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What is Slack Messenger ?

Know How to Use It & Start Working with Slack Instant Messaging Application

Slack is an electronic messenger application that is used in most of the workplaces and schools. Now a day’s, it is one of the most trending software that is used for communication. You are here because you want to discover more information about the Slack. To help our users in this research, we have compiled this handy guide. In case you already have Slack & want to safeguard Slack environment from cyber crime activities, you can go for Slack Security by SysTools .

What is Slack Messenger : An Introduction

Slack is a cloud-based collaboration software suite founded in the year 2009 as a chatting tool. This slack instant messaging app allows users an and obviates the ‘app fatigue’ that is associated with various collaboration applications. The Slack is one of the best online team communication office messaging app that consist of Sharepoint, Yammer, Microsoft Teams, HipChat, iApple and Salesforce Chatter. It features direct-messaging capabilities, alerts and notifications, data sharing, group chatting and direct search. It is a very famous tool among developers and technical-driven companies because of its source code and variety of programming languages. Apart from this, Slack offers integration option to developer-oriented software as GitHub and application performance administration services as New Relic. It manages everything in a central place to help users work together smartly. A Slack workspace comprises Workspace Owners, Workspace Admins, Members, and Guests . The Workspace Owner generates a Slack Workspace, recruit Admins for team management and then, they work together invite and onboard members.

What is slack messenger app

Main Functionalities of Slack Instant Messaging App

After Understanding about What is Slack Messenger let us explore more about features within it and some main functions of this application are here:

  • Team and Workspaces: The Slack Workspace is a digital space created for a group of peoples. Here users can share all the data and communicate with each other. Administrators can create unlimited Slack Workspaces. Users can easily search all files, calls, messages, and colleagues in a single place via this. Its every workspace is independent but all are interrelated and administered by Slack’s Enterprise Grid.
  • Channels : A Slack Workspace is integrated with channels. Where the channel is like a ‘room’ for communicating with relevant team members. For sending any message to channel users have to type @channel after that, write the content. Every channel can be administrated around departments, projects and office location and users can create many channels as per requirements. Each workspace starts with two default channels: #general and #random. In every Slack, there are three channels: Public Channel, Private Channel, Shared Channel (beta).
  • Instant Messaging : When a user needs to send a message to a particular person instead of the group then, Slack offers a traditional direct messaging (DM) functionality. DM are the best ad-hoc for quick discussions. These conversations are visible to only the persons who are chatting in DM. Users can DM with only one person or they can start a group messaging with up to 8 other members. Communication in the Slack application happens through texts, whether they are channels or DMs. But, most of the discussion happens in public channels for a transparent teamwork.
  • Search : Slack has a robust search function that allows users to find out the key information quickly. This is the way to narrow down the process of finding any data that is inside of a document. This search box is situated in the upper-right window of Slack. Users can simply enter the word or phrase they need to find out in the search box. Also, clients can use the number of modifiers for narrowing the results. Files, messages and all other data items can find out via this option.
  • Notifications : Slack allows to focus on highest priorities via its notifications feature. It is just a Slack’s way to notify users about the data items, which are required to get user’s attention. Users can select desktops, mobile devices or emails for receiving the notifications. These alerts can be also customized via channel so that user can prioritize them wherever the attention goes. Users are allowed to fine-tune their notifications through channels, keywords and more.

Pricing Guide of Slack Messaging App

Generally Slack is free. Users can browse and search their team’s 10,000 most new messages. It offers 5GB file storage space and 10 apps or custom integrations. Recently there are three pricing plans available: Free, Standard ($6.67/month) and Plus ($12.50/month).

How to Use Slack Messenger Application?

Users can join Slack via an email invitation with a special link or can create their own slack team. Here is how to start working with Slack:

Create Slack Workspace

Join a Slack Workspace by accepting mail invitation that you enter on the below provided text area & Click on Get Started

What is slack messenger app

Create New Workspace in Slack

Then Create a New Workspace to begin further.

Create New Workspace

Setup & Edit Profile

Finally. Set up and Edit your profile by providing the confirmation code on your registered email. You can also download and install Slack’s desktop or mobile applications . And then, you can start your operations with Slack.

Edit SSD Profile


Through this blog know about What is Slack Messenger. At the first glance, Slack seems to be yet other online direct messaging and collaboration applications. However, a closer look on it reveals that it is a revolutionary invention of technology. It is a digital communication space with various functionalities that centralize all data in a place. Slack is a user-friendly application that is having a very little number of limitations.