Introduction of Exchange Jet Error 1018 Code

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To resolve Exchange Jet error 1018 (Page Level Corruption) we have two options, the first option is to restore the database from backup, the Second option is to use Eseutil to repair Exchange Database. Before explaining the solution for Exchange error code 1018, we have to understand the structure of the EDB file and the reasons behind this error.

Exchange Server is a widely used emailing platform, but sometimes Exchange administrator troubled by many Exchange Server errors. Some errors can easily fix by applying simple steps, but some errors create a complication for Administrator. One such Exchange Jet error we will discuss here. This Error knows as Exchange error 1018 Page Level corruption.

This error mostly occurs when we create the Online Backup of Exchange database and error detail field show that the error code 1018 is a Read Verify Error (Jet_ErrReadVerifyFailure). In this error, Exchange Database Engine tried and failed to verify information about the particular page in Exchange database.

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File Structure of Exchange Database EDB File

Exchange database arranged in B-Tree structure and EDB file is a set of 4 KB, 8 KB, 12 KB, etc pages (page size depend on Exchange version). These pages are store data and one page pointing to next page & previous page.

In Exchange Database EDB file structure (B-Tree Structure), first, two pages are reserved for database header, which means a third physical page is actually the first logical page of Exchange EDB.

Checksum value of the database is also important when any transaction is being written into the disk, the checksum value is calculated by the mathematical formula.

This result value is stored by the header, when creating the online backup or any other operation in the database, the checksum value calculated again & match the previous value. If checksum value does not match that indicate page-level corruption in the database.

Exchange Error 1018 Jet_ErrReadVerifyFailure Causes

  1. Checksum value does not match with the checksum calculated value when the database transaction is written into the desk.
  2. Data is not written at the correct location of the disk.
  3. Issues with the NTFS file system.

Sometimes Exchange Server generating this error by incorrect checksum value calculation. It doesn’t matter how Exchange jet error 1018 generated if this error occurred in the Exchange database we have to solve it. Follow the given solution to resolve this Jet_ErrReadVerifyFailure error 1018.

How to Fix Exchange Error 1018 (Page-level Corruption Error)?

There are two solutions available to resolve this error 1- Restore the database backup, 2 – Repair database by using ESEUtil command line tool. First, we have restored the database from backup to fix Exchange 1018 error code. If we can not restore data from backup due to some reasons, then we have to repair Exchange 2016 database & all below versions with ESEUtil tool. Here we will explain all the steps by using an ESEUtil tool.

Step 1 – Use ESEUtil/p command to remove corruption in the database, this command will resolve file-system level damage to the database. Follow the command –

ESEUtil / p

This repair process will remove corrupted pages from the database, but before mounting the database we have to perform defragmentation & correct logical number of the page.

Step 2 – After removing corrupted pages from database there are white spaces appear on the database, we have to remove white spaces from the database by performing defragmentation of the database. Follow the command –

ESEUtil / d

Step 3 – Index of the database will be disordered after performing repairing & defragmenting, in these steps we have to correct the physical and logical number of the database by using Isintag utility. Follow command

ISINTEG –s servername –fix –test alltests

After performing all these steps the database is ready to mount.

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Exchange Jet Error 1018 (Jet_ErrReadVerifyFailure) will resolve by applying given ESEUtil command, but if you still getting the error from Exchange Server then you have to use a reliable Exchange Recovery software to repair database of Exchange.