How to Transfer Libero Email to Gmail/Google Business Account?

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Published On January 8th, 2024
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Are you finding solutions to transfer Libero email to Gmail? This blog is the perfect place for your answers! We will examine the solutions for the email migration process besides the reasons for the same. Read this blog till the end to know it all!

Libero Mail is an email service based in Italy, packed with features like external calendar inclusion and email sorting.

Google’s Gmail is the most-utilized email service on personal and professional levels. It has features like robust email security, scheduling, and mail suggestions.

Advantages of Choosing Gmail/Google Business Over Libero

Many reasons highlight G Suite’s dominance as the perfect email client, and the following points discuss some of them:

  • Migrating your Libero mailbox to G Suite provides a massive 2 TB of cloud storage, helping users secure their documents without worrying about storage issues.
  • Another reason to export Libero mailbox to G Suite relates to email security. Google provides robust safety features like anti-spam filters, safe browsing, and Google Vault for safeguarding emails from harmful activities.
  • Google facilitates effortless blending between all the applications. G Suite users can collaborate on projects and present them through Google Meet. They can also arrange their projects under Shared Drives for seamless productivity.

These reasons showcase the value of G Suite as the go-to mailbox for Libero users. The following sections explore the methods for Libero mailbox migration to Google Workspace, so keep reading the blog!

Transfer Libero Email to Gmail Professionally

Since no manual method is available to export Libero mailbox to G Suite, the SysTools Mac IMAP Migration Software becomes the perfect solution for the email migration process. Many technical experts vouch for its astuteness in migrating your Libero account emails to your Google Business account. This software is perfect for Apple computers with MacOS X 10.8 to 13. This automated tool packs many astonishing benefits for seamless mailbox migration. The “Folder Filter” lets you select your Libero mailbox folders for selective export to G Suite/Gmail. The “Attach Source Account Tree” feature will give you an intact mailbox structure.

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Steps to Export Libero Mailbox to Gmail on MacOS

  1. Install and start the software on your MacOS system, finish the prerequisites, and click the “Continue” button.
    launch the tool to transfer libero to gmail
  2. Next, select “Other” from the Source IMAP Account section, enter your Libero email address and password, and click “Validate.”
    Select other and enter libero account details
  3. Then, choose “Gmail” or ‘G Suite” under the Host Name menu in the Destination IMAP Account section, enter your account details, and click the “Validate” button to verify them.
    Select gmail or g suite under destination imap account
  4. You can use the “User Mapping List” box for concurrent Libero mailbox migration to Google Workspace.
    use user mapping list box for concurrent migration
  5. Next, use the Date and Folder Filters by clicking the “Advance Settings” button to move Libero emails to Google Business account in limited numbers.
    click advance settings and use date and folder filters
  6. Maintain the folder structure of your Libero email account during the migration process by checking the “Attach Source Account Tree” box.
    select attach source account tree to maintain folder structure
  7. Next, select the “Delta Migration” box to transfer only the recently received emails to G Suite.
    select delta migration to transfer limited emails
  8. Finally, transfer Libero email to Gmail by clicking the “Start Migration” button.
    click start migration to transfer libero to gmail

Libero Mailbox Transfer to G Suite for Windows OS

If you are a Windows computer user looking for a method for transferring your Libero emails to G Suite, don’t fret anymore! The SysTools IMAP to G Suite Migrator tool is here for seamless Libero mailbox migration to Google Workspace for all Windows OS computers. This automated software comes with many notable advantages. The “Download Report” feature helps you save the migration process report in two ways: “Summary Report” and “Detailed Report.” Another benefit to move Libero emails to Google Business account with this software is the option to “Retry Failed Items,” which lets Libero users re-transfer failed emails to a G Suite/Gmail account.

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Steps to Add Libero Emails to Google Workspace Mailbox on Windows

  1. Download and start the software after activating it on your Windows computer.
    download the tool to transfer libero to gmail/gsuite
  2. Next, select “IMAP” and “G Suite” as the Source and Destination platforms under the “Setup” window.
    select imap and g suite as source and destination
  3. Check the “Email” box under “Workload Selection” under the same Setup section to transfer Libero email to Gmail, and click “Next” to proceed further.
    check the email box for selective migration
  4. Next, select “Other” from the “Source” window’s IMAP Server dropdown menu, and enter your Libero server details (Server:; Port Number: 993).
    select other from imap server menu
  5. Then, click “Validate” to verify the necessary permissions.
    click validate to confirm permissions
  6. Enter your G Suite Admin account ID, service account, and certificate file under the “Destination” window, and click “Validate” to confirm the required permissions.
    enter g suite account credentials
  7. Then, add more user accounts under the “Users” section by clicking the “Import Users” option.
    add more user accounts by clicking import users
  8. Next, confirm the Source App Password for the added account(s) by clicking “Validate.”
    enter source app password and click validate
  9. Click on the star icon under the “Priority” section to export Libero mailbox to G Suite to the selected accounts before others.
  10. Finally, click “Start Migration” to move Libero emails to Google Business account.
    click Start Migration to transfer Libero to Gmail


We explored the reasons and solutions to transfer Libero email to Gmail. The reasons discussed here necessitate an urgent Libero mailbox migration to Google Workspace. The automated software mentioned in this blog are the perfect solution to export your emails to G Suite. Many technical experts recommend them for their astonishing features. Hence, you can use them for a secure and error-free mailbox migration for MacOS and Windows computers.

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