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SysTools vCard Converter Tool
Convert vCard Contacts to CSV, Excel, MSG, LDIF, PDF & feature File Formats

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  • Option to convert VCF files to LDIF, MSG, PDF, Excel & feature file format.
  • Export both single contact VCF file & multiple contacts VCF file.
  • Option to sort contacts within the vCard file in any desired order.
    Using this vCard Converter tool, users can easily sorts multiple contacts in alphabetical manner, or by size and date. This option makes the process of searching contacts easy and very simple.
  • Support Bulk Conversion of VCF files in batch
  • Convert Modified or Altered vCard files to different file formats
  • Allows to preview all the contacts before the conversion
  • Shows counts of all contacts within a selected VCF file
  • Imposed no limitation on the number of contacts to be exported
  • Supports vCard files from MS Outlook, GSuite, iCloud, Skype, etc.
  • Supports VCF file versions such as vCard 2.1, 3.0, & 4.0

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List Special Features of vCard Converter Tool

Export VCF

Export VCF files to MSG/ feature Format

Once previewed, a user can simply convert vCard to MSG or feature file format. If a user chooses MSG file to perform the conversion, it creates contact.msg file. After transferring VCF files to feature or MSG, a user can easily access this file in MS Outlook application without any hassle.

Convert to CSV

Convert VCF file to CSV

VCF to CSV Converter is helpful for saving the contacts as Comma Separated Values. It allows to create CSV file corresponding to each VCF contact and can be easily opened in applications such as MS Excel and other CSV supporting email clients.

Convert VCF to LDIF

Convert vCard to LDIF

The VCF converter utility allows to convert vCard contacts to various file formats including LDIF (LDAP Data Interchange Format), which is basically a plain text file format.

Convert VCF to XLS, XLSX

Convert VCF Contacts to Excel

In addition to feature, MSG, LDIF & PDF; the tool provides one more option to convert VCF to XLS & XLSX format. Excel allows to view the vCard contacts in spreadsheet which basically increases the accessibility and usability of vCard.

Convert vCard to PDF

Export VCF file to PDF

Since PDF is a widely used file format, you can create a PDF document corresponding to each contact present in VCF file. The software will embed the attachments of the contacts along with the converted PDF file.

batch processing

Batch Process VCF Files

The vCard Converter Tool allows the users to export multiple VCF Contacts as well as multiple VCF files in batch. This utility helps to export the VCF file contacts in bulk to different file formats at once without loss of any associated information.

All details

Maintains All Contact Details

The tool retains all the details associated with the VCF contact even after the conversion. The various details related to vCard contacts are Name, Contact Image, Address, Company Name, Company Address, Phone Number, Personal Email ID, Professional Email Address, URL, Description, etc.

sort contacts

Option to Sort Contacts of VCF File

Another helpful feature of this software is that it provides an option to sort all contacts stored within the vCard file. Contacts can be sorted alphabetically and numerically based on different attributes such as: Full Name, Company, Business Phone, Fax, Home phone & Mobile Numbers. This feature makes it easy for the users to manage all contacts according to their convenience.

Single or multiple files

Create Single or Multiple feature Files

Tool has an extraordinary feature “Create Single feature” which is helpful for managing the multiple contacts in a single file. If this option is checked then tool will create single feature file for all vCard files. If the option is unchecked then tool will create individual feature file for each vCard file.

single or multiple VCF
Create Single or Multiple vCard Files

Tool comes with Export to Individual vCard and Export to Single vCard feature. If a user wants to create separate vCard file for each contact then split feature is helpful. To export multiple contacts into single VCF file, merge function is right choice. Both features create vcf file according to selected vCard version 2.1, 3.0 and 4.0.

All Platform Support

Support All Platform VCF Files

A user can use this vCard Converter tool to export VCF files to LDIF, MSG, Excel, PDF or feature independent of their native application without any hassle. It is a standalone utility and supports VCF file of all platform like MS Outlook, Skype, iCloud, Gmail etc. The software does not require any extra installation to convert vCard files.

Save File
Save File at Desired Location

While transferring vCard to MSG, LDIF, Excel, PDF or feature, the tool provides an option to save it at any desired location of user's choice. Moreover, a user can create a new folder also directly from the software panel to save resultant file. Apart from this, it supports vCard file versions 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0 only.

Steps to Transfer VCF Files
Following are the Detailed Steps to Export vCard Contacts
Steps of VCF Converter
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What Clients Say

I must say that if anyone is looking for a tool to convert vCard to PDF format, go for this vCard to PDF Converter tool. It is an amazing creation by the developers with a simple and easy interface. It is a one-stop solution to migrate vCard contacts without any limitation.

Rachel, Australia

Really, an ultimate tool that takes only few minutes to convert my 2GB of vCard to MSG format quickly. The best thing that I liked about the tool is that, it is a portable tool which could be installed anywhere. Thank you so much VCF Converter software for this great help.

Chandler, London

Nice application! I liked all the features of VCF files to feature Converter tool. According to me, a great job has been done by the developers. Hope to see some more application like this by you in the future.

Sophia Martin, Brisbane

I have never used a software like this in my entire life. The most impressive feature about this vCard to MSG Converter tool is that, it provides the options to export VCF files to LDIF /feature /PDF /Excel & MSG format. It is an all-in-one solution to export vCard data along with associated images. Great Work by the development team. Keep it up

Alexander, Seattle

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