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Office 365 App Security

Office 365 Security

Safe Microsoft Office 365 From Data Loss & All Other Cyber Threats

Office 365 Cloud Security solution is making the usage of Office 365 account easily so that enterprises can focus on their business productivity. Now it is possible to meet Office 365 compliance, security, and governance requirements for utilizing the cloud environment without any challenges. Protect the firm with a collaborated Office 365 Cloud Security service, where different cloud security controls work together for enhancing the existing security.

  Email Security
  Data Encryption
  Network Security

  Real-Time User Authentication
  Advance Data Loss Prevention
  Threat Protection Solutions

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Features of Office 365 Cloud Security Service

Office 365 Security: Access Control

Access Control

Office 365 Security service provides data control, visibility, protection, and performance on components, which uses O365 and its ecosystem by conditional policies. It offers a customized way to restrict unregistered web browsers, IP address, Login time, and devices.

Office 365 Cloud Security: DLP

Data Loss Prevention

CASB enforces all the policies of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) on data in motion and at rest. This ensures the compliance with regulation and all internal policies. Our Office 365 Security also protects the files or folders that are saved on the OneDrive platform.

Office 365 App Security: SSO

Single Sign-On

The Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Security service asks clients to set a strong password for protecting multiple applications. We summarize all the collaboration operations with internal, external users, and personal emails along with anonymous links.

Office 365 Cloud App Security: IAM

Identity Management

An ultimate feature of identifying enterprise security is offered. Based upon the brute force login attempts, we determine the compromised O365 account login activities. Also, our Office 365 Security solution involves multi-factor and biometric authentication.

Office 365 App Security: Shadow IT

Shadow IT

The Office 365 Cloud Security is enforced with policies of an inline proxy and steers traffic through the device agent, DNS, proxy chaining, and the service providers for covering all the accessing scenarios. It tracks the devices, which are accessing data of the enterprise.

Office 365 Cloud App Security: Value Add-Ons

Value Add-Ons

Microsoft Office 365 Security comes with providing of out-of-box templates for DLP and standard value added add-ons. These can be utilized on the basis of organization rules and regulations. This needs to be done for making the cloud security stronger.

Office 365 Security – Additional Benefits

Secure the Confidential Information

Office 365 security smells the sensitive information, which is at rest mode in OneDrive or SharePoint. Not only in rest state but, when data is moving over the cloud services the enterprise cloud DLP starts working. Describe the policies for granular that will be based on identification, servicing, activities, and data. Automatically, this will start protecting the data by stopping illegal activities, encrypting data, restricting access, etc.

Stop Cyber Threats From Damage

It is easy to share files in Office 365 account but, this capability makes the cloud feature a target for malicious attackers. Prevent the organization from cloud threats like ransomware and determine the unusual data movement. This might give an indication of the presence of an active threat to the environment with saving of confidential information on cloud.

Manage Users From Single Console

Make end users the part of Microsoft Office 365 security solution. provides users an automated and customized notification statements for addressing the undesirable activities going on in Office 365 account. The strategy helps in detection of data movement, which signals a data exfiltration that is attempted by the insider of the organization.