How to Transfer Rediffmail to Gmail App? Complete Guide

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Are you looking to transfer Rediffmail to Gmail? You have come to the right post. We have had several Rediffmail users come up to us with the same query, therefore, we have drafted this technical writeup to provide solutions for efficiently migrating your data to the G Suite mailbox. So, let’s dive right in.

Rediffmail email provider allows users to create free-of-cost email accounts. Like any other email client, you can use this to keep in touch with your colleagues or customers. However, Gmail offers far better features and facilities that urge users to move their Rediffmail data to Gmail business. Consequently, we have drafted this write-up to provide you with various solutions (both manual and automated) to accomplish the task.

Why Moving your Rediffmail Data to Gmail is A Great Idea?

  • With Gmail, users get enhanced security features like two-factor authentication and high-end spam filters.
  • Gmail provides some of the best-class features to its users that are rarely found in any other email client of that segment.
  • The standard free Gmail account provides its users with a whopping 15 GB worth of storage space which is significantly more than that of Rediffmail.

These are some of the reasons why users want to move their Rediffmail data to G Suite mailbox. Now, let us move further and take a look at the solutions explained to accomplish the task.

How to Add Rediffmail to Gmail App? – Manual Solution

  • Log in to your Gmail account and open the Settings page by clicking the “Gear icon” >> “Settings”.
  • Next, click on “Accounts & Import” to view your Gmail account import options.
  • Then, in the “Import Mail and Contacts” section, click “Import from Another Address”.
  • Now, in the “What Account Do You Want to Import from?” box, enter your Rediffmail email address and click “Continue” to proceed further.
  • Afterward, in the “Enter the Password for” box, provide your Rediffmail email account password and click on “Continue”.
  • Then, enable or disable the “Import Contacts” or the “Import New Mail for Next 30 Days” options according to your requirements.
  • Once done with that, enter the label name where you want to store the imported Rediffmail emails in the “Add Label to the Imported Mail” box, and at last, click “Start Import”.

This is how you can manually add your Rediffmail account to your Gmail app. Further in the article, we have also shared another manual procedure where you can relay/forward your emails from your Rediffmail account to the Gmail app directly.

Manually Transfer Rediffmail to Gmail Account Mailbox

  • Sign in to your Rediffmail email account and Navigate to “My Settings”.
  • Afterward, click either “Auto Forward” or “Forward your Emails”.
  • Enter your Gmail User ID in the required field and save the updated settings.
  • Upon doing so, click “Start Forwarding My Emails” and your emails will then be automatically forwarded to your entered Gmail address.

This is the manual tutorial on forwarding your Rediffmail emails to your Gmail account using Rediffmail settings. Unfortunately, both the above shared manual procedures are associated with certain limitations like being complicated to execute and prone to common user errors.

Therefore, it is not safe to jump right into the manual solution unless you have appropriate technical insights. Thus, experts recommend users go for a reliable approach i.e., automated utilities as shared in the following segments of this article.

How to Export Rediffmail Mailbox Data to Gmail?

To accomplish this task, we have brought you the one and only SysTools Mac IMAP Migration Tool. The utility is a personal favorite of numerous technical experts as it provides its users with a high reliability factor. Not only does it execute the entire migration in a hassle-free manner but it also comes with an incredibly easy-to-navigate interface that any user can use without any expert guidance. The tool is also fully compatible with all versions of Mac OS including the latest Mac OS X 10.8.

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Steps to Convert Rediffmail to Gmail Account

  • Install and launch the expert utility on your Mac OS System.
  • Select the Host Name from the provided list in the Source IMAP Account section and enter the account credentials for the respective. Click “Validate”.
    enter source imap account credentials
  • Next, select the Host Name of the Destination IMAP Account (Gmail/G Suite) and enter the account credentials for the respective. Click “Validate”.
    enter destination credentials to add Rediffmail to gmail
  • For concurrent migration, click the “Add” button and add more accounts. The added accounts will be previewed in the “User Mapping List”.
  • For selective migration, apply Advanced Settings: “Date Filter” & “Folder Filter” as your preference.
    apply advanced settings
  • To maintain the original folder hierarchy throughout the Rediffmail to Gmail migration process, select the checkbox for the “Attach Source Account Tree” option.
  • Enable the checkbox for the “Delta Migration” option to migrate the appended emails of your Rediffmail account.
  • Once you are done with all the steps mentioned above, click on the “Start Migration” button to initiate the transfer process.
    click start migration

And you are done! That is the tutorial for successfully migrating Rediffmail emails to Gmail/G Suite account. As mentioned above, this method is only applicable to Mac OS users. So, what is the solution for Windows OS users? Worry not! In the following segment, we are going to explain an expert-suggested solution for Windows OS users as well.

Here’s How to Migrate Rediffmail to G Suite Mailbox

For Windows OS users looking to transfer their Rediffmail email data to a Google Workspace mailbox, we have brought none other than the expert favorite SysTools IMAP to G Suite Migrator. The utility is a top-notch solution for moving your data in a hassle-free manner. This software offers a plethora of astonishing features that set it apart from other solutions available in the market. In addition to that, it is also highly compatible with all Windows OS versions, including the latest Windows 11.

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Steps to Migrate Rediffmail to Google Workspace Mailbox

  • Launch the expert-suggested utility on your Windows OS system.
  • Now, select “IMAP” as the Source and “G Suite” as the Destination platform in the Setup Panel.
    set imap as source and g suite as destination
  • Next, select the checkbox for the “Email” option in the Workload Selection section.
  • If you wish to perform selective migration, enable the checkbox for the “Date Filter” option and enter your preferred “To” and “From” stamps in the required fields.
    apply date filter for selective rediffmail to gmail migration
  • Afterward, select an IMAP Server from the provided options in the dropdown list. If operating from a server that is not provided in the list, select the “Other” option.
    choose imap server
  • Now, enter the Destination Admin Email ID, Service Account, and Certificate File in the respective fields and click “Validate”.
    enter destination account details
  • Upon doing so, add users to the software by either using the “Import Users” or the “Download Template” option.
    add users to the software
  • Next, enter the “Source App Password” in the required blank/s and click on the “Validate” Button.
    enter source app password
  • Lastly, click the “Start Migration” button located in the top-right corner.
    click start migration to transfer rediffmail to gmail

That’s it! These are all for the simple steps to transfer Rediffmail to G Suite mailbox. One can execute these steps without needing any expert supervision. The incredibly easy-to-navigate interface of the utility makes it extremely easy for even novice users to move their Rediffmail account data to Gmail business account.

So There You Have It

In this article, we described how you can transfer Rediffmail to Gmail account. To accomplish the task, we shared various solutions including both manual and automated. Unfortunately, the manual solutions are complicated in nature and thus, are difficult for users to execute. Therefore, technical professionals suggest users go for the automated utilities shared above to add Rediffmail to Gmail App/G Suite mailbox in a hassle-free manner.

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