Fix Thunderbird Configuration Could not be Verified Error When Zoho Two Factor Authentication is Enabled

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Nowadays, there are some professional and the non-professional users been using email service. There are so many email clients, one among them is a Zoho Mail application. Zoho mail ia a trending mail client that provides users with an attractive interface to work with various interface style & security features. One such security feature introduced by Zoho Mai is “Zoho Two Factor Authentication ” that allows users to protect data with extra security measure. This additional security is enabled by a password & a mobile device. But with this extra feature, sometimes users face difficulty via configuring Zoho mail account in any other application like Outlook, Thunderbird etc. One such error that users face when trying to configure Zoho Mail in Thunderbird is an error message “Thunderbird configuration could not be verified”. Therefore, in the upcoming section, we will discuss a complete solution to fix this error. Consider the following scenario that will help to understand this issue more clearly:

“I have simply created two accounts in my free email service. I can use the web account form,, no problem with the credentials, but when configuring my Zoho Account in Thunderbird. Then, I am getting a message that says ” Configuration could not be verified – is the username or password wrong ” Kindly suggest me a relevant solution to resolve this error.”

Thunderbird configuration could not be verified

Manually Resolve Thunderbird Configuration Could Not be Verified When Configuring Zoho Account

Step 1: Check IMAP Configuration Settings

First, you need to open Thunderbird and then, While configuring Thunderbird, one should enable the IMAP Access for Zoho Mail. During the process, you have to specify the Server and Account details as per the demands. For Incoming Server, type 993 port number and for Outgoing Server type 465 port number.

configure Zoho Mail in Thunderbird

Step 2 : Check If Zoho Two Factor Authentication is Enabled

Cross Check, if the 2 Factor Authentication is enabled because one of the reasons that Thunderbird shows this error “Configuration could not be verified – is the username or password wrong”, is because Zoho Two Step Authentication is Enabled.

While enabling Two Factor Authentication in Zoho, it states that Standalone applications, i.e., Mozilla Thunderbird do not support 2-factor Authentication. You should require the Application Specific Password to Log Into Thunderbird. You can view the screenshot as given below :

zoho two factor authentication

Step 3 : Enable App Specific Password in Zoho

Here, to access mail in Thunderbird when an error is displayed “Thunderbird Configuration could not be verified” you must first generate an Application-specific code for Thunderbird. For creating the Application Specific code, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Navigate to Security Settings, choose Two-Step Authentication and hit on Manage Application specific Password

zoho two-step authentication

Now, you need to enter the Device Name and then, create a New Password

enter password

Now While configuring Zoho Mail Account in Mozilla Thunderbird, you must enter App specific password (recently generated password) to resolve the error

configuring Zoho Mail Account in Mozilla Thunderbird

Remember: You do not need to re-login Mozilla Thunderbird at all times. Make sure you remember that password, once it is generated.

Resolve issue “Thunderbird Asking for Password Again and Again” After Two Factor Authentication in Zoho Account

After configuring the Zoho Account (After two Step Authentication ) Users also face an issue in that Thunderbird asking for the password again and again. The actual reason for the generation of the prompt is, Thunderbird saves all set of emails in Thunderbird Password Manager. However, if it does not recognize new password in Password Manager, a prompt is generated again & again. To resolve this issue follow the few steps as mentioned below:

  1. When such prompt appears, you have to enable this “Use Password Manager to remember this password” option

zoho to thunderbird configuration

2. Make sure your IMAP, as well as SMTP password both, are saved inside Thunderbird password manager. To verify please follow the steps:

  • Go to the Tools menu and click on the Options
  • Select the Security tab, and then, click on Saved Passwords

Resolve Thunderbird Configuration could not be verified

Alternative Way to Fix Error: Thunderbird Configuration could not be verified

If the user is still unable to overcome this problem better option is to Export Zoho Mail into MBOX & then importing the resultant file into Thunderbird. You can use any automated solution like SysTools which can easily resolve your issue without taking the excess of your time & effort.

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 Summing Up

Mozilla Thunderbird creates a big hurdle for end users, and hamper while trying to configure Zoho mail in Thunderbird. Thereby, we have covered a direct manual solution to help users to learn how to fix ‚ÄúThunderbird Configuration could not be verified – is the username or password wrong” Thunderbird error when Zoho Two Factor Authentication is enabled in Zoho. However, to avoid such annoying situation so, users can for an automated solution which helps to resolve such type of issues without any inconvenience.

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