How to Import Hotmail Contacts to Gmail?

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Published On March 10th, 2023
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Microsoft operates Hotmail, a free email service with over 300 million users. Although Hotmail has been rebranded as, users can still import Hotmail contacts to Gmail accounts.

Gmail is a widely recognized brand, and many people use it as their primary email service. As a result, it is not surprising that Hotmail users often choose to transfer their accounts to Gmail.

Transferring contacts is an essential part of switching email services, as it allows users to continue communicating with their contacts without having to manually add each contact’s information.

Some users may be confused or unaware of how to import contacts from Hotmail to Gmail accounts. Therefore, this blog introduces the direct method as a way to help those users.

Reasons to Transfer Hotmail Contacts to Gmail

There are several reasons why you might want to import your Hotmail contacts to Gmail:

  1. Transferring your contacts from Hotmail to Gmail enables you to access your contacts list on your new email platform. Also, eliminates the need for manually inputting each contact and ensures that you have all the necessary contact information.
  2. Consolidating all your contacts in one place can make it easier to manage and keep them up to date. Especially when you have multiple email accounts. By exporting your Hotmail contacts to your Gmail account. You can have all your contacts in one place, eliminating the need to keep track of them separately.
  3. Having a backup of your contacts is crucial, particularly if you rely on them for work or personal communication. Importing your Hotmail contacts to Gmail is an effective way to ensure that your contacts are backed up and easily accessible in the event of a system failure or data loss.
  4. Integrating your contacts with other Google products, such as Google Calendar or Google Drive, can streamline your workflow and make it easier to manage your contacts in one place. Transferring your Hotmail contacts to Gmail enables you to integrate your contacts with these products. If you use them, provide a seamless experience across different Google applications.
  5. Having your contacts in Gmail can simplify collaboration and information sharing when you work with others on projects or communicate with multiple people. You can easily share contacts with others and collaborate on projects without worrying about compatibility issues, making it easier to work together and achieve your goals.

Best Way to Export Hotmail Contacts to Gmail

You can use manual techniques to import Hotmail contacts to Gmail accounts if you have the technical knowledge and a backup of your data. However, these methods can put your data at risk. If you are a beginner, we recommend using the expert-recommended Hotmail Backup Tool to avoid any potential risks. The tool can be used to export Hotmail contacts to Gmail VCF format.

You can use the tool for exporting Hotmail emails to PST, MSG, EML, PDF, and MBOX formats. Also, convert the Hotmail calendar to ICS and contacts to VCF format. This tool is compatible with Windows (including Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7) and Mac (including macOS 10.8 and above) operating systems.

Steps to Import Resultant vCard File to Gmail Account

After receiving the vCard file, you can easily follow the steps below to import it into your Gmail contacts with proper formatting and in a healthy state. Gmail has the capability to import CSV or VCF files without any difficulty.

1. To begin, log in to Google Contacts by accessing the following link:

Gmail Login

2. From the menu bar, choose the option “Import” to proceed.

Transfer Hotmail Contacts to Gmail

3. Next, browse and select the resulting contact file that you wish to import.

Select File

4. Once you have selected the VCF file, click on the “Import” button to initiate the process and complete the import of your contacts into Gmail.

Import Hotmail Contacts to Gmail

Concluding Lines

The article discusses the simple solution for importing Hotmail contacts to a Gmail account, which is recommended by experts. Manual methods pose the risk of data loss and require technical knowledge. However, the recommended program is designed for all types of users, providing a smooth and secure conversion process along with other useful features.


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