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Published On March 6th, 2023
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“Please help! I am looking for a solution to import some of my contacts that are saved on desktop to Hotmail account. Actually, whenever I tried to transfer files in the account, it does not show any file to browse. So, I searched on internet and found that Hotmail account only uploads CSV file format contacts. Although, all of my contacts are in vCard format. So, I would like to know that, Is there any method available that can import VCF to Hotmail without any data loss? If anyone knows the solution to this issue, then please let me know.”

If this query looking similar to you, then no need to take tension. In this post, we are going to provide a relevant method that can successfully import vCard to Hotmail account within a few simple clicks. Just go through this article and easily transfer all of the .vcf contacts in your Hotmail account. So, let’s get started!

Step-By-Step Guide to Import VCF to Hotmail Account

Basically, this process is classified into two steps. Because it is true that Hotmail account only supports contacts that saved in CSV file formats and not vCard. So, initially, the conversion of vCard file to CSV should be taken place. After that, it will import into Hotmail account. Now, go through the below-instruction to achieve the same.

Stage 1: Convert VCF to Hotmail Supported Format

There is no manual available that directly migrates the information of .vcf file into CSV format. So, it is must, that you need to take help of automated software. However, there are lots of VCF to CSV Converter that are available in the market and choosing the best one gets more & more complicated. So, to overcome this situation, here, we suggest a dynamic vCard Viewer Pro Tool to convert or import VCF to Hotmail supported file format i.e., CSV.

For Windows OS Users

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The best feature of tool that attracts the most is compatibility towards vCard file. The software can successfully support conversion of vCard 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0 into CSV. Also, the utility not altered the .vcf contact fields throughout the process. All these features make the vCard Viewer Tool right up your alley to export vCard contacts to Hotmail.

Let’s Check Out The Steps for VCF File to CSV Via Tool

Step 1: Upload VCF Contacts

To initiate the process, you need to upload a file. For this, the tool provides two different options to browse VCF.

  • Add File: This option is used when the users only need to convert individual contact.
  • Add Folder: This option is used to browse a complete folder that consists of multiple VCF files.

add file or folder

Step 2: Preview Information of Scanned File

Once the scanning procedure gets over, all the contacts information displayed on the software framework. A user can select any contact from the detailed pane and view information of it. After that, hit the Export button to initiate the conversion process, ie. import VCF to Hotmail.

Step 3: Select Conversion Format

  • When the user clicked on Export button, an Export Options window appear. Here, the software provides four options.

Switch view to import vcf to hotmail

  • Select the CSV format and provide a safe location for resultant CSV file that will further import into Hotmail. After that, click on Export button.

click export

Stage 2: Import CSV into Hotmail Account

  • Once a user gets the Hotmail compatible file type, then it is the time to import contacts in the account. To do this, follow the below instructions.
  1. Open the browser and login to Hotmail account.
  2. After that, click on People icon to open the contact tab as shown in the screenshot.

outlook people icon

  1. Click on Manage drop-down button and select Import contacts option.

import VCF to Hotmail

  1. From the Import contacts window, click on Browse to upload the CSV file.

open csv file

  1. Once the file gets uploaded, click on Import to transfer the contacts.

import VCF to Hotmail

Time to Conclude

That’s all about how to import VCF in Hotmail account. Unfortunately, there is no direct manual workaround available for the same. Therefore, in this post, we have described a complete step-by-step guide to transfer VCF contacts in Hotmail account without any loss.

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