Export Roundcube Emails to Gmail on Mac OS

Download the above-suggested application and launch it on the supported Mac OS version PC. After that, launch and run the tool, then, follow the steps-

  • Initially, mouse-click the Continue option after making sure the completion of all the prerequisites to migrate Roundcube to Gmail account.
    download roundcube to gmail migration tool
  • Select the Other option as a hostname if the option is not available, and enter the Roundcube Webmail User name and Password, click Validate.
    select roundcube account
  • Then, scroll down to select the Gmail / G Suite as the destination IMAP account, provide the Gmail account user details and tap Validate.
    selection of gmail


  • Tap on the Advance Settings, for setting all the Date Range and selecting required Roundcube Webmail folders.
    download roundcube to gmail migration tool


  • In the end, click Start Migration to safely transfer Roundcube Webmail to Gmail account on desktop in bulk mode.
    perform roundcube to gmail migration tool


  • The software will start processing the migration with a preview of the ongoing process, with a Completed status and tap OK on the prompt message.
    process complete


How to Transfer Roundcube Emails to G Suite?

For Windows OS users looking to execute the Roundcube to Gmail migration process, countless technical professionals only recommend the SysTools IMAP to G Suite Migrator as the best solution. The utility is undoubtedly a top-tier solution for users looking to selectively transfer their Roundcube data as it also provides a Date Filter. Users can also opt for Retry Failed Items or Re-Run Full Migration. It also provides advanced options like Concurrent Migration and Delta Migration. Moreover, the utility is compatible with all Windows OS versions.

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Steps to Export Emails from Roundcube to Google Workspace Mailbox

  • Install and launch the expert-suggested software on your Windows computer.
    launch the tool to export roundcube to gmail
  • Next, in the Setup panel, set IMAP as the source and G Suite as the Destination platform.
    set imap as source and g suite as destination
  • Then, select the “Email” checkbox in the Workload Selection section of the screen.
    select email in workload selection
  • Select the checkbox next to the “Date Filter” for selective Roundcube to Gmail migration.
    apply date filter for selective roundcube to gmail migration
  • Next, choose an IMAP server from the dropdown menu options, however, choose the “Other” option if you are operating from an IMAP server that is not available in the menu.
    choose an imap server
  • Afterward, enter Destination Account details, i.e., Admin Email, Service Account, and Certificate File in the required places.
    enter destination account details
  • Upon doing so, use either the “Import Users” or the “Download Template” option to add users to the software interface.
    add users to the software
  • After you do that, enter the Source App Password for the added user accounts.
    enter source app password
  • Once done with that, finally click the “Start Migration” button from the top-right corner.
    click start migration

Et voila! Following the aforementioned steps, you will successfully export your email data from Roundcube to G Suite mailbox.

So There You Have It

Due to changes in business requirements and technological advancement, users are migrating from normal webmail email service. Most migrations are to a smart and feature-rich web-based email service. Hence, most of the users of Roundcube are searching for a simple yet reliable approach for Roundcube to Gmail migration. Thus, in the above section, we have introduced a step-wise approach to export all emails from Roundcube webmail to Gmail account. With the suggested solution, you can now process the migration yourself.

Frequently Asked Queries

Q- Is there a simple way to transfer Roundcube to Gmail account?

  1. Download the tool and launch it on PC.
  2. Select Roundcube option from the list as source.
  3. Choose Gmail as destination, validte the account.
  4. Hit Start Migration icon from below section.
  5. Save the report of the migration process locally.

Q- Can I get the complete folder structure in the destination account?

Yes, with the help of this tool you get the facility of same folder structure and email properties during migration. As this tool never hampers the existing data of both accounts.

Q- Does this tool will allow me to export Roundcube emails to Gmail with attachments?

Yes, this software allows attachment as well as migration of Roundcube webmail emails.



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