Fix Outlook Express Not Responding Error Windows XP – Top Free Methods

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Published On June 19th, 2019
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Outlook Express is an email client offered by Microsoft. Though it has been discontinued by Microsoft, some parts of the population still use this email. Being not supported by Microsoft, it often faces various issues. One of the common complaints from the OE is Outlook Express not Responding Windows XP. This issue might occur in various forms like:

  • Outlook Express not sending emails
  • Outlook Express not opening
  • Outlook Express not receiving emails
  • Outlook Express not sending or receiving emails

In this post, we will share some simple and actually working techniques to fix Outlook Express stopped working Windows XP.

Top Free Methods to Resolve Outlook Express Not Responding Error Windows XP

When users face Outlook Express not sending mail issue, they can try multiple number of methods to fix it. Here, we have gathered some useful methods that you should follow one after another to get rid of Outlook Express stopped receiving emails problem.

Technique 1: Restart the System

In case of Outlook Express not opening situation, the first methods to be followed is to restart the system. For many people, the problem gets resolved after restarting the computer.

Technique 2: Close all Applications

Close every other program running on your Windows system except Outlook Express and Internet Explorer to resolve Outlook Express not sending or receiving emails.

Technique 3: Delete Temp Files

Temp files can also be the cause of Outlook Express not Responding error. Follow these steps to delete Internet temporary files depending on IE version.

IE 6 Users:

  1. Open IE>> Tools>> Internet Options
  2. Under Temporary Internet files panel, there will be an option named Delete files
  3. Click on “Delete all offline content” >> OK

Note: Outlook Express temp files can only be deleted after the offline contents are removed.

IE 7 and 8 Users:

  1. Click on Tools >Delete Browsing History > Delete Files. Finally, click on Confirm

Technique 4: Compact Folders of Outlook Express

Outlook Express not opening problem can be fixed by compacting OE folders. Until this process ends, users are advised not to use the computer.

  1. Open Outlook Express and click on File menu>> Work Offline
  2. Make sure every email and news folders are closed by visiting folder list and clicking on Outlook Express
  3. Close the folder list. Go to File menu again to click Folder>> Compact All Folders. If any error happens, close and open Outlook Express again to replay the process. If this continues, restart the system before retrying

While compacting Outlook Express folders or performing any other operations, you may encounter following errors:

Technique 5: Make Outlook Express as Default Email Client

Setting up OE as your default email can save you from Outlook Express not sending emails issue.

  1. Press Windows and R keys simultaneously. Type msimn /reg and press Enter. Being a background process, it will not get displayed on screen
  2. Launch IE to click on Tools>> Options. Click on Programs tab and choose Outlook Express to become your default email

Technique 6: Register Outlook Express DLL Library Files

Most of the times it is seen that issues in registry files of OE will also cause Outlook Express not responding error. So in such case we have to re-enter the DLL library files

Re-enter DLL Library Files used by OE.

  1. Press Win + R keys.
  2. Type regsvr32 urlmon.dll and click OK
  3. Repeat this technique by entering these two dll files:
  • regsvr32 shdocvw.dll
  • regsvr32 browseui.dll

Technique 7: Generate New Outlook Express Identity

These steps can be utilized to transfer Outlook Express email and news accounts to a new identity and resolve Outlook Express not sending or receiving emails issue:

Export OE email and news account to move them to the new identity:

  • Navigate to Tools>> Accounts>> Mail tab. Now, select your default OE account
  • Click Export and choose the destination location of the file. Confirm if that file contains .iaf extension. Repeat this for all email accounts
  • Choose News tab to repeat the method. When the full process is finished, click Close
  1.  Go to Outlook Express File menu and then click on Identities>> New Identities
  2.  Name the new Outlook Express identity and click OK
  3. Switch to the newly created identity by clicking Yes
  4. Click Cancel and close the wizard. If prompted to import OE settings or messages, select Cancel or choose “Do not import at this time”
  5. Click on Accounts by navigating to Tools
  6. Click on Import button and select .iaf file created in step 1.
  7. Import email messages to the new identity with these steps:
  • Open Outlook Express and then click on File>> Import>> Messages
  • From the program list, select Microsoft Outlook Express 6>> Next
  • Select the identity you want to import and click OK

Technique 8: Repair Internet Explorer to Resolve “Outlook Express not Responding”

Users can try repairing Internet Explorer to fix Outlook Express not opening in Windows XP problem.

  1. Click on Start ribbon and then click Run. In the box, type sfc /scanNow and then press Enter
  2. Follow whatever the System File Checker prompts. Once the process finishes, restart the computer

Technique 9: In Case of Internet Explorer, Reinstall IE 6

Reinstall the IE of your machine could fix Outlook Express not responding error if you are using IE 6 using these steps:

  1. From Windows Explorer, click on Start>> Run. In the Run box, type %systemroot%\ and press Enter
  2. Find out Ie.inf file in \Inf folder. Right-click on that file
  3. Click Install and when it is done, restart the system

If reinstallation cannot take place, try again after repairing Windows registry keys.

*How to Repair Registry Key

  1. Press Windows + R at the same time. Type regEdit in the Run box. Click on OK.
    Search this registry key in the list:  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Active Setup\Installed Components\{44BBA840-CC51-11CF-AAFA-00AA00B6015C}
  2. Select Installed and later, go to the right panel to change the value data from 1 to 0.

Technique 10: Upgrade or Reset Internet Explorer

If the problem is occurring on a system that runs on Internet Explorer 6, users can upgrade it to IE 7 or IE 8. If the system has IE 8, try to reset it with this method:

  1. Open IE on your system and go to Tools>> Internet Explorer
  2. Click on Advanced >> Reset
  3. A dialog box will pop up named Reset Internet Explorer Settings. Again, click on Reset button

Technique 11: Reinstall System Operating System

  1. If all the other methods fail, reinstall the Windows Operating System of your machine to get rid of Outlook Express not sending mail issue.

Final Words

Irresponsive email clients like Outlook Express not only hampers productivity, it also causes annoyance to its users. To avoid these situations, it is better to fix Outlook Express not Responding issue immediately after it appears. In this post, we have mentioned the causes and remedial methods of this problem. Now, users can easily follow the methods and resolve Outlook Express suddenly stopped working issue for good. In case no manual method works for you, then you can import Outlook Express to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003.


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