ODT Viewer

Open And Read All Your Office Document Text Files

ODT Viewer

Overview of ODT Viewer

  • Open and Read all types .odt file
  • Can work with corrupt ODT file
  • Tool can read .odt file from any version of LibreOffice
  • ODT Viewer can read any size of .odt file (10 MB ODT file)
  • Can view ODT file in original format without any alteration
  • Allows to save ODT file in HTML file format
  • One can drag and drop HTML file in this tool
  • Featuring very easy user interface

Features of ODT Viewer

Open and Read

Open & Read ODT file

With ODT viewer, a user can open and read ODT file which is created in any version of Windows OS and user can also view ODT file created in any version of LibreOffice. In addition, with ODT file explorer user can read and open corrupt .odt file.

No Size Limit

No Size Limitation

The tool has the ability to open ODT file of any size. There is no size limitation imposed on the size and number of the file. ODT file reader capable of supporting any type & any size of a file even it is 100 MB file with lots of images.

HTML Format

Save ODT Into HTML

The ODT file reader tool allows it’s user to explore any ODT file and save it to HTML format. It also enables a user to write HTML code in ODT file and open it in this tool. This tool offers to preview option & provides an option to take print of HTML.

No Alteration

No Alteration

ODT file Explorer allows it's user to open .odt file in its original format and without making any changes in its original formatting and related information such as images, hyperlinks, breadcrumb, etc.

Drag and Drop

Drag & Drop HTML

A user can drag and drop HTML file to read that file. ODT opener tool facilitates their user to view HTML page source code. The user can also edit HTML source code in ODT viewer. ODT file browser support HTML Unicode (UTF -8) setting and multiple HTML supported languages.

View Detail

View ODT File Detail

A user can explore all information associated with ODT file. This tool can access ODT file with related information such as images, hyperlinks, breadcrumb, etc. ODT file reader offers to convert ODT file with related information in HTML format without single changes.

Print Option

ODT File Printout

The ODT Viewer enables their user to open & view ODT file as well as allows to take print out of ODT file. ODT file explorer allows user to preview of ODT file as well as HTML file format with print out option.

Easy Interface

Easy Interface

The ODT Viewer tool has the very easy user interface, a user can easily explore and read .odt file as it features all option in single the pane. You just need to open .odt file -> select .odt file from local drive -> read .odt file.

Frequently Asked Question

Listed Commonly Asked Questions and Their Answers

Yes, the ODT file viewer tool allows you to view .odt file which is not in healthy state or corrupted.

No, you can explore any size of ODT file with the tool and it also allows users to view an unlimited number of ODT files with the tool.

No, the tool only allows to view and read ODT file, it does not allow you to export ODT file into Microsoft Word.

Yes, the odt viewer tool can open any type of ODT file which is saved in any other office tool.

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