How to Import Hotmail Contacts to Android Phone? Easy Solutions!

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Published On October 18th, 2023
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Summary: People often overlook the importance of contacts, which are crucial pieces of information that various apps use to send emails via Hotmail and Gmail, make phone calls, and send messages to friends and customers. This blog will discuss how to import Hotmail contacts to Android devices.

Managing contacts, emails, tasks, meetings, and more is easier with’s excellent webmail service. Today, many companies use contact management apps, and relying on Android devices necessitates managing all contacts in a single location.

This informative blog will discuss the need and solution to export contacts from a Hotmail account to Android smartphones. Stay with us to discover the most optimal solution.

Why Import Hotmail Contacts to Android?

Exporting Hotmail contacts on your Android device can be necessary for several reasons, including

  • Consolidation: Moving contacts from multiple email accounts or platforms to your Android device can consolidate them in one location, making finding and managing contacts easier.
  • Ease of Use: When you Import Hotmail contacts to Android device. It enables quick and easy access to them. Especially when making calls, sending messages, or emailing on the go.
  • Backup: Your Android device can also serve as a copy for your Hotmail contacts in case of email account access loss or device switching, by transferring them to your Android device.

Transfer Hotmail Contacts to Android VCF File

To ensure the safety of your data, avoid using manual or easy techniques that could put your contact data at risk of permanent loss. It’s better to choose an automated way to export all contacts from your Hotmail account to an Android-compatible VCF format.

For saving contacts into an Android-compatible VCF format, the best solution is the Hotmail Email Backup Tool. This software not only saves contacts but also export Hotmail emails to PST format on Windows and Mac OS. In addition, it can save the Hotmail calendar in the ICS format, making it an all-in-one solution for your needs.

This software has unique features that set it apart. It can transfer all data from your account into multiple file formats. Additionally, it has several filters such as Date and Folder. It also offers the option to use Delete After Download and Incremental Backup, making it a versatile tool for managing your data.

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Steps to Import Hotmail Contacts to Android Phone

The main process involves importing the resulting contact file into an Android smartphone. First, copy the output VCF file from the desktop to the mobile phone storage. It is important to note that the steps may vary depending on the device and Android version being used. Therefore, the following steps may need to be adjusted accordingly in your particular smartphone.

Step-1: First, open the Contacts app on your smartphone and click on the three dots to access the settings.

Open Contacts App

Step-2: In the Settings interface, click on the ‘Import‘ option under ‘Manage contacts‘.

Settings to Import Hotmail Contacts to Android

Step-3: Browse to the saved location of the VCF file and select it for importing.

Browse Contact File

Step-4: Next, select the VCF file in the ‘Import contacts from‘ option

Transfer Contacts from Hotmail to Android

Finally, all the contacts from the Hotmail account will start importing into the Android device.

Start Importing Hotmail Contacts to Android

Summing Up

Contacts are crucial and essential for us as they enable us to stay connected with the people we know. Although Hotmail is an excellent webmail service, it may not perform all the tasks we need. We use our smartphones to call, text, and send emails to our contact list. Therefore, it is necessary to import Hotmail contacts to Android devices.

In the above blog, we have explained how to transfer contacts from a Hotmail account to an Android smartphone using advanced software. We have also provided the easiest method to accomplish this task without any hassle. However, we recommend using the demo versions first to import Hotmail contacts to Android for a more seamless operation.


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